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Mechanic: Ai UN 01C: SDF-1 Macross
"Mechanic: Ai UN 01C: SDF-1 Macross." Macross Chronicle. 08 Jan. 2009 07-08.
"Mechanic: Ai UN 01C: SDF-1 Macross." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 10 Aug. 2014: 07-08.

Table of Contents


Bridge Structure

Bridge Side View
A. Main Bridge
B. Sub-bridge
C. Large, Movable Screen

Down: Bridge

Up: Bridge (in the rear)

Caption: (...) changed

Caption: (...)

Up: the specially installed bridge stage



Main Bridge

Caption: (...)

Bridge Arrangement Diagram
Main Bridge
Sub-bridge 1
Sub-bridge 2

Up: lower sub-bridge

Related Matter: The Temporary Monitor Console
The Temporary Monitor Console that was created in the ship. It was used during the "Minmei Attack" so that Lynn Kaifun could manage the stage production.

Up: temporary monitor consoles

Caption: Manager Lynn Kaifun took charge of such things as camera operation in the operator room, which was furnished with three screens.

Main Bridge Stationing Diagram
A. captain's seat
B. ship coordination main console
C. flight control
E. within ship control main consoles

A. Captain's Seat

Caption: Bruno J. Global

B. Ship Coordination Main Console

Caption: Claudia LaSalle

Up: in front of the console

C. Flight Control Main Console

Caption: Hayase Misa

Up: in front of the console

Up: overhead console display 1

Up: overhead console display 2

(...) CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator) (...)

Caption: Vanessa

E. Within Ship Control Main Consoles

Caption: Kim / Shammy


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