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Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 02A: Zentrādi Military Vessels
"Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 02A: Zentrādi Military Vessels." Macross Chronicle. 07 Jan. 2010 09-10.
"Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 02A: Zentrādi Military Vessels." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 29 Jul. 2014: 05-06.

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Zentrādi Military Vessels
The Super Gigantic Mobile Fortress That Controls The Zentrādi 425th Main Fleet

Caption: The Mobile Fortress that is the flagship of the Zentrādi Forces 425th Main Fleet. It has a large fleet, said to be about 5 million ships, and has continued to battle the Meltrandi Forces over a period of about 120,000 cycles.

Up: Goru Bodoruzā

Hull Explanation
Goru Bodoruzā, as the flagship of the Zentrādi Forces 425th Flagship Fleet, is a battleship in which the Extraordinarily Large Living Command Computer1 "Goru Bodoruzā" played a central role. This ship was operated over about 120,000 cycles, and an identical age also piled up on "Goru Bodoruzā" itself. Its exterior and interior are both organic, and it is the sole ship among the weapons that the Zentrādi Forces possess that has an ability to self-repair itself to some extent. Also, its width of about 600 km and size are overwhelming. The Gorugu Gantsu2 main armament is built into the bow, and it has the destructive power to even destroy a Mobile Fortress of the same class [as itself] in one blow.

Caption: The Living Command Computer1 "Goru Bodoruzā". It has an indispensable existence in maintaining and controlling the fortress.

Caption: The Gorugu Gantsu2 main armament, which is built into the bow of the Mobile Fortress. It also destroyed the Rapuramizu Fleet's Mobile Fortress in one blow.

Size Comparison
Goru Bodoruzā

1 Translator's note: literally 'Living Body Command Computer'.

2 Translator's note: also 'Gorugu Ganz'.



Operation Record
The Goru Bodoruzā was operated in battle with the Meltrandi Forces over a period of about 120,000 cycles, and engaged the Rapuramizu Fleet in the vicinity of the Earth in 2009 AD. At that time, it also encountered Earthlings, and the prisoners of war that the Flagship Fleet captured, were housed inside the Mobile Fortress. However, contact with these Earthlings backfired, and infighting in the 425th Flagship Fleet broke out in the midst of hostilities with the Meltrandi. The Goru Bodoruzā was destroyed due to the destruction of the Living Command Computer by the combined forces of the rebel side and the Earth Unified Forces.

Caption: The ship, which had descended to the Earth, temporarily confirmed a peace with the Earth side. However, the pact was broken within a short period, and the Goru Bodoruzā tried to destroy the Earth together with the Meltrandi Forces.

Caption: The SDF-1 Macross penetrated into the interior of the ship. The VF-1S that Hikaru Ichijo spurred on, destroyed the Living Command Computer. The death of "Goru Bodoruzā" meant the destruction of the fortress.

Airframe Structure
The ship is about 600 km wide, and possesses a size in the minor-planet* class. It could be operated as the center base, that commanded a fleet of about 5 million ships. A huge globular body is attached on top of the hull, which amounts to a foundation, and that body seems to have born the burden of the role of the ship's bridge.

* Translator note: also 'asteroid'. Went with the more scientifically accurate term, to better convey the size.

Right: The part that is like an "eyeball" that's in the bow, is the Gorugu Gantsu Gun, which amounts to the Mobile Fortress's Main Gun. It boasts of an overwhelming destructive power and firing range.

Left: Outside Deck
The ship's characteristic is its organic exterior, that is clearly divided from the weapons of the Earth side. Even though the Zentrādi don't have the concept of repairing, this Mobile Fortress possesses a self-repair function.

Right: Command Section / Outer Deck
The command section is shaped like a plant-bulb (left picture). "Goru Bodoruzā" is enshrined inside it. The picture on the right is the outer deck where the Noputi Baganisu 5631 made an emergency landing.

Ship Interior / Bridge
The interior of the Mobile Fortress is more organic than the exterior, and it seems to be just like the interior of a living thing. The interior of the ship is vast, and the Zentrādi move to each block by military vessel, and so on.

Caption: The main bridge is installed at the feet of "Goru Bodoruzā". It's also used for an audience with prisoners of war and commanders.

Ship Interior
Up: The fortress's internal central ship shell. The Living Command Computer "Goru Bodoruzā" is enshrined in the bridge, which is that core part.

Up: The bridge of Goru Bodoruzā. As "Goru Bodoruzā" has a physique that's more than about ten times that of the common Zentrādi, the bridge has a huge space. The main bridge for general soldiers is also installed in the lower part of the bridge.

Related Matter: The Collapsing Goru Bodoruzā
The Mobile Fortress, whose outer wall was destroyed in an attack by traitor Buritai 7018's Noputi Baganisu 5631, permitted the SDF-1 Macross to penetrate inside. As a result, the Living Command Computer "Goru Bodoruzā" was directly attacked, and the Super Gigantic Mobile Fortress collapsed. Even though the fortress had self-restoration functions, all of them were abilities that were controlled by "Goru Bodoruzā", which amounted to the core of the fortress.

Up: With the loss of "Goru Bodoruzā", the Fold System ran wild, and various places in the hull individually transitioned, and the fortress collapsed.

Caption: "Goru Bodoruzā", whose head was destroyed by the attacks of the VF-1S, was annihilated. Immediately afterwards, the fortress started collapsing from the inside.

Caption: The completely silent Mobile Fortress. All of its actions were impossible without "Goru Bodoruzā".


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