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Mechanic: F NUNS 06A: Macross Frontier War Fleet
"Mechanic: F NUNS 06A: Macross Frontier War Fleet." Macross Chronicle. 07 Jan. 2010 11-12.
"Mechanic: F NUNS 06A: Macross Frontier War Fleet." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 02 Jul. 2013: 09-10.

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Macross Frontier War Fleet
The New Unified Forces warship group that protects emigrants on the scale of ten million.

Left: Maizuru
The Space Carrier Maizuru has excellent ship-borne aircraft operability with its four flight decks. Just like the Uraga, many isomorphic ships were operated in the 2040's.

Hull Commentary
The large-scale New Unified Forces escort fleet accompanies the 55th Super Long-Range Emigrant Fleet Macross Frontier (commonly known as the Frontier Fleet), that travelled the galaxy holding a population that exceeded 10 million people and with an Island Cluster class emigrant ship as its core. While the high-firepower new-model Space Cruiser was embraced as the main force of the fleet, the fleet mainly operated conventional vessels, like the Maizuru, Uraga and others in the 2050's; and they were endowed with the standard armaments. However, in the Anti-Vajra war, they were pressed into a very close contest, and it came to be decided that the private military provider S.M.S., which possessed state-of-the-art equipment, would form a united front in the Fleet's defence.

Up: Uraga
The basic structure is identical to the old warships used by the likes of the Macross 7 fleet. However, there were some differences in such things as the armaments and detection equipment due to the manufacturer and when the ship was constructed.

Caption: The escort fleet centres on the Space Cruisers. In order to defend the emigrant fleet, which has several non-combat ships, it was inevitable that the escort fleet also had a large-scale organization.

Caption: Although the ability of each vessel was never low, there seems to have been a lot of cases where the warships underwent all sorts of hardships in front of the overwhelming fighting strength of the Vajra, which are mysterious space creatures.

Size Comparison
SDF-1, Maizuru, Uraga, Stealth Frigate



Operation Record
In 2059 AD, the Battle Frontier is made the flagship of the fleet. The New Unified Forces possessed a great number of space warships that escorted the Frontier Fleet. Although the warships with insufficient combat strength could not refuse their orders in the Anti-Vajra war, they fought to the end together with S.M.S. against the Vajra, and took positions to accomplish the Frontier Fleet's emigration to the Vajra home-world.

Caption: Although the New Unified Forces dispatched the escort fleet to defend the Frontier Fleet, the authority to command the fleet was bestowed on the Frontier's President.

Caption: Because the fleet had problems in such things as morale, the degree of training, and the equipment sides, they were often inferior in the Anti-Vajra War.

Guantanamo class Escort Space Carrier Maizuru
The Guantanamo class Escort Space Carrier. It is the standard type Stealth Space Carrier and was suitable for mass production with its simple hull structure. Many isomorph ships were built, and they took an active part as the main carrier of the New Unified Forces. A maximum of about 70 aircraft could be loaded into the carrier, if it's a VF-11 class aircraft.

Length: 352 m
Height: 71.2 m (not including antenna)
Width: 111 m (not including antenna or beam guns)
Operating Weight: 9,500 t
Armaments: 14x 30 mm beam gun CIWS, 2x twin 30 mm beam guns

Up/Right: In the central part is a loading and maintenance space. The warship's bow and stern are equipped with large docks for arrival and departure, and the Guantanamo class was used as VF mother-ships.

Up: Diamond shaped tanks for the ship-borne aircraft propellant are installed in the rear of the hull. A stealth treatment has been applied to the exterior.

Uraga class Two-Deck Style Water and Space Carrier Uraga
The Uraga class Two-Deck Style Water and Space Carrier was built as a warship higher in rank than the Guantanamo class. They possess a carrier-borne aircraft operational capability that far exceeds that of the Maizuru. They are multipurpose carriers that can act on water in addition to the atmosphere and the void of space.

Caption: Even though its a warship with great integrated performance that also once served as the flagship of small scale fleets, its deployment seems to have remained in small numbers.

Length: 550 m
Operating Weight: 25,000 t

Left/Up: With a shape that resembles the New Macross class Battle 7, the Uraga class are 500 m class hulls that have a vast flight-deck. The basic structure seems to have been similar to the warships that were operated by the likes of the Macross 7 fleet.

Northampton class Space Destroyer Stealth Frigate
The Northampton class Space Destroyer excels at high speed and stealth abilities. More than 9,000 were built as of 2045, and it is the New Unified Forces most mass produced space warship. Its mass production continues even in 2059.

Caption: Even though, as a military vessel, it is a small, lightly armed stealth frigate, it excels in manoeuvrability and stealthiness, and many have been included in the Frontier fleet.

Length: 252.5 m
Height: 64.5 m
Width: 85.6 m
Operating Weight: 1,200 t
Armaments: 2x 72 mm beam gun turret, 4x twin 58 mm beam gun turret, 18x 20 mm twin beam CIWS, 4x Anti-ship missile launcher

Right: Though the basic design hasn't been improved upon for more than 30 years, engines, sensors, armaments and so on that have been improved one after another have been built into the ships. The improvement on the armaments side, such as the beam gun turrets, are especially conspicuous.

Down: The ship has a great passive stealth ability due to its diamond shaped hull structure and unique straight-lined form.

Left: The changes in the details of such things as the change in the shape of the stern and the additional bottom armaments are due to the construction factory and the period that the ship was constructed in.

Space Cruiser Stealth Cruiser
A space cruiser that is deployed to the New Unified Forces in great numbers and is operated as the main force of the war fleet. Together with its stealthiness, the cruiser has had its fire power improved to be greater than that of the Northampton class.

Caption: It is the only new model of warship within the military vessels of the escort fleet. It takes pride in its high speed and fire power.

Up: Along with maintaining speed, the hull has a shape that takes stealthiness into account.

Down: While it's approximately the same size as the Northampton class, the Stealth Cruiser surpasses the Northampton on the armaments side.

Up: The cruiser is equipped with a great number of beam turrets from the bow to the stern. With that great firepower, the cruiser took an active role in the escort fleet.


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