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Mechanic: F NUNS 04A: AIF-7S Ghost
"Mechanic: F NUNS 04A: AIF-7S Ghost." Macross Chronicle. 15 Oct. 2009: 05-06.
"Mechanic: F NUNS 04A: AIF-7S Ghost." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 27 May. 2014: 05-06.

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AIF-7S Ghost
The New Unified Forces unmanned fighter aircraft that shouldered the main strength of the forces in the 2050's.

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Aircraft Commentary

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Affiliation: New Unified Forces
Total Height: 9.85 m
Empty Weight: 5,700 kg
Airframe Maximum Design Load: 24.5 G
Engine: 2x Shinnakasu / P&W / Royce FF-2038A Thermonuclear Turbine Engine (2x 55,000+ kg thrust)
Maximum Speed: Mach 5.0+ (at 10,000 m / mainly limited due to atmospheric frictional heat)
Combat Ceiling: able to launch to satellite orbit unassisted on Earth class planets
Standard Armament: 2x 25 mm Beam Gun (Mauler ROV-25), 2x Micro-missile Launchers, 2x Multipurpose Missile Launcher

Size Comparison

Development Genealogy Chart
QF-3000E > X-0 > AIF-7S



Operation Record

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Aircraft Structure

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Operation Method

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Remote Control From A Mothership

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Remote Control From Particular Aircraft

Related Matter: The Genealogy Of The Ghost
The Ghost, which are unmanned fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, continued to carry a corner of the Unified Forces aviation combat strength from the beginning of the 2000's. They steadily developed as the eras passed, and the Ghosts are recognized as the main aircraft of the Unified Forces and New Unified Forces, the just like manned aircraft.

[Zero] 2008 A.D. (The Unification War)
Right: QF-2200D-A*
The aircraft was operated in the closing period of the Unification War, to cancel out the personnel shortage. The small, lightweight aircraft, which is based on Earth technology, is also stealthy.

* Translator's note: originally was "QF-2001"

Right: QF-2200D-B*
A locally improved aircraft, which was installed as an additional booster on a heavily armed VF-0 Phoenix in the Mayan Island emergency.

* Translator's note: originally was "QF-2200D (the top part)"

[M] 2009 A.D. (The First Interstellar War)
Right: QF-3000E
An unmanned fighter-bomber that possesses the ability to operate in all regimes, due to being equipped with a Thermonuclear Reaction Engine.

Caption: The QF-3000E was operated with the VF-1 Valkyrie, due to the objectives of its composition, which combined Unified Forces' high-performance aircraft with low-cost aircraft in a fuselage with OTM installed into it.

[Plus] 2049 A.D. (The Sharon Apple Insident*)
Right: X-9
An aircraft equipped with a completely autonomous AI, which was concurrently developed with the AIF, and aiming at taking over the main aircraft [seat] from manned aircraft.

Caption: The Ghost's control was seized by Sharon in the "Sharon Apple Insident*", and it fought against the YF-21.

*Translator's note: I know it's a spelling error. But due to the hosts TOS...

[F] 2059 A.D.
Up: AIF-9V
The autonomous-type AI equipped AIF-9V operated by the Galaxy Fleet.


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