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Mechanic: D7 Etc 01A: Patrol Corps Mothership
"Mechanic: D7 Etc 01A: Patrol Corps Mothership." Macross Chronicle. 05 Mar. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: D7 Etc 01A: Patrol Corps Mothership." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 29 Oct. 2013: 05-06.

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Patrol Corps Mothership
The Patrol Corps' multipurpose warship that assists in the task of maintaining public order.

Attached to: under investigation
Total Length: under investigation
Total Height: under investigation
Empty Weight: under investigation
Crew: under investigation
Engine: under investigation
Standard Armament: under investigation

Size Comparison:
Patrol Crops Mothership

Hull Explanation:
The Galactic Patrol Corps engage in the preservation of the public order of planet Zola in the form of cooperation with the Unified Forces. While operating the VF-5000 Star Mirage as their main fighter, the Patrol Corps supports the VF-5000 with warships that are used at the same time to undertake the task of controlling the Poaching Group. This Patrol Corps Mothership can not only cruise on the water, making it suited to operating on planet Zola - which has vast ocean areas-, but it also possesses the ability to cruise both inside and outside of an atmosphere. However, as a combat vessel the ship is small and incompetent, and one can say that the meaning of this warship was the role of an auxiliary vessel that supports the operation of the VFs.



Operation Record
Planet Zola is located in the 67th planetary region of space in the galactic frontier. The energy bodies that are referred to as the Galactic Whales wander to the satellite orbit of planet Zola in a seasonal migration with a one year period. At that time, the Poaching Group that attempts to capture the Galactic Whales prevails, and the Galactic Patrol Corps of the Zola autonomous government pursue the Poaching Group to manage the Galactic Whales. In the cases where the Patrol Corps Mothership is operated, the Poaching Group is mainly arrested in satellite orbit, and the ship supports each VF from the rear. Even though the ship seldom joined the VFs in combat, it was involved in operations that are impossible for the VFs to deal with on their own, such as transport and emergency measures for situations, such as accommodating suspects who had been arrested and the casualties that have appeared. When Nekki Basara visited Zola in 2047, the mothership was also mobilized to control the Poaching Group in satellite orbit and escort the arrestees. Also, the mothership accommodated Basara, who was rescued by corps member Liza Hoily, after he was thrown out into space, and transported him to the corps' headquarters.

Caption: The Patrol Corps mobilizes the mothership when they are required to do large-scale arrest actions. In those case, the motherships follow the VFs and proceed to the scene of the crime. It was a warship with great multi-purposefulness, that is endowed with the ability to independently exit and reenter the atmosphere, in the same way as a VF.

Caption: The VFs of the Patrol Corps dis-empower the Poaching Group, and the mothership takes the secured suspects into custody, and takes them back to headquarters. One can say that while the VFs were, to the bitter end, the main force of the corps, the mothership existed to work nearly behind the scenes.

Hull Structure
Even though this ship can be called an Earth regulated one, its structure is greatly different from the likes of the military vessels of the Unified Forces. The mothership has a unique form that combines flat and curved surfaces. It is thought that this is because it has adopted the design of an aquatic warship.

Caption: The mothership is furnished with a bridge in the top of the warship's bow, and in the stern, there are 4 propulsion engines in the top part, and 2 engines in the lower part. Also, the wing-shaped units on both sides of the ship fold up when landing on the water.

Caption: The line of the wing-shaped units becomes the waterline when cruising on the water. In addition, in times of peace, the mothership comes alongside the quay in the part of the harbour adjacent to the Patrol Ccorps headquarters.

The Warship's Internal Medical Treatment Room
The ship has a treatment room prepared for casualties that appear during a mission. Physicians also joined the warship's crew. Although full-blown medical treatment is difficult, it is possible to have life-prolongation treatment by means of the medical treatment capsule, which has equipment that diagnoses the condition of the patient. Incidentally, Basara was also accommodated in this room temporarily for that medical treatment.

Up: The treatment room in the warship

Up/Left: The treatment capsule is put in the center of the treatment room. When rest was necessary for the patient, the treatment capsule was used by floating the patient in liquid medicine that fills the transparent capsule.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "When rest was necessary for the patient, the treatment capsule was used by floating the patient in liquid medicine that fills the transparent cylinder."

Patrol Boat
On Zola, which is endowed with vast seas, ships are popularly made use of, irrespective of the person (such things as combined boat and auto(matic) 3-wheeler were widespread). The Patrol Corps also operated a highly manoeuvrable, small-sized boat for common patrols. However, there seems to have been cases where the patrol boat was extremely insufficient against the fiendish Poaching Group.


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