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Mechanic: 7 UN 13A: Macross 5 Fleet
"Mechanic: 7 UN 14A: Macross 5 Fleet." Macross Chronicle. 25 Dec. 2008: 07-08.
"Mechanic: 7 UN 13A: Macross 5 Fleet." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 07 Mar. 2014: 07-08.

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Macross 5 Fleet
The Zentraadi Emigrant Fleet That Discovered The Habitable Planet Rax

Hull Explanation
The Macross 5 Fleet, which departed as the 35th Super Long Range Emigration Fleet, was an Emigrant Fleet composed of Myclone-ized Zentraadi. Besides the Macross 5 Flagship (the City 5 City Ship part and the Battle 5 Combat Vessel part), there are also such vessels as the "Neo Noputi Baganisu Bis" and the "Zentraadi Specification Stealth Frigate" in the naval vessels in the fleet; and a lot of the vessels had the characteristic externals of the Zentraadi ships.* In addition, immediately following the start of emigration to the habitable planet Rax, the fleet suffered an attack by the Varohta Fleet, and were destroyed.

* Translator's note: originally was: "Besides the Macross 5 Flagship - the City 5 City Ship part and the Battle 5 Combat Vessel part - there are (...)".

Size Comparison
Macross 5
Neo Noputi Baganisu Bis
Battle 5
Zentraadi Specification Stealth Frigate

Confirmed Ship Names

Main Crew
Macross 5 Fleet Commander

Left: Macross 5



Macross 5
The New Macross No. 5 ship, the main constituent of the Macross 5 Fleet, which shoulders the centre of the fleet, was constructed by an industrial group composed of General Galaxy and it's Keiretsu. The basic design of the emigrant residing City 5 and the Extra-Large Variable All-purpose Space Stealth Attack Carrier Battle 5 is approximately the same as the Macross 7; and despite the details of the structure being the same, General Galaxy made parts are heavily used, as they are well-informed in Zentraadi technology. The parts with the characteristic externals of the Zentraadi warships are seen everywhere. Incidentally, a Zentraadi served as the supreme commander of the Macross 5 fleet.

Caption: The Macross 5 fleet commenced emigration after discovering the habitable planet Rax. Several Macross 5 isomorph ships accompanied the fleet.

Length: about 7,770 m
Width: about 3,885 m
Height: about 2,130 m (not including things like antenna and towers)
Operational Weight: about 7,777,770,000 t
Crew: about 300,000 residents (the fleet total)
Main Power: OTM Macross Thermal Nuclear Reaction Engine matrix
Main Drive: OTM Macross Heat Pile Cluster System
Fold Engine: OTM Macross Fold Engine Cluster System

Left: The basic configuration of the streets, blue sky holography and the rest are approximately the same as City 7. However, there are a lot of buildings with a simple atmosphere, such as extra-large multi-unit apartments, in the city's group of buildings.

Battle 5
The Extra-Large All-purpose Variable Stealth Attack Space Carrier Battle 5 is able to transform into the Storming Attack Form, just like the Battle 7 does. In an emergency, the parts of the Stealth Space Carrier that correspond to both arms after transformation can detach and operate independently, and are also able to navigate by space fold. Also, after the Battle 5 transforms, the 695 m long, 2.5 million t total weight Gunship, which is installed in the lower part of the hull, can be held and fired in the hand as a Gatling Buster Cannon. In addition, it can operate independently and fire the Buster Cannon on its own. Furthermore, the design of the details have the characteristic externals of a Zentraadi vessel, just like the Battle 5 and City 5.

Caption: The Battle 5 is usually docked to the City 5's bow. In an emergency, it separates from City 5, and functions as an Extra-Large All-purpose Variable Stealth Space Attack Carrier.

Length: about 1,510 m
Width: about 370 m
Height: about 333 m (not including things like antenna)
Operational Weight: about 7,770,000 t
Main Power: OTM Macross Thermal Nuclear Reaction Engine matrix
Main Drive: OTM Macross Heat Pile Cluster System
Fold Engine: OTM Macross Fold Engine Cluster System
Armament: a great number of Large Guided Beam Gun Turrets, Large Anti-Ship Reaction Weapon Missiles Launchers, and Close-Range High-Manoeuvrability Micro-Missile Launcher Phalanxes.

Left: The Battle 5's size has been enlarged to one greater than that of the original Macross warship. Although it doesn't have a residential area, the Stealth Space Carrier part and the main hull part can be loaded with a total of about 700 of every kind of of ship-borne aircraft.

Down: The Battle 5 boasts of a performance approximately equal to the functionality of the Battle 7. However, the design differences with the Battle 7 can be seen in such places as the sides of the hull, and the lower part of the hull where the Gunship is installed.


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