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Mechanic: F Citizen 01A: Macross Frontier Civilian Vehicles
"Mechanic: F Citizen 09A: Macross Frontier Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 04 Feb. 2010: 07-08.
"Mechanic: F Citizen 01A: Macross Frontier Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 24 Sept. 2013: 07-08.

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Macross Frontier Civilian Vehicles
The civilian transportation that's used in the Frontier Fleet.

Right: Propaganda Truck
The Propaganda Truck that was used by the Frontier Government for public relations. It's minivan with speakers on the top and was used in a way that assisted the street televisions.

Right: Ozuma's Car
S.M.S. Skull Squadron's Ozuma Lee's beloved private sports car. It features blister fenders on the rear door panels.

Down: Cable Car
The streetcar that was constructed above ground in such areas of Island 1 as San Francisco, Shibuya and Beijing. Even within the fleet, the cable car has an especially retro design.

Body Explanation
Upon the construction of the Macross Frontier Fleet's environment, Island 1 became themed with "preserving the diversity of culture" and "limited to intentional user-friendliness". For that reason, the look of the stores and houses on the streets of the City-Spaceship Island 1 have designs that imitate those of Earth at the beginning of the 21st century. Naturally, the civilian vehicles, which were used in those urban areas, also avoided advanced designs, and there were many that matched the old fashioned scenery of the city. The explanation here is about a part of the civilian vehicles that were used in the Frontier Fleet in 2059. They formed the City Space ship's traffic system, and as the legs of the people, they supported the life of the citizens.

Caption: Ozuma, who's hobby was driving cars, regularly used a remodelled classic sports car. He also used this car when he brought Saotome Aruto to S.M.S..

* Translator's note: originally was: "Ozuma, who's hobby was driving cars, regularly used a classic sports car that had been remodelled to a space-use specification."

Caption: Aruto, who was showing Sheryl Nome around Island 1, used the cable car to move. Also, this cable car was used by Ranka Lee for everyday transportation.



Operation Record
The Frontier Fleet's civilian vehicles were used in a way that used them together with the railroad routes that covered Island 1. These vehicles seemed to have been found useful, especially in such places as the San Francisco area, where the slopes were steep. However, their use gradually became difficult as transportation was paralysed when damage occurred to Island 1 due to Vajra attacks.

Caption: The roads of the San Francisco area, where the bustle of crowds can be seen with such things as cable cars and private automobiles. The traffic system was properly maintained.

Ozuma's Car
A hatchback type sports car whose motif is the Italian "Lancia Delta", which was popular on Earth at the end of the 20th century. One can say that even among the passenger vehicles of the Frontier Fleet, the car was an especially retro-culture item.

Down: Car Interior

Caption: A left-hand drive manual car. On the right of the line art is the rear seat. On the left of the line art is the instrument panel.

Main Driver: Ozuma Lee

Left/Down: The car has the same black, white and yellow colouring as his VF, and Ozuma's personal mark is painted on the top. The car features an open air-scoop on the hood.

Propaganda Truck
The Frontier Government's propaganda truck was used for such purposes as notification of the control mode that accompanied a Vajra attack. It was thought that they were mainly mobilized in times of emergency.

Up/Right: There are 7 speakers on the top and large screens on the sides. The size of the driver's seat side and rear body differs, and one can infer that it is a unique vehicle.

Cable Car
A low speed public transportation service that's composed of single carriages. Its motif is the cable cars that were in service in the USA's San Francisco from the end of the 19th century.

Right: Rear

Up: Front

Caption: The design of the cable car in the old age is reproduced down to the detail in the old-fashioned design. Its interior is furnished with two rows of long seats.

Left/Down: The selling point of the retro designed service isn't only as the legs of the ordinary citizens, but also as playing a role in tourist attraction.

Up/Right: Side
Even though there are cable car stops, there were many people observed running onto the cable cars while they were running.

The limousine used by such people as government important persons and VIPs. Its motif is as if its a model of the British luxury car manufacturer "Bentley". Also, it's said that armoured limousines also exist, which are composed of such things as special ceramics.

Caption: The limousine was arranged for Sheryl, who had arrived at the Frontier Fleet on a tour.

Caption: The same type of limousine was also used by important people in the government, such as Howard Glass and Leon Mishima.

Up/Right: In the limousine type, gilt coatings have been applied to such places as the bumpers and window frames. With the armoured limousine, they can even withstand the direct hit of an anti-tank rifle.

Down: Car interior
There is a glass partition between the driver's seat and the rear seat. Also, the windows in the partition and rear seat are furnished with curtains.

Passenger Vehicle
The passenger vehicle that Saotome Yasaburou, Aruto's senior apprentice, used to move around in Island 1. The 4-door type luxury sedan emulates the basic design of the sedan types that were often seen at the end of the 20th century.

Left/Down: The outer circumference of such places as the window frames and wheels were covered in gilt, and the vehicle was designed so that high-class hung in the air around it. The vehicle was used when Yasaburou visited Aruto in the Mihoshi Academy.

The Car that Ranka Rode
The passenger vehicle that Ranka, who suddenly became famous due to her film performance, used to move to her work site (it's unknown if the owner of the vehicle is Vector Promotion). It had a classic design that closely resembles that of the 1950's.

Up/Right: The car features such things as three headlights per side, which are arranged in an inverted triangle, and large, inflated fenders. In many cases, Elmo Kuridaniku also rode in it with Ranka.


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