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Plus Citizen 02A: Vehicles Of Planet Eden
"Plus Citizen 02A: Vehicles Of Planet Eden." Macross Chronicle. 11 Jun. 2009: 09-10.
"Plus Citizen 02A: Vehicles Of Planet Eden." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 26 Nov. 2013: 07-08.

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The Vehicles of Planet Eden
The group of ordinary vehicles that introduced the latest technology at the time.

Main Users:
Isamu Dyson, Guld Goa Bowman

Right: Isamu's motorcycle

Caption: A large two-person bike that was used by the Unified Forces pilot, Isamu Dyson, who carried out the testing of the YF-19.

Right: Guld's sports car

Caption: A two-seater sports car owned by Guld Goa Bowman, who served as the development chief and test pilot of the YF-21.

Body Explanation
Planet Eden, which was discovered in November, 2013 AD, is an emigrant planet that has living conditions suitable for mankind. Out of the goodness of its livability, it became an important base for the Unified Forces. On the other hand, urban development also advanced rapidly. In the 2040's, Eden took pride as a very popular sightseeing spot. The planet's traffic network is maintained at a high level, and it appears to have been maintained so that residents and tourists could pass time there without stress. Motorcycles and automobiles were also the indispensable "legs" of the residents' transportation, and in addition to their utility, a lot of vehicles ran on the planet. Also, such vehicles were used on the planet as the sports car, which was a stickler for speed and controllability; and the limousine, which had showy ornamentation applied to it. Vehicles on Eden also had a cultural side that denoted such things as the owner's preferences and authority.



Operation Record
Isamu's motorcycle and Guld's sports car were both private vehicles and seem to be ready-made goods that are generally marketed on Eden. They were used as the main transportation for the two. Isamu took his Unified Forces coworker, Lucy McMillan, on a drive on his motorcycle, and Guld ran his sports car in order to meet Myung Fang Lone, who was drawing him closer with desire. Also, Isamu Dyson, who had been hospitalized due to a serious injury during the testing of the prototypes, took the hospital motorcycle out without permission, and he used it when he snuck away from the hospital. In addition, the limousine was a VIP car that carried Myung and Sharon Apple to the concert venue.

Caption: A variety of passenger vehicles dash around the streets of Eden. The vehicles of this era don't have axles. The rim drive system, where the drive mechanism is built into the rims, has become standard.

Caption: Such vehicles as buses and taxis were seen as the legs of Eden's residents. Pictured is a typical bus. On the side of the bus is an advertisement for the Sharon Apple concert that was close at hand.

Right: Isamu's motorcycle

Left, Down: Isamu's large two-person motorcycle is a type that used a super-conductive motor, and excelled at such things as gas mileage performance, manoeuvrability and acceleration.

Down: Guld's sports car

Left: Guld's sports car is a roofless, convertible type. It features rear tires that are considerably larger than the front tires.

Down: As it's a sports type that prioritizes speed, its comfort level isn't that high, as the driver's space is at the minimum size that's needed.

Up: The front of the car is equipped with aero-parts, and the vehicle was given a setting that valued speed.

Right: Hospital Motorcycle
The motorcycle that Isamu, who was seriously injured in the prototype tests, took out from the Military Hospital where he was hospitalized. Such things as lifesaving equipment are thought to be stowed in the bags that are behind the seat. The motorcycle was dragged into the scuffle between Isamu and Guld, and Guld trampled on the frame of the bike.

Down/Right: To indicate that it's a hospital motorcycle, a red cross was put on the front, rear and sides of the bike.

Down: The hospital motorcycle uses the rim drive system, just like Isamu's motorcycle.

Caption: The kickstand is installed under the engine. Even though it's small, it's able to support the heavy body of the motorcycle.

Down: Limousine
The limousine that transported Myung and Sharon Apple to the concert venue. It's a vehicle that's thought to be used to transport VIPs, and its comfort level seems to be high. Even though the vehicle has a long and narrow form, it only has four wheels, and all of them are the rim-drive style.

Related Matter: The Ultralight Plane
The ultralight plane is a light aircraft that the high school-aged Guld produced. The human-powered craft, that acquires lift with the propeller and wings, was piloted by Guld's classmate Isamu, and they performed a flight experiment with it.

Caption: Isamu and Guld accelerated by pedalling the bicycle to generate lift, and succeed in taking flight.

White Box: One of the light aircraft that Guld produced. The features of the nose imitate the Sauro-birds (dragon birds), which are creatures that live in great numbers on Eden.


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