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Mechanic: 7 Varohta 01A: Fz-109 Elgazorn
"Mechanic: 7 Varohta 01A: Fz-109 Elgazorn." Macross Chronicle. 21 Jan. 2010 05-06.
"Mechanic: 7 Varohta 01A: Fz-109 Elgazorn." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 22 Oct. 2013: 01-04.

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Front [Pg 01-02]

Translator's note: as the original page was only 2 pages, [n] in the following indicates new content not on the original.

[n] Illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin

Fz-109 Elgazorn
The Main Variable Fighter Of The Varohta Forces, Who Installed Unknown Technology Into It.

Aircraft Explanation:
The main Variable Fighter (VF) of the Varohta Forces, who tormented the Macross 7 Fleet on countless occasions, is the Fz-109 Elgazorn. The aircraft is presumed to have taken the General Galaxy Co. made VF-14 series heavy fighter-bomber as a model. In addition, the unknown technology that the Protodevilun possess has been introduced into it.* As a result, it displays performance that surpasses that of the VF-11C Thunderbolt, the main VF of the Unified Forces at the time. In addition, we explain the commander-use Fz-109F (hereafter F model) herein.

* Translator's note: originally was: "In addition, an unknown technology that seems to be something from the Protodevilun, has been introduced inti it".

Data: *data is when its in Fighter form
Attached to: Varohta Forces
Length: 20.08 m (height when in Battroid: 17.11 m, not including the Laser Machine-guns)
Width: 19.97 m
Empty Weight: 13,200 kg
Engine: 2x Shinnakasu / Daimler FF-2770D
Engine Thrust: 2x 55,000 kg (maximum instantaneous thrust in outer space)
Cruising Speed: Mach 4.5+ (within a standard atmosphere at 10,000 m), Mach 21+ (at 30,000 m or higher)
Combat Ceiling: unlimited (propulsion to satellite orbit is possible if its an Earth class planet)
Armaments: 4x Laser Turrets, 1x Rear Large-Bore Blaster Turret, 1x Rear 3-Barrel Laser Turret, 8x Micro-Missile Launchers, 2x Medium Missile Launchers, 2x Multi-Purpose Gun Pods, a great number of other optional armaments

Size Comparison:
VF-1J, Fz-109

Development Chart:
VF-14 > Fz-109*

* Translator's note: originally was: "VF-4 > VF-14 > Fz-109"

Main Pilot:


Reverse Left [Pg 03]

Operation Record
The Fz-109 was operated as the from the beginning as the main fighter in the Varohta Forces when they came into contact with the Macross 7 Fleet in 2045, and the F model bore the burden of front line command among them. The F model that Gigiru boarded -he was entrusted with investigating the Macross 7- in particular, displayed superior performance when compared to the A model that the ordinary soldiers boarded. Even though this aircraft often suffered damage after Gigiru acted on his own authority, it amassed military gains in the first battle against Diamond Force's VF-17D (Docker's aircraft) when it caused Docker to fall into a state where he was unable to fight with the Spiritia Absorption System.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "(...) it amassed military gains in the first battle against Diamond Force's Docker's aircraft when it (...)".

Caption: As Gigiru had an interest in Nekki Basara's abnormal Spiritia, there were also scenes where he persistently prowled after Basara's VF-19 Kai (Fire Valkyrie) without looking back on the progress of the battle.

Caption: The F model was often operated on the front line, because Gigiru liked collecting Spiritia on the battlefield.*

* Translator's note: was originally on the front.

The Fz-109 has the same 3-form transformation structure as a normal VF. However, there were few chances to use the GERWALK form, probably because the Fz-109's main battlefield was space.

Caption: Manoeuvres where only the legs were transformed from the Fighter form were seen when the Fz-109 was suddenly braking.

Leg/Sole Of The Foot
Right: The F model's leg and sole of the foot. With a characteristic structure where the the heel splits into 2 blocks, this part differed from the VF-14, which was used as the model for the Fz-109.

* Translator's note: subtitle added in the revised edition.

Fighter Mode
Compared to the general specification A model, the Fz-109 F model's engine thrust has been improved. The in-atmosphere cruising speed has also risen from the A model's Mach 4.2+ to Mach 4.5+. Gigiru's forte was the tactic of charging into the deepest part of the Macross 7 Fleet's defensive line in one go and conducting hand-to-hand combat in Battroid form thereafter. It's said that the strong thrust of this aircraft enabled that.*

* Translator's note: paragraph originally was: "Compared to the general specification A model, the F model's engine thrust has been improved. The in-atmosphere cruising speed has also risen from the A model's Mach 4.2+ to Mach 4.5+."

[n] Caption: In addition to being a powerful main fighter, the Elgazorn, which is equipped with auxiliary propulsion devices in various places on the airframe, was skillful in high speed and three-dimensional mobility.

Right [originally Up]: The main wings are small, and the Fz-109 has a characteristic form where the engine nacelles jut out. The main nozzles are three-dimensional vectoring nozzles.

Left/Up [originally Left/Right]: The Gun Pod's nozzle is situated on the side of the engine nacelles, below the main wings. The cross shaped part on the top and bottom sides of the nose are high-manoeuvrability verniers.


Reverse Right [Pg 04]

The Fz-109, which used the VF-14 as its base -which has a surplus in the amount of armaments it can be loaded with-, has a wealth of armaments built into various places in the airframe. In addition to being equipped with two Laser Guns on both the shoulders and the head, the F model is equipped with a Large-Bore Blaster in the chest. Also, the shoulder Micro-Missile Launchers have been increased from the 4 launchers on the A model to 8 launchers (4 launchers on one side). Its fire-power aspects have been enhanced with such things as a great number of Medium-Range Missiles also being loaded into Internal Armouries in the lower part of the airframe. In addition, the Spiritia Absorption System, the armament that characterizes this aircraft, is equipped in the head in Battroid form. Although that equipment -which deprives enemy pilots of their Spiritia by closing in upon the enemy aircraft and exposing the pilot to a light ray for a fixed period of time- is a weakness that renders the Fz-109 defenceless when it is put into operation, the great manoeuvrability and abundant armaments of this aircraft could contributed to decreasing the moment that the Fz-109 had such a defencelessness.*

Translator's note: originally was "The Fz-109 is equipped with an abundance of fixed armaments. In addition 2 Laser Guns being installed on each of the shoulders and the head, the Fz-109F is equipped with a Large-Bore Blaster in the chest. Also, the shoulder Micro-Missile Launchers have been expanded from the A Model's 4 launchers to 8 launchers (4 launchers per side). The Fz-109 has things like missiles loaded into the Internal Munitions Magazine in the bottom of the airframe, and it looks like it's fire-power has been enhanced."

Caption: The Spiritia Collection System is equipped in the head. Perhaps related to its field of fire, it was mostly used in the Battroid form.*

* Translator's note: was originally on the front.

Caption: When the Varohta attacks proceeded at full tilt, Gigiru's aircraft reached the point where it could be seen on the battlefield where it fought while cooperating with the flotilla and giving direction.*

* Translator's note: was originally on the front.

Up: The Internal Munitions Magazines in the substructure of the engine nacelles are equipped with 2 rows of 4 shots of Medium-sized missiles. It has a structure where the hatch opens on two [swing] arms.

Left: when loaded with missiles

Down/Right: Medium-sized Missile

Up: opening and closing pattern

Although the basic layout of the cockpit isn't greatly changed from the VFs on the Earth side, the form of the details are different. Also, such things as the arrangement and structure of the control stick in the F model differs from the A model.

Left: The Fz-109 has an armoured canopy, and camera-eye slits are arranged in 3 places on the F model.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "(...), and impermeable glass is arranged in 3 places on the F model."

Battroid Mode
Compared to the Battroid form in the Unified Forces side, this form of the Fz-109 had a different form with a big head and shoulders. The feature of the F model was an upper half of the body equipped with 4 Laser Guns.

Left/Up: The F model Battroid features horn-like Laser Guns. The stripe that indicates that it's a command aircraft is marked on the left shoulder, and airframe number is marked on the back of the right shoulder.

Up: The upper half of the body of the F model, and the head, when seen from the the side. A Large-bore Blaster and 3-barrel Laser Machine-gun can be confirmed in the chest.

[n] Related Matter: The Aircraft That The Erugaazorun's Modelled On
[n] Detailed data hasn't been discovered about the Varohta 3198XE 4th Planet Special Research Unit's VF-14, which the Protodevilun are considered to have used as the Erugaazorun's base aircraft. Although the slender fuselage of the VF-14 that was operated by the Dancing Skull Squadron is famous, according to the testimony of the persons concerned, the Special Research Unit's VF-14 are solid silhouetted airframes that resembled the Erugaazorun, and it's guessed that they are an independently improved specification.

[n] Left/Down: The Special Research Unit's VF-14 (a guessed illustration). It is equipped with 4 laser guns in the chest, and 2 laser guns in the head.


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