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Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 03A: Noputi Baganisu 5631
"Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 03A: Noputi Baganisu 5631." Macross Chronicle. 17 Dec. 2009 11-12.
"Mechanic: Ai Zentrādi 03A: Noputi Baganisu 5631." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 01 Apr. 2014: 05-06.

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Noputi Baganisu 5631
The Buritai Fleet Flagship That Has Overwhelming Durability

Caption: The 425th Flagship Fleet possesses many Command Ship class Battleships in addition to the Noputi Baganisu 5631, which is Buritai 7018's flagship.

Captain: Buritai 7018

Main Crew: Exsedor 4970

Hull Explanation
The Noputi Baganisu 5631 is the Buritai 7018 Adokurasu Fleet Command flagship, attached to the Zentrādi Forces 425th Flagship Fleet. As a Command Ship class 4,000 m battleship, it also possesses great combat capabilities and wide-ranging communications abilities. A countless number of Beam Guns and antenna, which extend several meters, are installed on the surface of the ship, which adopts a double-hull shell structure.* Also, damaged points can be seen everywhere on the outer decks, because the Zentrādi don't have the concept of repairing [damage]. It is also the proof that together with Buritai 7018, the ship has fought to the bitter end on many battlefields.

* Translator's note: originally was "A countless number of beam guns and antenna, which extend approximately several meters (...)".

Caption: The Noputi Baganisu 5631 was the flagship of the Buritai 7018 Adokurasu Fleet Command. It chased the Macross in the fight with the Earthlings.

Caption: A countless number of artillery guns are installed in the gigantic hull. Also, more than half of the hull is a Main Guided [Beam] Gun, and the ship possesses an overwhelming firepower.

Attached To: Zentrādi Forces
Length: about 4,000 m
Fully Loaded Mass: 100,940,000 t
Standard Armaments: Central Guided Focusing Beam Gun, Guided Focusing Beam Guns, Anti-Ship Anti-Air Missile Launchers, and a great number of others

Development Genealogy Chart
unknown > Noputi Baganisu 5631

Size Comparison:
Noputi Baganisu 5631



Operational Record
During the First Interstellar War, the Noputi Baganisu participated in the war as the vanguard of the Zentrādi global invasion, and thereafter pursued the SDF-1 Macross. The vanguard encountered and battled the Meltrandi Fleet, when they succeeded in capturing Earthlings such as Lynn Minmei, and the ship extradited the prisoners of war to Bodoruzā. In the last decisive battle, Buritai 7018 was touched off by Lynn Minmei's songs, and separated from the Bodoruzā led Zentrādi Forces 425th Flagship Fleet. His flagship also participated in the Earth Unified Forces' "Minmei Attack".

Caption: In the last stage of the great war, the Noputi Baganisu 5631 fought on the Earthlings' side. It participated in the "Minmei Attack", and supported the Macross.

Hull Structure
The 4,000 m Commander Class Noputi Baganisu battleship has a size that is beyond the imagination of Earthlings. It features a pillar-like slender shape, and is armed with a main gun in its interior. The gigantic battleship is also equipped with a countless number of radar [arrays], together with a countless number of artillery guns. Also, it is stocked with many Mobile Weapons in addition to the Rigādo, and has an aircraft carrier-like role.

Down: The ship uses a structure that has a countless number of ship hulls in its interior. It's guessed that this structure produces this ship's strength and durability.

Left: The round protuberances that are in the four corners of the warship's front are all wide-area transmission-beam transmitters. Their dimensions are considerable, as might be expected from being on a 4,000 m class battleship.

Up: The side of the ship, where it becomes clear that it has a long and narrow, cylindrical shape. Thrusters that are able to produce great propulsive force are installed in the rear. Also, the ship has a Space Fold function built into it.

Diagram: Fold System

The surface of the enormous ship is armed with a countless number of radar [arrays] and artillery guns. The artillery guns are such things as Guided Focusing Beam Guns and Anti-Ship, Anti-Air Missile Launchers.

Down: When The Main Armament Is Deployed

Left/Up: The Noputi Baganisu 5631 when the Guided [Focusing Beam] Main Gun port is open. The hull opens vertically, and the main gun is released. More than half of the front of the ship is the Guided [Focusing Beam] Gun Barrel, and it fires a powerful energy gun.

The bridge of the Noputi Baganisu 5631 has a size that permits the leisurely coming and going of the Zentrādi, who exceed 10 m in height. As might be expected from a ship that also deals with combat, many military personnel are needed to operate it. In addition to a large quantity of hologram displays that are installed in the upper part of the bridge, there is also a command room. The command room, which directs the ships navigation, has consoles for the 8 personnel that are deployed to it.

Command Room
The Command Room where Buritai 7018 in command, and Records Adviser Exsedor 4970, who is a staff officer, take command. It is in upper rear of the main bridge, and has an unbroken view of the entire bridge.

Main Bridge
Left: Panoramic View
The main bridge has an organic shape. It is furnished with several communications consoles and more than 10 Hologram Displays, where it seems that the crew can sequentially grasp the progress of battle. The capsule-like room that projects from the upper rear is the Command Room.

Left: Command Room Interior
The front of the Command Room (left), which is installed in the upper rear of the Main Bridge, and the console part in the rear of the Command Room (right). Although there are seats for the console personnel, there aren't any fixed seats for Buritai 7018 and Exsedor 4970.


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