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Mechanic: Ai Zentraadi 02B: Zentraadi Military Vessels
"Mechanic: Ai Zentraadi 02B: Zentrādi Military Vessels." Macross Chronicle. 15 Apr. 2010 09-10.
"Mechanic: Ai Zentraadi 02B: Zentrādi Military Vessels." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 07 Jan. 2014: 05-06.

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Zentrādi Military Vessels
The Diverse War Fleet That Attacked The Earth

Right: Heavy Attacker
The highly manoeuvrable craft was used in anti-ship strategies against the Meltrandi Forces.

Hull Explanation
In 2009, the Zentrādi Forces 425th Flagship Fleet attached Buritai 7018 Adokurasu Fleet contacted Earth's mankind through the SDF-1 Macross. This fleet was composed of a great variety of military vessels according to their role; such as the flagship Noputi Baganisu 5631, in which commanding officer Buritai 5631 boarded, and in addition to such ships as the Assault Landing Ship and the Standard Battleship, [small vessels] such as the Heavy Attack Craft and the Transport Boat. Although these were originally assumed to be for combat with the Meltrandi Forces, who opposed the Zentrādi, they also demonstrated their capabilities when used in battle with the Earth Unified Forces.

Caption: Curved forms are the feature of the Zentrādi Forces war fleet. They are exactly opposite to the war fleet of the Meltrandi Forces, whose characteristic was acutely angled lines.

Caption: A great number of Zentrādi military vessels were deployed even in the 425th Flagship Fleet. As the Buritai Fleet later joined the Earth side, the fleet also engaged in friendly fire [with its former allies].

Up: Light Transport Boat
A small transport boat used to transfer materials and personnel between the military vessels that the Zentrādi Forces use, such as the Fleet Flagship and the Assault Landing Ship. Its combat capabilities are equivalent to nonexistent.

Down: The Buritai Ship's Fleet Liaison Boat
A small personnel transport boat used as a ship-borne plane in the Noputi Baganisu 5631, which was commanded by Buritai 7018. It is furnished with such things as beam guns, and the Special Capsule For My-clones.



Operational Record
The Buritai Fleet warship group that contacted the Earth Unified Forces, were confronting and opening up violent combat with the Meltrandi Forces and the Earth Unified Forces.* In addition, the Light Transport Boat used to take prisoner 5 Earthlings, including Lynn Minmei, became the chance for the Zentrādi to be aware of Earth's culture.

* Translator's note: originally was "~ Forces, confronted and opened up violent combat ~".

Caption: Buritai and the others, who were aware of Earth's culture, decided to make a common front line with the Earth Unified Forces. They fought with the 425th Flagship Fleet, that was led by Goru Bodoruzā.

Heavy Attacker
An 83 m long, 49 m wide small,l highly-manoeuvrable fighter. As a weapon, the Guided Focusing Beam Gun it is equipped with is of the smallest size [that that weapon can be]. In addition, such things as its anti-aircraft defensive abilities, due to a swivelling gun turret, were also high, and it exhibited its abilities even in anti-ship battles.

Down: The gigantic thrusters that are installed on the right and left of the fuselage created highly mobile performance.

Down: front

Down: side

Up: The Guided Focusing Beam Gun was installed in the front center of the fuselage. The cockpit was installed on the right side of the top fuselage, and the rotating gun turret is on the left side of the top fuselage.

Light Transport Boat
A non-combat military vessel that specialized in transporting personnel and materials, its over-all length is 250 m. It is equipped with Small-bore Anti-aircraft Laser Gun Turrets for defence. It has a large hangar/materials storehouse, and in addition to being able to transport a maximum of 25 fully equipped Zentrādi, it can also transport large combat weapons.

Down: side

Left: Hangar
The hangar's rear hatch (top), and the interior (bottom), when seen from the rear hatch side of the hangar. The space is vast.

Left: Hatch
The rear hatch has two layers, and it is constructed so that after the hatchback-style exterior opens, the inner cover opens.

The Buritai Ship's Fleet Liaison Boat
The small liaison boat that was placed in the Buritai Ship. It was used when Minmei and Lynn Kaifun, who were captured in space, were transported to [Zentrādi] Forces Commander Goru Bodoruzā.

Right: side

Caption: Buritai 7018 and Ekisedoru 4970 taking prisoner of war Minmei et al to Goru Bodoruzā.

Caption: The cockpit of the carrier-borne liaison boat. The Special Capsule For My-clones is what's installed in the middle.

Up: Minmei and Kaifun were put into, and transported in the Special Capsule For My-clones.

The War Fleet

Right: Assault Landing Ship
Among the Zentrādi military vessels, this approximately 3,000 m long class battleship ranks next to the Buritai Ship (Noputi Baganisu 5631). A lot of Battle Pods and small boats are stored inside it.

Right: Standard Battleship
A 2,000 m class battleship, it is a numerous capital ship even in the Buritai Fleet. Like the Assault Landing Ship, in addition to the Guided Focusing Beam Gun main armaments, it is equipped with missile launchers in various places.

Right: Medium Gunship
The 1,500 m class battleship emphasizes manoeuvrability. It's Guided Focusing Beam Gun has a structure where it attains a firing posture by separating the top and bottom of the hull, so that the gun turret appears from the inside of the ship.

Right: Picket Ship (picture foreground)
The 500 m class ship is active as the advance guard of the fleet. It is also called a scout ship.* In addition to being primarily green coloured, there were also ships that were primarily coloured yellow.

* Translator's note: originally had an additional line at this point: "It's shape is shared with that of the 1,500 m class Standard Battleship.".

Comparison Chart
Excluding the more than 500 km long flagships of Goru Bodoruzā and Moruku Rapuramizu, the Zentrādi Forces (right) and Meltrandi Forces (left) were composed of companies [of troops] centred on ships that were in the 500 m to 3,000 m long class.* In addition, such things as diverse Battle Pods and small transport boats were used by both sides.

* Translator's note: (right) and (left) added in the revised edition.

[chart captions] Left column: Picket Ship, Medium Gunship (The Miria Ship), High-speed Cruiser, Large Frigate, Standard Battleship, Transport Ship (Assault Landing Ship), Fleet Flagship (Large Battleship)

Right column: Fleet Flagship (Large Battleship), Transport Ship (Assault Landing Ship), Standard Battleship, Medium Gunship, Picket Ship, Heavy Attacker, SDF-1 Macross (Earth Unified Forces)


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