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Mechanic: 7 UN 12A: Macross 7 Fleet Transports
"Mechanic: 7 UN 12A: Macross 7 Fleet Aircraft." Macross Chronicle. 19 Feb. 2009: 05-06.
"Mechanic: 7 UN 12A: Macross 7 Fleet Transports." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 21 Jan. 2014: 07-08.

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Macross 7 Fleet Transports*
The group of transport aircraft that was produced in great numbers, irregardless of them being for civilian or military use

* Translator's note: originally was: "Macross 7 Fleet Aircraft"

Caption: The large transports that were stored in Battle 7 were appropriated by the Varohta Forces, who conspired to take Earthlings captive.

Caption: Colonel Burton of the Unified Forces operated a small transport aircraft that was carrying a barrier in order to kidnap Sybil.

Up: Large Transport*

Down: Small Transport Aircraft*

* Translator's note: both captions weren't on the original.

Aircraft Explanation
The transportation that was coming and going between the military vessels and within the vast military vessels was indispensable in the 37th Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet (the Macross 7 Fleet), which was composed of a lot of large space ships, including the Macross 7. Even though it became possible to move vehicles in space due to the construction of the "Milky-road", a ground-breaking traffic system for the coming and going between vessels, such vehicles as aircraft and transports were given important postings in the movement between ships as means of transport. The confirmed ones, such as the Large Space Transport, which can load containers of supplies; the Small Transport Aircraft, which can carry barrier generators; and the Transport that carried Variable Fighters (hereafter VF) suspended underneath, were used in civilian and military realms.



Operation Record
When the Varohta Forces carried out their plot to attempt to abduct civilians, the Large Transport that was stored within Battle 7 was used to transport the supply container that Mylene and the civilians were locked up in. However, just before it departed from the Battle 7, Nekki Basara rushed in in the VF-19 Kai. By making full use of the Pinpoint Barrier, he destroyed the outer wall of the transport and rescued the hostages. On the other hand, the Small Transport Aircraft that was assigned to the Unified Forces had a barrier generator loaded on its heliport deck. It sortied loaded with a barrier generator to capture Sybil herself, and it was able to secure Sybil with the generator it supported.

Caption: The Large Transport departing from the Battle 7. The Varohta Forces hijacked the transport and tried to carry off the container that the hostages were locked up in.

Caption: The commissioned officers of the Unified Forces that tried to capture Sybil sortied the Small Transport Aircraft, which was loaded with a barrier generator.

Large Transport
The transport seen from the bottom. One can grasp that one motive power engine is installed on each of the body's main wings. It is our conjecture that the tail also has a propulsion engine part.

Down: A close-up illustration of the transport and tail seen from the side. It is constructed with a flat fuselage with only a little unevenness. The Large Transport hasn't been given armaments as it specializes in transport and flying abilities.

Down: Internal Structure
The transport has a bottom armour structure that descends vertically when payload or containers are loaded into it. The interior has room to the extent that a VF can also be satisfactorily stowed in it.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "The interior has room to the extent that even a VF in Battroid mode can be adequately stowed in it."

Down: Shafts For Tying Up Containers
Installed within the aircraft are parts for tying up containers. Shafts are inserted from all sides: 2 from the front and back, and 2 from the right and left.

Caption: Basara, who had gathered the VF-19 Kai's pinpoint barriers together at the tips of its arms and destroyed the transports outer wall, also destroyed the tie-up shafts and secured the container.

Small Transport Aircraft
This transport, which is assessed at a size of 10 m front to rear, is assumed to load and use such things as small helicopters and vehicles on the top part of the body of the aircraft. Stability is maintained when flying at high-speed due to the large protruding tail in the rear.

Down: Barrier Generator
The Barrier Generator that was loaded onto the transport. The barrier is formed from generation devices installed in the ends of the limbs and the center shaft, and the object is encircled in a 360 barrier.

Related Matter: The VF Carrying Transport
A kind of aircraft that is thought to have been produced for movement within the Macross 7. It is thought that vertical takeoffs and landings are easy for the small VTOL-style aircraft that has two rotors. It uses a transportation method where VFs are gripped by hooks on the bottom.

Caption: The VF Carrying Transport was used when the VF-19 Kai, VF-11 MAXL Kai, and VF-17D were transported. During transports, pilots get off of their aircraft and stand-by inside the transport.

Up: Even though it is small as a transport, with its large output, it can transport a Valkyrie with a weight up to a maximum of 13 t suspended underneath it.

Caption: The interior of the transport. The rear of the cockpit is the VF pilot's stand-by space, and there is room to support a approximately 20 to 30 people.

Up/Right: The VF Carrying Transport uses a method where Battroid mode VFs are gripped by manipulator-style hooks on the shoulders and suspended underneath the transport.


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