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Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 01A: Nūjaderu-Gā
"Ai Zentrādi 01A: Nūjaderu-Gā." Macross Chronicle. 27 May. 2010: 09-10.
"Ai Zentrādi 01A: Nūjaderu-Gā." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 14 May. 2013: 01-04.

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Front [Pg 01-02]

Translator's note: the original page was only 2 pages. The front content is basically the same, adding the Main Pilot section, and moving the two captions to the reverse. The content on the reverse of the original has been greatly altered and expanded upon in the revised edition. The following indicates what content on the reverse side is unchanged from the original with [o].

The High-Performance Powered Suit Of The Zentrādi Forces

Aircraft Explanation:

Attached to: Zentrādi Forces
Overall Height: 16.8 m
Fully Equipped Weight: 36.8 t
Thrust: under investigation
Armament: Back-Carried Medium-Range Fluid Plasma Cannon x1, Medium-Bore Rapid-Firing Impact Cannon x1, Small Laser Machine-Pistol x1

Size Comparison:
VF-1J, man, Nūjaderu-Gā

Development Chart:
? > Nūjaderu-Gā

Main Pilot:
Kamujinn 03350


Reverse Left [Pg 03]

Operation Record

[o] Caption: (...)

[o] Caption: (...)

Airframe Structure

[o] Caption: (...)

Right: (...)


[o] A: Back-Carried Medium-Range Fluid Plasma Cannon
The Nūjaderu-Gā is furnished with a Medium-Range Fluid Plasma Cannon in the back unit. Its base is located behind the right shoulder, and when firing, the gun barrel deploys frontward. It also ensures an upward oriented range of motion.

[o] B: Medium-Bore Rapid-Fire Impact Cannon
A Medium-Bore Rapid-Fire Impact Cannon with a short barrel is in the chest. As it doesn't have a movable structure, like the plasma cannon, its field of fire is somewhat restricted.

[o] C: Small Laser Machine-Pistol
The Small Laser Machine-Pistol, which excels in firing quickly, was operated as a standard carried armament. Also, aircraft which carried this firearm for the Zentrādi infantry were also confirmed.

[o] Left: An illustration of the Small Laser Machine-Pistol seen from the front. When held, it largely hides the manipulator.

[o] Caption: The Laser Machine-Pistol is also used for missile interception, and although it doesn't have a particularly high fire power, it demonstrated an extensive operability.

[o] Caption: (...)

Related Matter: The Nūjaderu-Gā With Different Equipment
According to the recorded film, among the Nūjaderu-Gā that violently attacked the interior of the SDF-1 in the battle in the Saturn sector of space, battle suits that were equipped with what appeared to be 6-tube missile pods instead of the back plasma cannon were seen here and there mixed in with the normally equipped battle suits.

Caption: The battle suit is in the red circle. It's considered to have been equipment that was deployed in few numbers as it isn't seen in other recordings.


Reverse Right [Pg 04]

Airframe Structure [Con't]

[o] Caption: (...)

[o] Left: (...)

[o] Right: (...)

[o] Left: (...)

[o] Right: (...)

[o] Cockpit

Caption: (...)

[o] Left: When The Hatch Is Open

[o] Right: Interior

Right: The head is equipped with a single monitor eye and antennae, and it possesses a range of motion to a certain extent in the vertical orientation.

[o] Left: Side

Right: Cockpit (Console)


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