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Mechanic: Ai Meltrandi 02A: Miria Ship
"Mechanic: Ai Meltrandi 02A: Miria Ship." Macross Chronicle. 04 Jun. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: Ai Meltrandi 02A: Miria Ship." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 24 Jun. 2014: 05-06.

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Caption: As the ship for Miria 639, who was known as the foremost ace even in the Meltrandi Forces, it was operated in the front lines of the battle.

The Miria Ship [Meltrandi Gunboat]
The Special Operations High-Manoeuvrability Ship That Was Given To Miria

Hull Description:

The Miria Ship is a Medium Gunship class military vessel that was commanded by the Meltrandi Forces Special Forces pilot Miria 639. As it features high-manoeuvrability and acceleration, due to being equipped with 2 large engines, the ship achieved the movement abilities of a space fighter. It's also excellent as a combat vessel, and is even able to undertake anti-ship combat, by making use of the High-output, Short-range Guided Focusing Beam Gun in its bow. Miria received command from the Living Optical Holographic Computer "Moruku Rapuramizu", which was the highest decision-making body in the [Meltrandi] Forces, and freely used this ship to face the Zentrādi Forces and My-clones in battle.

Caption: As a ship that was premised on not linking up with a fleet and being operated independently, the Miria Ship was suitable for special operations, such as reconnaissance, searches, and raiding enemy positions.

Caption: The Macross's main gun was successfully destroyed by what amounts to the Miria Ship's main armament: the High-output, Short-range Guided Focusing Beam Gun.

Main Crew:
Miria 639

Attached To: Meltrandi Forces
Length: about 1,800 m
Height: under investigation
Weight: under investigation
Engines: under investigation
Maximum Speed: under investigation
Thrust: under investigation
Standard Equipment: High-Powered Short-Range Guided Focusing Beam Gun

Development Genealogy Chart
unknown > The Miria Ship

Size Comparison:
The Miria Ship



Operational Record
As a warship that's attached to the distinct Special Forces group in the Meltrandi Forces main command fleet, the Miria Ship was permitted to cruise independently. Even in the Special Forces, this ship was favoured with a responsible post when it received directly from "Moruku Rapuramizu" the order to capture the Protoculture ruins. Even though it initially challenged both the Unified Forces and the Zentrādi Forces with attacks, Miria hit it off with Maximilian Jīnasu, and the Miria Ship fought jointly with the Unified Forces. The ship was also seen carrying out the attack to defeat the Zentrādi Forces' Goru Bodoruzā Flagship.

Caption: The Miria Ship (or a uniform ship) charging at Goru Bodoruzā while activating its main gun. After that, the beam [gun] was fired from within the flagship, giving a heavy blow to the flagship.

Airlock / Passage
Caption: The airlock and passage that was the arrival and departure port for the Battle Units. It was here where the Quadoran-Rō that Miria boarded battled the VF-1S that Max boarded.

Display Pattern
Caption: The patterns shown on the displays within the ship. The simple figures, which combine triangles and quadrangles, indicate letters that also differ from Protoculture letters.

Hull Structure
The Miria Ship has large engines installed in the stern, and is furnished with a beam gun and the parts that assist in its firing in its bow. The vessel's shape has a long and narrow bow, and the stern has a thick form. This design ideology is also shared with such things as the other Meltrandi military vessels. Also, the ship's bridge and hangars are collected in the central block.

Left/Up: Diagrams that show the warship's stern and side. The 2 large engines that are installed on the left and right [of the stern], produce the hull's high-manoeuvrability and acceleration.

When The Main Gun Is Closed
The bow parts, which support the firing of the beam gun, are mobile, and able to close the beam gun's muzzle, like the diagram above. The ship changes into this state when moving and not involved in combat.

Up: A diagram of the rear of the Miria Ship. The aperture that can be seen in the center of the stern is the port for the Mobile Weapons' hangar.

Up: Bridge
The bridge is installed in the middle of the top part of the ship. The [ship's] command division, which made contact with "Moruku Rapuramizu", is inside this.

The navigating of the Miria Ship is said to have been controlled by a Holographic Information Network, which also managed the military armament systems and the warship. The bridge interior is divided into several blocks, and they enabled tactical mobilizations that responded to the progress of battle.

Caption: The interior of the bridge of the Miria Ship. The ship received its orders when "Moruku Rapuramizu" was projected on the oblong display in the back left [of the illustration].

Left: Main Bridge

Caption: The center conning tower in the bridge. Miria 639 mainly took command [of the ship] here. The 2 lines that are emitted from the tips on the left side of the illustration are the Laser Connectors that projected "Moruku Rapuramizu".

The Quadoran-Rō hangar was installed in the center of the warship. It is furnished with diverse maintenance equipment, such as the gadgets that automatically replenish the Battle Suits' missiles.

Caption: Miria 639 and Max also boarded their Quadoran-Rō and got into a sortie posture here.


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