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Mechanic: F SMS 03B: VF-25F Messiah
"F Citizen 03B: VF-25F Messiah." Macross Chronicle. 27 May. 2010 05-06.
"F SMS 03B: VF-25F Messiah." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 17 Sept. 2013: 01-04.

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Front [Pg 01-02]

Illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin

VF-25F Messiah
The two domains of armour that the "Messiah" wears: the function enhancement modules for high-manoeuvrability or heavy armaments.

Airframe Explanation:
The VF-25 has high all-purposefulness, which is enabled by exchanging the function enhancing modules according to the mission, just like the existing main VFs. The typical modules, the SPS-25S/MF25 (the so-called Super Parts), consist of such things as chemical reaction rocket engines, fuel tanks, and all sorts of armaments and additional armour panels. Even when fully loaded with fuel and armaments, it has acceleration performance that exceeds that of a normal VF-25; also, if the airframe is lightened to a certain extent, it can demonstrate instantaneous acceleration close to 30 G (double the limit of the airframe design strength). However, when at maximum acceleration, the Super Parts were required to have suitable capacity for effective operation, as the fuel is exhausted in about 120 seconds. In addition, the cost of each unit is suppressed, as they are assumed to be discarded when they become dead-weight.*
The Armoured Pack APS-25A/MF25 has both the enabling of Energy Conversion Armour in all forms, and firepower that rivals that of a Heavy Space Cruiser Battleship, in the modules that attempt to increase heavy armour and firepower. However, when operated in S.M.S., the permission of the field commander, such as the captain of the ship, was necessary due to the Armour Pack boasting a high cost that corresponds to its performance.**

*Translator's note: originally was the Airframe Explanation for the Super Parts, and was: "Aruto's Super Parts (SPS-25S/MF25) equipped VF-25F. Each unit of the SPS-25S/MF25 consists of chemical reaction rocket engines and fuel, all sorts of armament, additional armour panels and so on. The manufacturing costs of each unit were suppressed because they are assumed to be discarded when they become dead-weight. The Super Parts are endowed with things like fuel and armaments that exceed the acceleration performance of even a common fully equipped VF-25. In addition, as the gross weight falls from the consumption of the fuel and armaments, it can demonstrate close to 30 G of acceleration, which is double the instantaneous fuselage design strength limit. However, competent flying control is demanded for successful operation, as it can exhaust its fuel at maximum acceleration in up to about 120 seconds.*"
** Translator's note: originally was the Airframe Explanation for the Armour Pack, and was: "The VF-25 Aruto craft equipped with the Armoured Pack (APS-25A/MF25). In function expanding modules that are designed to augment with heavy armour and fire power, the APS-25A/MF25 has enabled energy conversion armour in all forms. Also, it possesses fire power equalling a Heavy Space Cruiser Battleship. However, in SMS the permission of the top management, such as the captain of the ship, was needed for the operation of the Armoured Pack, because of the height of the pack's cost, which corresponds to that high performance."

Caption: The VF-25 realized a drastic improvement in its high-speed advancing ability, due to the installed Super Parts, as well as a strengthening of its armaments and an improvement in survivability.

Caption: Aruto's craft equipped with Super Parts, performing a dogfight with the Vajra. Aruto's craft made the best use of that acceleration and served as the advance guard.

Caption: The Armoured Pack are modules that confer the special characteristics of heavy combat attack, while also securing a mobility equal to a normal VF-25.


Reverse - Left [Pg 03]

Super Parts
Operation Record

The development of the SPS-25S/M25 was advanced as one of the of the VF-25's exclusive performance enhancing modules, with the goal of making the VF-25 into a multi-purpose aircraft. In the Frontier Fleet, production and deployment of the SPS-25S/M25 took place based on the original specification of that fleet. The SPS-25S/M25 was operated as the standard equipment of S.M.S's general VF-25. Aruto's craft, which bore the role of being the attacker of Skull Squadron, was also operated basically equipped with the Super Parts.

Caption: The armaments of the Super Parts are arranged in the main booster's exchangeable weapon bay and movable container unit.

A Rammington HMM-5A Close-Range Micro-Missile CIWS Launcher Pod
The container unit that is attached to the chest armour unit is equipped with a Close-Range Micro-missile CIWS Launcher Pod (Rammington HMM-5A).

B 3-Tube CIMM-3A Bifors Micro-Missile Launcher
In addition to this armament in the exchangeable weapon bay in the front of the main booster, it is possible to equip the super parts with such things as a reconnaissance-in-force unit, beam gun, reaction warhead missile container and so on.

Model Designation: SPS-25S/MF25
Development: Shinsei Industry Company
Standard Operating Weight: 28 t (containing things such as micro-missile pods, and about 15 tons of rocket fuel)
Initial Maximum Acceleration: about 15 G
Main Booster Engine: 4x SLE-7A (made by Itsutsubishi Heavy Industry)
Sub-Booster Engine: 1x SLE-3A (made by Itsutsubishi Heavy Industry)
Total Maximum Thrust of the Booster Engines: 2.940 kN
High Mobility Vernier Engine: 10x SLE-1C (made by Itsutsubishi Heavy Industry)
Armament: 2x 3-Tube CIMM-3A Bifors Micro Missile Launcher, 2x Rammington HMM-5A CIWS Close-Range Micro-Missile Launcher, 2x Intake Armour (including 2x movable CIWS Micro-Missile Container Unit), 2x Additional Main Manipulator Armour Unit, 2x Engine Block Additional Armour Unit, 1x Hip-Joint Armour Unit, 1x Tail Booster Unit

* The warheads of the micro-missiles can be changed to Anti-Vajra MDE warheads.

Fighter Mode
Left: The main booster units have movable nozzles. In operation, the main booster units don't only use a basic unique fuel, but they also use energy supplied from the engines of the VF-25.

Up: Because the air intakes, engine nacelles and so on are protected with armour panels, the bullet-resistance of the VF-25 is also improved. However, the overall defensive performance doesn't reach that of the Armour Pack.

Up: The main booster units are installed by inserting the base of the wing into them. The front exchangeable weapon bays can be equipped with such things as a beam gun, or micro-missile pod.

Caption: While the acceleration performance is improved by the Super Parts, it also became important for the mobility of GERWALK, which controls that improved performance.

Battroid Mode
Right: When the VF-25 is in Battroid, it enters a state where the chest and hip region, legs and so on are covered with armour panels.

Left: The main booster unit moves together with the wing gloves to the back when transforming. The CIWS launcher pod is retained above the shoulders by an arm.


Reverse - Right [Pg 04]

Armoured Pack
Operation Record

The APS-25A/MF25 is equipment that originally only the squadron leader class were permitted to use. However, Aruto's craft was permitted to use this pack in the Vajra attack on the Frontier Fleet that generated immediately following the insurrection on Gaul 4, and the battle for the Vajra Homeworld. Especially in the latter, it jointly struggled with Brera Sterne's VF-27 Lucifer and succeeded in defeating Grace O'conner.*

* Translator's note: originally was "VF-27 Lucifer".

Caption: In the battle of the Vajra Homeworld, the VF-25 Armour Pack, together with the VF-27, pressed hard on the Vajra Queen, and destroyed the head, which Grace was controlling.*

* Translator's note: originally was "VF-27 Lucifer".

Model Designation: APS-25A/MF25
Development: Shinsei Industry Company
Standard Operating Weight: 28 t (containing such things as micro-missile pods, and about 15 tons of rocket fuel)
VF-25 Standard Sortie Weight (when equipped with the armour pack): about 52 t.
Maximum Acceleration: about 11.5+ G (at the same time as the VF-25's engines are at maximum thrust)
Main Booster Engine: (Itsutsubishi Heavy Industry made) SLE-7A x4
Total Maximum Thrust of the Booster Engines: 2.940 kN
High Mobility Vernier Engine: 10x SLE-1C (made by Itsutsubishi Heavy Industry)
Armament: 2x Movable Rammington HMM-5A CIWS Micro-Missile Launcher Pod, 4x double-loaded Rammington Close-Range Micro-missile Launcher Pod (legs), 2x 15-tube Howard 200 mm Anti-Armour High-Initial Velocity Rocket Shell Pod, 4x 22 mm ROV-22 Beam Machinegun, 2x 57 mm Otto / Sentinel Anti-Warship / Anti-Air Rapid-Firing Revolving Beam Gun Turret (autonomous fire is possible), Yashima Heavy Industry High-Capacity Capacitor Composite Unit C-207 for Heavy Beam Gun, Strengthened Energy Conversion Armour, 2x Pin-Point Barrier Energy Supply, Composite Sensor Antenna (ASSA-021A).

* Also, as necessary, it is possible to equip the armour pack with an additional 4 to 8 Large Anti-Ship Missiles with either ordinary warheads or reaction warheads.
* It is possible to exchange the warheads of the micro-missiles for anti-Vajra use MDE warheads, and the Rapid-Firing Beam Guns for MDE Particle Beam Guns.

Related Matter: Fold Booster
The VF-25 possesses a solo space-fold ability, which applies to all Variable Fighters from the AVF, and it is possible to use a fold booster with super parts. At the time that Aruto's craft went with Sheryl Nome on the sympathy call to Gaul 4, it made use of its ability to use a fold booster with the Super Parts.

Caption: Aruto's craft being equipped with a fold booster. The shape is almost the same as the old fold booster.

Caption: Aruto's craft accompanying the shuttle. Even though the booster can be detached after the space fold, it can also be used a second time.

Fighter Mode

Up: The armour pack values the maintenance of acceleration and mobility equal to a normal craft for a long period of time, as it is loaded with tuned engines of the same type as those in the Super Parts.

Caption: Combat manoeuvres of about 15 to 20 minutes are enabled when the VF-25 is equipped with this pack. Also, the use of reaction warheads was also permitted, at the time of the Vajra surprise attack on the fleet.

The GERWALK form of Aruto's Armour Pack equipped craft. It is protected by an advanced type of new Energy Conversion Armour, which boasts a strength that corresponds to several times that of a normal VF-25.

Caption: Aruto's craft braking in GERWALK form. It is also possible to partially expunge the parts, and Aruto's braking craft is removing the engine pods.

Battroid Mode
Caption: During missile launch.

Caption: Aruto's craft simultaneously launching the shoulder and leg missiles. The armour pack's firepower is integrated over the whole surface in Battroid form, and it was often seen operating in Battroid form.

Left: The Battroid form of Aruto's craft when its equipped with the Armour Pack. In the battle of the Vajra Homeworld, the SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Material Sniper Rifle was received from Kuran-Kuran's VF-25G, added to the Armour Pack, and used to fight with.


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