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Mechanic: Ai UN 08A: ARMD
"Mechanic: Ai UN 08A: ARMD." Macross Chronicle. 11 Dec. 2008 07-08.
"Mechanic: Ai UN 08A: ARMD." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 07 Mar. 2014: 05-06.

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Space Carrier ARMD
The Shipboard Military Force Stations That Shouldered Both Flanks Of The Super-dreadnought Class Battleship

Attached to: Earth Unified Forces
Length: about 450 m
Width: about 220 m
Fully Equipped Mass: 174,000 t*
Power System: 2x O-T Variant Reactor System
Power Control System: 1x O-T Variant Gravity Control System
Jet Propulsion System: 2x O-T Variant Main Composite Nozzle
Firearms: 2x O-T Guided Focusing Beam Guns, many others
Carrier Based Aircraft: 262x VF-1 Valkyrie, 66x QF-3000E Ghost, many others

* Translator's note: originally was "1,704,000 t", which was later indicated as an error in the original edition.

Size Comparison

Development Genealogy Chart
Unknown > ARMD

Hull Explanation
One of the primary reasons that the SDF-1 Macross was able to pass through frequent battles with the aliens was the launching of effectively operated and hard-fighting carrier borne aircraft. It is the Space Carrier ARMD which sustained that, and functioned as the mothership of the SDF-1's carrier borne aircraft. Although this warship was originally constructed as a rig and floating stand for space fighters deployed at such places as the Lagrange Points and at satellite geosynchronous orbit, as the restoration plan of the alien warship that fell to Earth progressed, they were diverted to be the carrier-based aircraft operating platforms of the SDF-1, and they fulfilled the role of being a vital point in the offence and defence of the SDF-1 and themselves.

Caption: They escaped from being damage in the especially tough conflict that covered the SDF-1 all over with wounds, and they functioned as the centres of operation of the carrier-borne aircraft.

Caption: Even though they look small compared with the SDF-1's total length of 1.2 km, they boast of a size and capacity that surpasses that of the common aircraft carrier.



Operation Record
The ARMD, which were hurriedly constructed as remodelled space fighter rigs and were the carrier-borne military force stations placed in the SDF-1's strategic system, were docking with the SDF-1 in December 2008. They were one part of the SDF-1's strategic system. Even though work was advancing on the last outfitting of the SDF-1, with a side as an Emigrant Ship that accommodated the 50,000 immigrants on the South Ataria Island, it attended the Space-launch Ceremony in 2009, February. The SDF-1 suffered an attack by aliens (the Zentrādi) during the ceremony, and it took the drastic step of an emergency Space Fold, together with the Valkyrie squads that had launched from the carrier Prometheus to protect the SDF-1. Thereafter, until the SDF-1 returned to Earth from the outer circumference of the Solar System, the ARMD demonstrated the ability of the application of ship-borne aircraft no matter what happened, and they repelled the attacks of both the Zentrādi and Meltrandi Forces. In the "Minmei Attack", they plunged into the Bodoru Flagship as both flanks of the SDF-1. They contributed to the crushing of the flagship by simultaneously firing their armaments.

Caption: A VF-1 being carried out suspended on a hook arm. The VF-1's launch from the ship is done according to instructions from the guidance sign.

Caption: Armaments, such as missiles, were also given to the ARMD itself, and they were used when they plunged into the Bodoru Flagship.

Fleet Structure*
Down/Right: The upper surface has a characteristically flat warship shape. The ARMD adopted a flat structure so that it is easy to deploy ship-borne aircraft. Even though Over Technology is used in things as the propulsion and power systems, the hull has an exceedingly simple structure, and it's indicated that the ARMD exist as ships that were hastily made to combine with the SDF-1.

* Translator's note: possibly a kanji typo and intended to mean "Hull Structure".

Up: ARMD-02

Docking Module
Down/Right: When they were improved from a Space Fighter Rig to an ARMD, various mechanisms were added to this ship. There were such things as a bridge for control of the ship, armour, and a drive system for the collection of ship-borne aircraft that weren't able to return to base; and then the docking module for connecting to the SDF-1. This module is installed on the back of the ship, and is constructed to connect with the SDF-1's side gunwale docking arm. Incidentally, even though it is possible for the ARMD to cruise independently when detached, it isn't confirmed if such a situation happened during the return trip to Earth.

Blue: Docking Module

Up/Right: It is possible for the Docking Arm to slide left and right along the joining part of the module.

Caption: Docking Arm

Caption: Docking Module Separation Line

ARMD Stationing Chart
The first warship, ARMD-01, connects to the SDF-1's left side, and the second warship, ARMD-02, is on the right side. The deck layout of 01 and 02 are reversed on the left and right (the bridge of 01 is placed starboard, and the bridge of 02 is port. One can surmise that the decision for this arrangement was due to the conception of the plan to integrate the systems with the SDF-1.

Captions: ARMD-01, ARMD-02


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