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Mechanic: Plus Citizen 01A: Stellar Whale
"Plus Citizen 01A: Stellar Whale." Macross Chronicle. 15 Oct. 2009: 09-10.
"Plus Citizen 01A: Stellar Whale ." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 09 Oct. 2013: 07-08.

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Stellar Whale:
The wonderful space passenger ship for sightseeing, which connects resort planets and the Earth.

Caption: (...)

Hull Explanation

Caption: (...) Changed

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Length: about 755 m
Height: about 116 m
Width: about 149 m
Empty Weight: about 22,000 t
Main Reactor: 8x Shinnakasu / Royce RD/2020A
Main Drive System: 16x General Galaxy Gravity Control Propulsion Mega-Cluster GG-10PL
Fold Engine: 8x Shinnakasu / Continental FS-L-D22
Auxiliary Propulsion System: 32x Shinnakasu / P&W / Royce FF-2001P (FF-2001 Thermonuclear Turbine Engines detuned specification for consumer use)
Crew Capacity: 300
Passenger Capacity: 3,500

Size Comparison:
SDF-1 Macross
Stellar Whale



Operation Record

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Right: Mast Antenna


Down: Top

Up: (...)

Up: Side

Right: Dome

Left: Bottom

Interior Of The Guest Room

Exterior Of The Guest Room

Related Matter: Macross City Helicopter
The helicopter that transports the main staff of "Sharon Apple", such as Myung, to the Macross. It is a type that doesn't have a tail rotor (the NOTAR type).

Caption: The space within the helicopter is small, and only up to 6 people are able to board it, including the pilot and copilot seats.

Right: Side
The externals and propeller of the helicopter. By adopting the NOTAR style, Noise has been reduced and the pilot's load was lightened.

Caption: Myung rode in the front seat, and was transported to the Macross.

Right: Rear
It is furnished with landing gear, and a vertical tail and its aileron in the rear, where the counter-nozzle is installed.

Down: Front

Down: Propeller Base


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