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Mechanic: F NUNS 07A: Macross Frontier Vehicles
"Mechanic: F NUNS 07A: Macross Frontier Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 30 Apr. 2009 11-12.
"Mechanic: F NUNS 07A: Macross Frontier Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 11 Mar. 2013: 09-10.

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Macross Frontier Vehicles

Size Comparison
VF-1J, human, Trailer, Beatrice

Up/Down: Beatrice

Vehicle Commentary
Macross Frontier Fleet's Island 1, with its canopy tube liners, surface trams, subways, and rail network, has had extraordinary growth into a ship-wide system. Also, there is a large amount of traffic on the railways, and even though they are adequate, they don't allow for easy access to one's destination - and there is a problem in the railway's security guarantee, as it is vulnerable to guerrilla attacks and terrorism. A consequence of those transportation system is the reduction of the relative importance of roadways and cars, even though they are not lacking. Also, the armed forces have multi-wheeled vehicles for high-speed deployment and transportation inside the Islands of the fleet. The multi-wheeled armoured Beatrice, trailer and so on are representative of those vehicles.

Caption: The Beatrice has an advantage as its great firepower can be promptly deployed due to its narrow width, unlike the Destroid, whose great width blocks it from double laned roads.

Caption: Even though the Beatrice seems to have been made as a lightweight, rapid deployment fighting vehicle that excels in firepower, it was quite powerless against the Vajra.



The Beatrice is an eight-wheel armoured "combat-reconnaissance vehicle" adopted by the Macross Frontier Fleet, and equipped with a 105 mm rapid-fire cannon. Although its shell resistance is low, it is a light 17-18 t vehicle, and demonstrates a road speed of 80-100 kmph, with a 350 horsepower hydrogen gas turbine engine. As the Beatrice has manoeuvrability and fire power, it can be considered as a vehicle that makes use of the Destroid's situation control.

Caption: The Beatrice is equipped with an oxygen tank and a purification system, and its atmospheric integrity can be maintained even in the vacuum of space. However, its defensive capability is low, and the invading Vajra pulverized it.

Right Captions: Front, Top, Rear, Side

The large trailer that the Macross Frontier Fleet's escort New Unified Forces have. It seems to be for Destroid transport, and it has a carrier bed that is large enough to correspond to the 10 m class Destroids. It is thought to be for Destroids, whose undercarriage structure makes them unsuitable for high-speed long-distance movement and even walking itself. This trailer was the vehicle used to collect and move the Vajra remains immediately after the first Vajra attack on the Frontier Fleet.

Caption: The trailer is assumed to be used for the transport of large-size armaments, such as Destroids, as well as being used to transport the corpse of the Vajra knocked down in battle in Island 1 (pictured).

Right: Front

Caption: Beyond the convenience of being a several dozen ton large transport, it has 24 tires to reduce its ground contact pressure. In the picture to the right, a large, Destroid class item is on the carrier, and it is usual for the load to be covered in a sheet due to the load's secrecy.

Left: Side


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