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Mechanic: D7 Citizen 03A: Vehicles Of Planet Zola
"Mechanic: D7 Citizen 03A: Vehicles Of Planet Zola" Macross Chronicle. 20 Aug. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: D7 Citizen 03A: Vehicles Of Planet Zola" Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 01 May. 2014: 07-08.

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Vehicles of Planet Zola
The land and sea transports that are used on the planet, which is harmonized with nature.

Right: Amphibious Three-Wheeler

Caption: The Amphibious Three-wheeler that Erma Hoily uses seats 3. Basara often rode in the rear load-carrying tray.

Body Explanation
Planet Zola, which is in a remote region of the galaxy, is where "Zolans" live. Zolans are a race that's different from Earthlings. They accepted the Earthlings, who had been attempting to contact them. And even though a friendly relationship has been built, the technological strength of the Earthlings hasn't been actively adopted by the Zolans. Zolans, who prefer a symbiosis with nature, didn't select an advanced civilization that was filled with the danger of environmental destruction, and limited the industrialization and mechanization of their living environment to a necessary minimum. Such vehicles as the fishing boat and automobiles that the Zolan people use for every day life, are viewed from the Earth side as nothing more than "retro" products. However, they are adequate as the transportation that sustains the Zolan's slow lifestyle.

Caption: An Amphibious Three-Wheeler that's running on an unpaved road. The rear loading space is extensively used, and a considerably amount of payload can be transported.

Caption: Such ships as the fishing boat and the Putt-putt Boat are small, and they operate in coastal waters. They are ships that sail at very relaxed speeds.

Main User:
Erma Hoily



Operation Record
Zolan vehicles are not just the legs of the Zolans, but are also the transportation of travellers who are visiting Zola. Fire Bomber member Basara Nekki, who was continuing his solitary journey, also arrived at the Zolan town by using a Putt-putt Boat. Also, he was dragged into the conflict between the Poaching Group and the Patrol Corps. And although he was injured, he was fated to help Elma, and often used the Three-wheeler that she drove.

Caption: Basara also made an intense show with his singing voice and a guitar on the load-carrying tray and rooftop of the Amphibious Three-wheeler.

Caption: The retro design and mechanisms of the fishing boat fit into the scenery of the calm Zolan town that hasn't been excessively developed.

Amphibious Three-Wheeler
A 3-wheeled type amphibian (amphibious vehicle). About 8-9 people can ride in the load-carrying tray. When running on a road, it's presumed to have a maximum speed of about 30 kmph.

Caption: When shifting over to running on the water, it acquires propulsive power from propellers that appear and are operated from the stern. However, its speed is slow.

Down/Right: Control Seat (seat side) The Amphibious Three-Wheeler is controlled by a central seat that straddles the body of the vehicle. Such things as the shift lever and engine starter are installed into the seat.

Left: Control Seat (front side) The steering wheel is a curved V-shaped type, with meters installed into its base. The front windows have a split structure.

Left: Upper surface It is a manual vehicle that has a clutch pedal. Wooden turn signals are installed on both sides of the body.

Right: Rear A licence plate is installed on the rear of the body. A rudder and propeller for running on the water can be seen in the lower part.

Vehicle Group
Such things as the control mechanisms of the passenger vehicles that Zolan people owned for land use are shared with the Amphibious Three-wheeler. Two kinds of vehicles with small sizes, which are suitable for the so-called "street ride", seat 3-4 people.

Caption: A passenger vehicle seen in a Zolan town. They were used as the legs of everyday life, such as for shopping.

Liza's Motorcycle
Liza was a member of the Galactic Patrol Corps. The single-seater motorcycle that she operated had a mechanism that didn't have a chain. The motorcycle was equipped with a communicator, and it was possible to contact the various concerned places smoothly with it.

Up: the communicator

Caption: Having discovered the Poaching Group trying to seize a VT-1C, Liza transmitted to the patrol headquarters that there was a casualty.

Fishing Boats
For such purposes as transportation and the fishing industry, they are also the standard type of fishing boat on Zola. There seemed to be both bar type control seats, the same as the vehicle group, and circular handle type control seats.

Caption: Basara sets foot in a Zolan town using a Putt-Putt Boat that uses steam as its main motive power.

Right: Putt-putt Boat

Right: Putt-putt Boat control seat

Up/Right: Fishing Boats


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