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Mechanic: Ai UN 06A: Destroids
"Mechanic: Ai UN 06A: Destroids." Macross Chronicle. 17 Dec. 2009 07-08.
"Mechanic: Ai UN 06A: Destroids." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 26 Nov. 2013: 05-06.

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The Destroids
The Bipedal Walker Armaments That Supplemented The Macross's Firepower

Right: Monster
The biggest Destroid in the Destroid series. It is armed with an overwhelming firepower, and has a gigantic physique that makes it able to also be called a land battleship. Even though it has a walking system, its manoeuvrability is low. It is basically operated as a gun battery.

Right: Tomahawk
The Tomahawk is the Destroid that was the first to be implemented in the Destroid series. Although its hand-to-hand combat abilities are low because both arms are beam guns, the Tomahawk's shooting abilities are high.

Right: Defender
An anti-aircraft Destroid that was developed as a Mark One (MBR-04-Mk I) extension craft. It is armed with a sighting system, as the Destroid was assumed to be for ultra long-range shooting in outer space.

Left: Spartan
An unusual Destroid, even in the Destroid series, that specialized in hand-to-hand combat. The Spartan is endowed with a high output, which enables the operation of all of its armaments without axillary power, and it enables high-manoeuvrability to coexist with heavy armour.

Fuselage Explanation
Mankind -who obtained Over-Technology due to the crash of the ASS-1 alien space warship- initiated the development of the Destroid Gigantic Walker Armaments, for the purpose of opposing an unknown enemy. An enemy who has a height of more than five times that of a human being. Arms manufacturers, who were prominent at the time, joined the weapons development. Several types in the Destroid series had their roll-out before the SDF-1 Macross Space Launch Ceremony*. In addition, the bipedal walker system know-how, which was cultivated during the development of the Destroid series, was utilized in the Battroid form of the VF-1. After the outbreak of the First Interstellar War, each Destroid in the Destroid series was active mainly as gun batteries on the Macross.

* Translator's note: 'SDF-1' added in the revised edition.

Size Comparison
VF-1J, HWR-00-Mk II, MBR-04-Mk VI, ADR-04-Mk X, MBR-07-Mk II



Operation Record
The Destroid series that were loaded into the SDF-1 Macross were mainly used as warship gun batteries. The Monster in particular was stationed in the neighbourhood of the ship's bow, in order to make the best use of the overwhelming destructive power of its 40 cm Viggers cannons. In addition, the Tomahawk, Defender and so on were stationed on various places on the hull, and carried out their mission as anti-aircraft guns. The Spartan, which specialized in hand-to-hand combat, wasn't a gun battery, but was recruited into such things as defence and maintenance inside the Macross.

Caption: The Destroid series intercepted the approaching Zentrādi Forces as the gun batteries of the SDF-1 Macross.

Caption: The Destroid series was also deployed in order to intercept enemy craft that had penetrated inside the ship. Additionally, they were also used as a maintenance mecha.

HWR-00-Mk II Monster
A gigantic Destroid that was jointly developed by the Viggers and Sentinel companies. As the first and probably last ultra-gigantic non-orbital land weapon, it is furnished with a bipedal walking system. However, because its manoeuvrability itself is bovine, it is used as a fixed gun battery.

Height: 22.46 m
Gross Weight: 285.5 t

Down: The Monster's validity was also held in doubt by the armed forces, because it was a weapon that was too huge for the ground. The result was that the Monster's production number can be seen as being very few.

Caption: A Monster firing its 40 cm Viggers cannons near the bridge of the Macross. Four kinds of shell have been prepared for the Monster, including nuclear warheads.

MBR-04-Mk VI Tomahawk
The Tomahawk is a variant of the MBR-04-Mk I, and is the first Destroid to be made practical. It was jointly developed by the Viggers and Crawler companies as a bipedal walker emphasizing firepower. In addition to the arm Beam Guns, the Tomahawk is armed with such things as Rocket Launchers in the shoulders.

11.27 m
Gross Weight: 31.3 t

Up: Both arms of the Tomahawk are Mauler PBG-11 Liquid-cooled Charged Particle Beam Guns, which amount to the main guns of this Destroid.

Caption: A Tomahawk on the deck of the SDF-1 Macross firing against the overwhelming combat capabilities of the Zentrādi.

ADR-04-Mk X Defender
An anti-aircraft weapon that was jointly developed by the Viggers and Crawler companies as one of the Destroids that developmentally operated the Destroid Walker System, which was acquired during the development of the MBR-04-Mk I. It is armed with a long-range shooting ability in outer space.

Height: 10.73 m
Gross Weight: 27.1 t

Up: The High-angle Rapid-Fire Cannons that are installed on both arms of the Defender can fire 2,000 78 mm shells per minute with all four gun barrels (500 shells per barrel).

Caption: A Defender firing its High-angle Rapid-fire Cannons on the Macross's deck. It was operated as a support craft for the VFs.

MBR-07-Mk II Spartan*
A Destroid that was jointly handled by the Sentinel and Kransman companies in the second position of the Walking Weapon Development Competition. They implemented an overwhelmingly high output due to the Gugenheimer DT2004 Thermonuclear Reactor primary power source.

* Translator's note: originally was "MBR-08-Mk II Spartan". Which was fixed in the revised edition with a correction sticker.

Height: 11.31 m
Gross Weight: 29.4 t

Up: The Spartan differs from the other Destroids, as both arms aren't armed with firearms, but with Claw Hands for hand-to-hand fighting. The Spartan's mobility is also high.

Left: Astra TZ-TV Gun Cluster
The composite armament that is housed in the Spartan's torso. It is armed with a Laser Gun, Auto-cannon, Grenade Launcher, and Flamethrower.


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