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Mechanic: Ai UN 07A: SDF-1 Macross Shipboard Craft
"Mechanic: Ai UN 07A: SDF-1 Macross Shipboard Craft." Macross Chronicle. 19 Nov. 2009 09-10.
"Mechanic: Ai UN 07A: SDF-1 Macross Shipboard Craft." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 26 May. 2014: 07-08.

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The Non-combat Space Boats And Vehicles That Were Loaded Aboard The SDF-1 Macross
SDF-1 Macross Shipboard Craft

Caption: As a small liaison craft, the RC-4E Rabbit was developed for cruising outside of the Earth's atmosphere. Its output and manoeuvrability were at a high level.

Left: RC-4E Rabbit

Fuselage Explanation
The Earth Unified Forces' SDF-1 Macross Space Battleship continued to engage the Zentrādi Forces in 2009 AD. Diverse ship-borne craft were loaded into the Macross, even if one excluded the Variable Fighters (hereafter VF) - which became the main force of the ship. Such vehicles as the carrier-borne RC-4E Rabbit liaison craft (which could also be called a Cutter) that could be operated in outer space, and the Large Crane Truck, which could be utilized in various construction duties and so on, were put aboard the SDF-1. They supported the ship in every setting except for combat. These shipboard vehicles didn't only facilitate military affairs, but also sustained the livelihood of the people who lived within the ship.

Caption: The interior of the RC-4E Rabbit's cockpit. Misa Hayase, who sits in the control seat on the right side, is mainly in charge of flying the Rabbit. Lynn Kaifun, who sits on the left side, didn't participate in operating the RC-4E.

Caption: Even though the VT-1 Ostrich that Ichijo Hikaru flew ran after the RC-4E Ostrich, it was captured by the Nūjaderu-Gā that appeared there.

Main Pilot:
Hayase Misa

Affiliation: Earth Unified Forces
Length: about 14 m
Height: under investigation
Empty Weight: under investigation
Engine: under investigation
Armament: - (there are a lightly armed type, and a long-range radar equipped type derivative craft)
Flight Crew Capacity: 2 people
Passenger Capacity: 6 people

Size Comparison
VF-1J, RC-4E



Operation Record
The RC-4E Rabbit can be viewed as being responsible for such things as contacting the VFs, and transporting personnel and making ship to ship contact in outer space. In the war against the Zentrādi, the RC-4E was operated by Hayase Misa to stop the VT-1 Ostrich that Hikaru Ichijo and Lynn Minmei boarded, when he dared to sortie in it -without permission- in the vicinity of Saturn. On the other hand, several Large Crane Trucks were dispatched to restore the residential areas that were destroyed by the Nūjaderu-Gā that had raided the interior of the SDF-1 Macross.

Down: Two control seats are arranged in parallel, and both consoles are furnished with identical functions. A display for checking the peripheral situation is installed in the upper part of the cockpit.

Up: The control seats when seen from the front. The cabin and equipment locker in the rear are separated by a wall.

Right: A layout diagram of the cockpit and cabin. In the cabin there are two rows of seats in the front and rear, and it is possible to seat a maximum of 3 people in each row.

RC-4E Rabbit
The RC-4E Rabbit was assumed to be for long-range voyages, and being loaded with a large quantity of propellant is one of its features. When at its maximum speed, the RC-4E could manifest an acceleration ability at the same level as a fighter aircraft. A long-range radar equipped model, a lightly armed model, and so on were created to capitalize on those abilities.

Left: A diagram when seen from the bottom. The oblong parts installed on the left and right of the Rabbit are large buffering landing gear for emergency deck-landings.

Caption: From the four thruster nozzles that are installed in the rear, one can also infer that this craft is loaded with a large volume of propellant. Sensors and antennae are installed on the top of the fuselage.

Right: The name "Rabbit" was assigned from the form of the landing gear that are installed in the bottom of this craft.

Caption: The panel that is installed above the canopy is an Armoured Canopy Visor.

Large Crane Truck
As one kind of construction work equipment that the Earth Unified Forces were using, the Large Crane Truck enabled work at heights, using its freely extendible crane. A work gondola is installed in the tip of the crane, and it was able to do complicated work smoothly. In addition, it was also possible to affix the vehicle to the ground with stands.

Caption: The Large Crane Truck shouldered the burden of maintenance within the SDF-1 Macross, which was destroyed by such things as combat and the Transformation.

Caption: A crane truck restoring the Earth Unified Forces Headquarters. One person controlled the truck, another person was in the gondola, and a third person was in the command role on the ground.

Left: An image of when the large crane, which is installed in the rear of the vehicle, is extended. The base of the crane revolves, and its operational range is vast.

Up: An enlarged illustration of the end of the crane. A large manipulator, work gondola, searchlights and so on are installed on it.

Left/Up: The crane is folded up when driving like the illustration on the left. The illustration above is one of the stands that are used to affix the vehicle when the crane is being used - in the front and rear of the truck, there is a total of four stands.


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