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Mechanic: F SMS 08A: EX-Gear (Extender Gear)
"F Citizen 08A: EX-Gear (Extender Gear)." Macross Chronicle. 02 Apr. 2009 07-08.
"F SMS 08A: EX-Gear (Extender Gear)." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 23 Apr. 2013: 09-10.

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EX-Gear: the multi-functional, enhancing suit that connects a pilot with a VF.

Caption: Civilian EX-Gear

Aircraft Explanation:
The EX-Gear (EG-0M/MP) that was implemented in the 2050's, is equipment that functions both as a VF cockpit and as a multi-functional enhancing suit (a powered suit). The EX-Gear was developed with the main goal of improving survivability when escaping by being an improvement in the interface of a VF and standardizing the equipment involved. EX-Gear is fundamentally military equipment that was adopted into the VF-25 Messiah, VF-171 Nightmare Plus and so on. Even though it is fundamentally military equipment, EX-Gear possessed by private military suppliers and civilian standardized EX-Gear used for pilot training and so on, have been confirmed in the Frontier fleet, where research and development of "mechanically enhanced soldiers"* has been prohibited. In addition, the basic structure of EX-Gear is an exoskeleton mounted over a dedicated inner suit that is a standard used by both the military and civilians. There isn't a great difference in the functional aspects of the civilian and military standards except for things like output and armament.

* Translator's note: although it doesn't say it in such terms, in the context of Macross Frontier, its clear that "mechanically enhanced soldiers" are cyber-grunts - soldiers who have been enhanced with cybernetic implants.

Persons Experienced with Being Equipped with EX-Gear:
Saotome Aruto, Michael Buran, Luca Angelloni, Ozuma Lee, Henry Gilliam, Sheryl Nome

Size Comparison:
Civilian EX-Gear, Human, Military EX-Gear (when flying), Military EX-Gear (basic model), VF-1J

Development Genealogy Chart:
unknown -> Military EX-Gear -> Civilian EX-Gear



Military EX-Gear
EX-Gear (Military Standard EGP-03/05) evolved as a multi-functional enhancing suit from a mechanism that was already popular as a civilian "light powered-suit for manufacturing". In addition to the enrichment of various kinds of devices in the Military EX-Gear, such as the leg hover units and exclusive head gear, the amount of output is about 200% greater than the civilian model, and the operation time has also been extended. Also, as the interface of a variable fighter, the Military EX-Gear has an advanced self-learning function that remembers such things as the habits of a pilot's handling of aircraft and so on. And because of the feeling of "wearing" a variable fighter, due to a flying program that is influenced by the data that the self-learning function remembers, pilots are able to control the VF with precision and high speed. In addition, the development of the Military EX-Gear is due to Shinsei Industry and the L.A.I. company.

Caption: In the Frontier fleet, the civilian military provider S.M.S., who uses the VF-25 as it's main fighter, used the Military EX-Gear.

Attached to: New Unified Forces, S.M.S., others
Object height: 150 - 225 cm (extend-able with options)
Gross Weight: about 75 kg (when fully equipped)
Maximum Flight Speed: about 500 kmph (within atmosphere)
Driving Motive Power Source: 2 or possibly 3 HR-3VTG Hyper Eneloop Fuel Cells
Standard Armament: Survival Knife, Military Regulated Submachine-gun, others

Left: Palm of the powered hand.

Right: Hover unit.

Left, Up: The area occupied by such things as the protector and leg units is vast, and because the dedicated headgear is mounted over a common flight helmet, the Military EX-Gear attains a size that is one size larger than the Civilian EX-Gear.

Up: Gliding wheels.

Caption: Stow-able gliding wheels. An in-wheel motor is built-into the four wheels, and it is possible to travel at 55 kmph over level land. In addition, although the designs are different, the structure is identical to the Civilian EX-Gear.

Caption: Engine Unit

Caption: The motor glider flight unit that is attached to the back. The EX-Gear demonstrates an advanced flight performance because of the folding style wings and 2 L.A.I. co. made "VSR-02A" EX-Gear chemical rocket engines.

Down: Engine Unit

Left/Up: A motor-glider type flight unit that's attached to the back of the EX-Gear. EX-Gear demonstrates advanced flight performance with the folding-style wings and the 2 L.A.I. Co. made EX-Gear use chemical rocket engines (VSR-02A).

Down: The machine gun for the EX-Gear.

Caption: In addition to the survival knife, EX-Gear is equipped with a machine-gun that interacts with the gear's palms. A grenade launcher can also be installed under the gun barrel.

Civilian EX-Gear
The civilian PS/ML-21 standard EX-Gear, which is a practical type of all-purpose model, is compatible with the military standard. For that reason, it is able to join with the VFs of private organizations, and many are used at such places as training schools. However, it seems to be an extremely high-priced suit, as it uses high-quality parts. Even though the civilian PS/ML-21 standard EX-Gear is being manufactured by several Space Operating Aircraft and Space Flight Aircraft manufacturers, there isn't a big difference in the basic structure, although there are a differences in such things as the colouring and options.
Incidentally, there seems to be such suits as flight models that are specialized in flying, ground use only sports models that have a low price and mobility due to their light weight, and so on.

Caption: In the Mihoshi Academy High School Space Flight Department Pilot Training Course, the PS/ML-21 standard EX-Gear was used for training.

Caption: As it is difficult to master the fine minute operation of the EX-Gear, which uses powered hands, Sheryl Nome, who was wearing a suit, was troubled because of the level of control needed.

Attached to: Mihoshi Academy High School Space Flight Department, others
Object height: 150 - 225 cm (extend-able with options)
Gross Weight: about 50 - 55 kg (when fully equipped)
Maximum Flight Speed: about 280 kph (within atmosphere)
Driving Motive Power Source: 2 or possibly 3 HR-4UTG Hyper Eneloop fuel cells.
Standard Armament: Survival Knife

Right: Palm of the powered hand.

Right: Arm of the powered hand.

Left/Up: The shape of such things as the powered hands and legs differ from the military EX-Gear, and comparatively more of the inner suit is exposed in the civilian EX-Gear. Although it only weighs a little when fully equipped with things like the flight pack and survival kit, the basic functions of the civilian EX-Gear are the same as those in the military EX-Gear.

Up: Extender Case

Caption: The Extender Case for transporting the EX-Gear stowed inside it. As Ex-Gear has the likely danger of being diverted to crime, a security concerning command panel is installed on the side of the case.

Left: The motor glider style flight unit that demonstrates an advanced flight performance has a structure identical to the military EX-Gear, even though the design is different. In addition, the folding style of wings are greatly expanded through three steps.

Caption: In Mihoshi Academy High School's Space Flight Course's training, the EX-Gear is often accelerated by using a catapult when taking off, even though the suit has plenty of flying ability.

Up: Engine Unit

Left/Up: The engine unit is equipped with EX-Gear use chemical rocket engines. Its maximum thrust is somewhat inferior when compared to the Military EX-Gear.


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