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Mechanic: Ai Meltrandi 03A: Meltrandi Warships
"Mechanic: Ai Meltrandi 03A: Meltrandi Warships." Macross Chronicle. 21 May. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: Ai Meltrandi 03A: Meltrandi Warships." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 08 Apr. 2014: 05-06.

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Left: Moruku Rapuramizu

Meltrandi Forces Warships
The Mobile Fortress That Commanded The Entire Meltrandi Fleet

Hull Description:

The Moruku Rapuramizu Mobile Fortress was operated as the base of the Meltrandi Forces, who were composed only of females. As one of the Rapuramizu series, which was said to have had multiple existences, the approximately 500 km wide and approximately 270 km tall vessel size rivalled that of the Goru Bodoruzā Mobile Fortress, which was the base of the Zentrādi Forces. The Living Optical Holographic Computer "Moruku Rapuramizu", which was installed in the command section in the nucleus of the fortress was the highest decision-making body that administered the intentions of the Meltrandi Battalion, and all of the fleet's plans were decided there.*

*Translator's note: originally was "(...), was the highest decision-making body that administered the will of the Meltrandi Battalion, and all of the main fleet's plans were decided here."

Caption: The Moruku Rapuramizu showed up in Earth's satellite orbit to oppose the Zentrādi Forces. It has a characteristic structure and form where thin layers repeatedly lie on top of each other.

Caption: The Living Optical Holographic Computer "Moruku Rapiramizu" is located in the inner control tower. It decided and commanded the plans of the Meltrandi Forces.

Size Comparison:
Moruku Rapuramizu



Moruku Rapuramizu
Moruku Rapuramizu is seen as having functioned for a long time as the base and highest decision-making body of the Meltrandi Forces. And then, in 2009 when the existences of Earth's mankind (My-clones) and the Protoculture became clear, it aimed at capturing their remains, and did such things as dispatches the Miria Ship. While opening up a fierce battle with their eternal rivals, the Zentrādi Forces, who similarly aimed at capturing the My-clones and Protoculture remains, the Moruku Rapuramizu was directly hit by the main gun that Goru Bodoruzā fired, and was annihilated in the fleet battle with the Zentrādi Forces that took place in Earth satellite orbit.

Caption: The Moruku Rapuramizu Fortress arranged a massive fleet in front to oppose the Zentrādi Forces. The fortress itself took command of the fleet from the rear.

Caption: The Moruku Rapuramizu couldn't withstand the direct hit of the main gun that was fired from Goru Bodoruzā, and was reduced to space junk.

Hull Structure
The vessel attained this shape as a result of the hull having a semi-living structure, and the thin layers that wrap up "Moruku Rapuramizu" increasing [over time]. In addition to each thin layer being independent, they have a self-regeneration function, and even if some are damaged, it's possible to regenerate them. Due to this structure, the destruction of "Moruku Rapuramizu", who is the central mechanism of the vessel, was exceedingly difficult.

Right: bird's-eye view

Right: A diagram of the bird's-eye view of the fortress from the rear right. The thin layers that irregularly piled up, evolved every day, and there are a lot of unclear points about the fortress's other structures.

Left: A panoramic view of the fortress when seen from the rear. It has a [Space] Fold function, and can move to any location. Although the Goru Bodoruzā enemy base has a main gun, it's not definite if this fortress has the armament.

Inner Structure
The fortress interior also has a unique structure where thin layers are also repeatedly piled up. Only the details of the command division, where the Living Optical Holographic Computer "Moruku Rapuramizu" is situated, have been clarified. In addition to seeing the projector that issued instructions to subordinates, a large light board was installed on the back of "Moruku Rapuramizu". "Moruku Rapuramizu", which one can say represented the intention of the Meltrandi Fleet*, not only managed and operated all systems in the fortress, but also issued instructions to each combat force, and came to conduct combat with the Zentrādi Forces over a period of many years.

* Translator's note: originally was "(...) which one can say represented the will of the Meltrandi Main Fleet (...)".

Down: "Moruku Rapuramizu"

Caption: The entire body of "Moruku Rapuramizu" is indicated as being a three-dimensional object. From below the chest, she is completely transparent, and it appears that it is impossible for her to move on her own [separate from the ship].

Up: "Moruku Rapuramizu" Inside Moruku Rapuramizu
The command department installed in the center of the fortress. Just like the fortress's exterior, there are thin board-like layers that seem to surround "Moruku Rapuramizu".

Caption: Facing Mira 639, who was under the flagship's direct control, "Moruku Rapuramizu" ordered the capture of the Protoculture remains.

Caption: "Moruku Rapuramizu" was directly hit by Goru Bodoruzā's main gun, and was annihilated. It was the moment where the Meltrandi yielded before the Zentrādi Forces.


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