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Mechanic: F NUNS 01A: Macross Frontier
"Mechanic: F NUNS 01A: Macross Frontier." Macross Chronicle. 29 Apr. 2010 01-04.
"Mechanic: F NUNS 01A: Macross Frontier." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 19 Mar. 2013: 05-08.

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Front [Pg 01-02]

Illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin; CG Works by Masato Takahashi

Macross Frontier
An advancement of the Battle class was the core of the Frontier Fleet.

Aircraft Explanation:
The Battle Class Stealth Battle Carrier Heavily Remodelled Type, which shouldered the core of the Macross Frontier Fleet, had the abbreviation and hull number "Battle 25/MF25-01". In times of peace, it is docked with the City Ship Island 1, and it is operated as the No.25 New Macross Class (also classified as the Island Cluster Class) "Macross Frontier". This ship has been heavily remodelled so that it exceeds the initial Battle Class, because improvements in fighting and command abilities were requested to accompany the enlargement in the scale of the emigration fleet, and its performance has been enhanced in all aspects, such as command abilities, fire power, and carrier-based aircraft operational capabilities. It even has a mechanism to transform between Storming Attack Mode and Fortress Ship, and it boasted the foremost fighting strength among the battle ships that the New Unified Forces possess in the 2050's.

Size Comparison:
SDF-1, Battle Frontier

Data: *Data is when it is in Fighter form
Attached to: New Unified Forces
When in Fortress Ship - Overall Length: 1,681 m (not including such things as the antennae) / Overall Width: 521 m
When in Storming Attack Form - Overall Height: 1,186 m / Overall Width: 747 m
Gross Weight: 16,550,000 t
Main Power: Thermonuclear Reaction Engine Matrix
Main Propulsion: OTM Macross Heat Reactor Cluster System
High Manoeuvrability System: Nuclear Pulse Rocket Engine Matrix
Fold System: OTM Macross Fold Engine Cluster System
Armament: Gunship Advanced Type x1, Guided Anti-Ship Beam Gun Turrets x12, Heavy Beam Guns x24, Close-In Beam Phalanx x many, Anti-Ship Reaction Weapon Missile Launcher x many, Close-in Defensive Micro-Missile Phalanx x many
Carrier-Borne Aircraft: can carry a maximum of approximately 750 carrier-borne craft, such as Variable Fighters, Variable Bombers, Reconnaissance Craft, and Transport Craft.

Development Chart:
? > Battle Frontier

The Commander of the New Unified Forces

Up: Battle Frontier (Storming Attack Form)


Reverse - Left [Pg 03]

Operation Record
The Battle Frontier, which departed the Earth in 2041 as an escort vessel of the 55th Super Long Range Emigration Fleet, encountered the Vajra in 2059 in the middle of its voyage to the Galaxy's core sector. In that situation, this warship took command of the escort fleet in order to deal with the battles that frequently occurred. In the super long range fold operation while fighting the Vajra, the main gun mopped up the Vajra that attacked the fleet, and the fleet made the beginning of the fold. Also, it led the escort fleet into the battle of the Vajra homeworld, confronted the Vajra and Galaxy Fleet, and landed military gains such as destroying the Battle Galaxy.

Caption: In the super long range fold operation, the Battle Frontier fired the Macross Cannon main gun in carrier form.

Caption: The battle bridge of the Battle Frontier. In the battle of the Vajra homeworld, it functioned as the center of all of the participating units.

Related Matter: The Emigration Fleet Brains That Also Administered Government Functions
In peacetime, the Battle Frontier is under the jurisdiction of the commander of the fleet dispatched by the New Unified Forces, which is the top ranking military officer, and the captain bears the burden of the warship's operation. However, to the last, the most powerful person in the fleet is the president, and in emergencies, government functions are moved to the Battle Frontier. The president commanded the entire fleet from this warship. Whatever the situation is, the final authority of this warship was in the grip of the president. Leon Mishima, who succeeded Howard Glass as president, also transferred to the bridge in the important phases of such things as the battle at the Vajra homeworld, and attentively watched the progress of the battles.

Caption: President Howard Glass (left) and the captain (right) take command from the Battle Frontier.

Caption: In the middle of commanding the battle of the Vajra homeworld, Leon Mishima incurred the charges of S.M.S. and was overthrown.

Storming Attack Form
The Storming Attack Form, which is operated in emergency scenes where mobile combat is required, enables the use of all of the ship's armaments, which are inside the ship in order to maintain stealthiness, and the use of the gunship with the arms. Also, the time required to transform to Storming Attack Form has been shortened to less than that of the initial Battle Class.

Caption: Although the Macross Frontier lost the gunship in the battle of the Vajra homeworld, it brought the Battle Galaxy into close-range combat, and destroyed it.

Left: The ship's main reactor operates at combat output when in this form, and the reinforced energy conversion armour of the main block functions.

Left: The Macross Frontier is furnished with nuclear pulse rockets, which use ultra-small reaction weapons in the shell of the legs, and it demonstrates high manoeuvrability in such circumstances as emergency posture control.

Caption: The ship is furnished with pinpoint barriers and an omni-directional defensive screen, which are operated by the main auxiliary thermonuclear reaction engines, and the ship excels in its defensive capabilities.

Fortress Ship
The Fortress Ship is a stealth carrier that is characterized by a block hull structure, which is also diverted into the transformation. The hull is composed of a total of 6 ships; the Battle Command Carrier (the torso in Strengthened Attack Form), 2x Medium-Sized Stealth Carriers (both arms), 2x Medium-Sized Assault Battleships (both leg engine blocks), and a Heavy Bombardment Ship (the Gunship).

Caption: In the incident where the Vajra attacked from both inside and outside of the fleet, the Battle Frontier separated from Island 1 and intercepted the Vajra that came from outside of the fleet in carrier form.

Left: The basic hull structure follows that of the initial Battle Class, and it boasts a high survivability due to the block structure. Also, as each block can separate into an individual warship, it is composed of a mobile space fleet that is able to undertake operational actions.

Caption: While docked with Island 1, the carrier form can deploy the gunship. Even in this state, it is possible to fire the main gun.

Up: Installed in the ship's stern are 4 main thermonuclear reaction engines on each side, and 10 auxiliary thermonuclear reaction engines on each side; and the increase in the ship's operational weight is compensated for by the engines' enhanced output.


Reverse - Right [Pg 04]

The Battle Frontier has a Gunship Advanced Type super-large calibre beam gun "Macross Cannon" as its main armament. The Gun Ship is furnished with an ultra-high capacity energy capacitor within the ship, a large-output reactor for rapid energy charging, and thermonuclear turbine engines for supplementary energy charging, and can fire consecutive single shots. In addition, even though it has an improved rate of rapid fire if energy is supplied from the Battle Frontier's main nuclear reactor, limitations are imposed on the number of times it can fire due to the necessity to cool the gun barrel and particle accelerator system. Besides that, the Battle Frontier is furnished with several heavy beam gun auxiliary guns, and has a lot of close-range beam phalanxes, reaction missile launchers, and close-range defensive micro-missile phalanxes. For that reason, it has a fire power that sticks out among the war vessels of the same period.

Caption: The Macross Cannon (also referred to as the Mega Macross Cannon) boasted the power to annihilate a Vajra group in a single shot.

Caption: The Storming Attack Form successively fired its dual anti-warship heavy guided beam gun turrets while advancing. Auxiliary flight decks are located below the gun turrets.

Beam Turrets
The central block (the Battle Command Carrier) is equipped with 12 dual guided anti-ship heavy beam gun turrets on the chest and shoulders, and there are 24 single heavy beam gun turrets on the engine blocks. These are also used as armaments when the hull blocks are separated.

Gunship Advanced Type
The Gunship Advanced Type has an extremely small crew section, as the majority of the warship is composed of the Macross Cannon structure. Also, it can fold navigate on its own. Its total length is 655 m, and its operating weight is 3,000,000 t.

Caption: When firing the Macross Cannon, the hull unfolds above and below, exposing the gun barrel.

Medium Sized Stealth Carrier
The Storming Attack Form's arm Medium-Sized Stealth Carriers have expanded storage capacity due to the remodelling, and they can load a maximum of about 750 ship-borne aircraft. Also, the flight deck is composed of an enhanced type of energy conversion armour.

The Battle Frontier, which required a command control ability greater than that of the initial Battle Class, had the bridge expanded into the gigantic C4 control hall when it was remodelled. As a result, this battleship acquired abilities which can collectively control such things as the navigation control of the Frontier Fleet and command the escort fleet. Also, after it was established that Ranka's songs were effective against the Vajra, a stage for her to sing on was constructed in the lower part of the bridge.

Caption: The control hall, which has a spherically shaped monitor set up in the centre, has a structure that's greatly different from the bridge of the traditional warships and the initial Battle class.

The bridge C4 control hall. There were cases where it was referred to as the CIC (combat command post) and CDC (unified command room). The command seat is located in the centre of the uppermost tier in a structure that has 3 levels of operator seats arranged in a fan shape based around a spherically shaped monitor. Every control was governed in the room, from the entire fleet's fold navigation to the control of the unmanned aircraft.

Left: The C4 control hall as seen from the command seat side. The room is laid out with several monitors appearing to surround the spherical monitor.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "side monitors have been installed on the left and right of the spherical monitor".

Left: 3 seats are provided as the command seats, and the commander of the dispatched fleet (the Frontier space force) sits in the center seat.

Caption: Featuring a spherically shaped monitor, which commands a three-dimensional panoramic view of the fleet's state of affairs and the state of the war, the CIC implemented a great improvement in the ship's command control abilities.

Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome's Specially Installed Stage
A specially installed stage that was created in preparation for the super long range fold operation that used Ranka's songs. High-directivity fold wave amps were installed, and the front is protected by 3 heavy pinpoint barriers.

Caption: The room that Sheryl used as a dressing room just before the battle of the Vajra homeworld. A dresser was placed inside the room.

Caption: Grace O'conner, who acted as Ranka's manager at the time, was also present In the construction of the specially-installed stage in the bridge.


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