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Mechanic: F SMS 01A: Macross Quarter
"F Citizen 01A: Macross Quarter." Macross Chronicle. 28 Oct. 2009 01-04.
"F SMS 01A: Macross Quarter." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 28 May. 2013: 05-08.

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Illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin

Macross Quarter
The 400 m class Macross ship that consolidates the functions as a Variable Attack Space Carrier.

Aircraft Explanation:

Data: *Data is only for Fortress Warship
Affiliation: S.M.S.
Overall Length: 472 m
Width: 178 m
Height: 96 m
Operational Inertial Weight: 165,000 t
Gross Weight: 265,000 t (main body 152,000 t)
Power System: Reaction Engine Cluster
Standard Armament: Gunship (Gatling style Buster Cannon), Beam Gun Turrets, Many Guns
Carrier (ARMD-L): length: approximately 254 m, gross weight: 56,000 t
Gunship (ARMD-R): length: approximately 227 m, gross weight 48,000 t
Mobile Battery Ships (BASTER-L, R): length: approximately 129 m, gross weight: approximately 8,855 t

Size Comparison:
Tokyo Tower, SDF-1, Macross Quarter

Development Chart:
? > Macross Quarter

Jeffrey Wilder


Reverse - Left [Pg 07]

Operation Record

Caption: (...)

Related Matter: Mechanisms To Separate And Combine
The Macross Quarter is a composite ship composed of 5 warships. This is from a ship organization that had the goal of simplifying the transformation, and as they each have a reaction engine and fold engine installed in them, each warship can be operated individually or as a fleet.

Caption: All of the ships that compose the Macross Quarter are monitored by the bridge when transforming or uniting.

The warship's center and both legs are the Center Hull (A), the port side is the Aircraft Carrier ARMD-L (B), the starboard side is the Gunship ARMD-R (C), the right back part is the Mobile Battery Warship BASTER-R (D), and the left back part is the Mobile Battery Warship BASTER-L (E).

Storming Attack From
(...) total height of 316 m (...)

Caption: As reaction engines are installed in each part of the ship, the arms and legs also possess tremendous output. The ship has also wrenched open the mouth of a Knight Class Vajra Carrier.

Right: Even though the propellers are oriented downwards when standing upright, the direction of movement can be adjusted by inclining the legs themselves; this includes the dorsal nozzles, too.

Right: (...)

Up: The Aircraft Carrier ARMD-L and the Gunship ARMD-R are retained on the arms. The Macross Quarter's total height is 316 m, its overall width is 79.2 m and its front to back length is 79.2 m.

Fortress Warship

Caption: The Heavy Quantum Reaction Gun can be fired even in Carrier Form. The main gun can be used immediately after a defold.

Right: (...)

Down: (...)

Caption: The Macross Quarter can be moored at a dedicated pier in this form. The shape of the pier itself is in response to the carrier form.


Reverse - Right [Pg 08]


Caption: (...)

Functions As A Battleship

Caption: (...)

Functions As A Carrier
The carrier functions are administered by the ARMD-L. It can load up to a maximum of 80 aircraft, such as VFs, has an internal hanger deck and has operational capabilities that rival those of a regular carrier. In addition, a 0.5 G gravity field is formed on the flight deck.

Caption: The catapults are standard electromagnetic type ones, and including the angled deck, 3 are installed on the ship.

Beam Turrets

ARMD-R (Gunship/Gatling-style Buster Cannon)

ARMD-L (Carrier)

Close-Range Hand-To-Hand Attacks "The Macross Attack"

Caption: (...)

Caption: The attack starts with the pinpoint barrier being focused on the bow of the ARMD-L, and it being plunged into the enemy ship.

Caption: After plunging in, a unit of Destroids pops up from the ARMD-L, and they fire missiles. The enemy warship is destroyed from within.


Caption: Armour shelters for the Cheyenne II are installed surrounding the bridge, and they are used for defence.

Caption: (...)

Loaded Craft

Caption: The VB-6 Konig Monster and Quadoran-Rhea are also deployed on the ship. The ship also had reaction weapons on hand.

Right: Variable Fighters
The VF-25 Variable Craft that the regular armed forces aren't equipped with. Dozens are deployed to the Macross Quarter.

Left: Destroids
The Cheyenne II are used for anti-aircraft defence and in the Macross Attack.


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