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Mechanic: 7 UN 13B: Macross 5 Fleet
"Mechanic: 7 UN 14B: Macross 5 Fleet." Macross Chronicle. 15 Oct. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: 7 UN 13B: Macross 5 Fleet." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 15 Apr. 2014: 07-08.

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Stealth Frigate (Zentoran Specification)
The Zentraadi specification Stealth Frigate was used by the Macross 5 Fleet, which was composed only of Zentraadi. Even though there are hardly any differences in the structural and performance aspect compared to the type used by the Macross 7 Fleet, because Zentraadi equipment has been added, the different shape of such things as the bridge, and other differences, they are about 110 t heavier. In addition to the normal type, such variations as reconnaissance models and early-warning types, which make the best use of their stealth construction, exist.

Caption: The Stealth Frigate (picture background) is categorized as the smallest class in the Macross 5 Fleet's military vessels. In the Macross 5 Fleet, they had the role of guarding the Macross 5 mothership.

Laser Sensor
A Laser Sensor is installed in the bottom of the hull. It was used for such things as catching the position of enemy warships.

Bridge Close-up illustration of the bridge. The bridge itself is the domed shape. Multiple antenna and radar have been installed around it.

Left: Side
The Laser Sensor is installed in the center of the bottom, and the bridge is on the top. The ship features a long antenna that reaches from the bridge to the end of the ship itself.

Length: 250 m
Operational Inertial Weight: 1,310 t

Up: Top Part

The Stealth Frigate when viewed from the top of the warship. When compared with the Macross 7 Fleet's type, the ship's Zentoran specification has a form that is round overall.

Related Matter: The Macross 7 Fleet's Stealth Frigates
The Stealth Frigate that the Macross 7 Fleet used is classified as the Northampton class. Here, too, a large quantity were deployed as the indispensable assets in the fleet's defensive lines.

Caption: Such vessels as "Stargazer", which stormed onto the Varohta 4th planet, are representative frigates.

Caption: Identically to the Macross 5 Fleet's Stealth Frigate, they were deployed in a large quantity to guard the mothership.

Up: Stealth Frigate (Macross 7 specification)
Although the straight-line form differs from the Zentoran specification, it can be said that that structure itself is almost identical.

Caption: The bridge of the Stealth Frigate. It is possible to move to other ships through the connecting passageway.

Caption: An illustration that depicts the internal structure of the bridge. The bridge interior is divided into three layers, and the uppermost part has the captain's seat. As shown in the left illustration, several computer displays can be manifested on the front, and they are arranged so that the progress of battle can be checked.



Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis
The Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis, is an improved type of Noputi Baganisu, the type of ship that Buritai Kuridaniku rode in in the First Interstellar War. Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis were built to command medium-sized fleets. This newly re-assembled ship, has had Earth's technology fed back into various places, starting with the engines. Such things as the enhancement of the bridge and the addition of antenna were applied to the ship. As a result, while maintaining the excellent durability that the original Noputi Baganisu class has, it has been reborn as an excellent warship that has more operability.

Caption: As the force of the Macross 5 Fleet, they are attached to support such things as the Battle 5. However, they were found in a tragic condition on Planet Rax, along with the other warships of the Macross 5 Fleet.

Left: Side
The top of the warship features two installed bridges. The forward bridge is the main one, and the rear bridge is the sub-bridge.

Down: Stern
An illustration where the warship is seen from the rear. The parts that are seen on the left and right are thruster nozzles, and they support the ship's propulsive power. Also, it is clear that several antennas are installed in the underside.

Length: about 4,000 m
Operational Inertial Weight: 18.9 million t

Right: As a result of the influence of Earth technology, when compared to the existing Noputi Baganisu, the entire Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis has become one size larger. Antennas have also been added to the underside of the warship's bow.

Related Matter: The Dome That Housed The Macross 5 Citizens
The dome that was constructed at the Protodevilun's base on the Fourth Varohta Planet. The capsules, where the living bodies of people were preserved as is, were installed in the mountain-shaped dome. The Macross 5 citizens, who were captured by the Varohta Forces, were locked up within the capsules.

Caption: The Macross 7 Fleet's party barely managed to reach the Fourth Varohta Planet, discovered the device.

Left: The Citizens of Macross 5
The Macross 5 citizens that were encapsulated. Although they regained consciousness with Basara's singing voice, their Spiritia was once more sucked up by Geperunicchi.

Caption: A panoramic view of the dome where the the capsules were installed. There is a Spiritia Absorption Device in the top part.

Up: Dome Bottom

Left: Capsule Unit
A closeup of a capsule section. The capsules had enough size to lock up one adult in each.


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