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Mechanic: Plus UN 02C: YF-21
"Plus UN 02C: YF-21." Macross Chronicle. 04 Mar. 2010: 09-10.
"Plus UN 02C: YF-21." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 18 Jun. 2013: 07-08.

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Variable Sequence (Fighter Form > GERWALK Form

Left/Up: (...)

1 Leg Transformation

2 Leg And Arm Transformation

3 Leg And Arm Transformation

4 Movement Of The Engine Pods

Caption: (...)



Variable Sequence (GERWALK Form > Battroid Form

Down: (...)

1 Transformation Of Each Part

2 Leg Transformation

Caption: (...)

Related Matter: Emergency Manual Switchover Lever
Although its possible to control the YF-21 with brain waves with the installed BDI System, a manual switchover lever is installed for emergencies. Pilot Guld Goa Bowman willingly used the lever once when test flying the YF-21.

Down: Cockpit
The emergency manual switchover lever (green part) is installed under the main display in the console in the front of the cockpit.

Up/Right: The cover is opened, and the emergency lever is installed inside. It was a mechanism that completely changed the controls to manual when the lever was manipulated.

Lever Switchover Sequence
1 the cover automatically opens when a hand is put close to it
2 releasing the lock with the thumb puts it into the activated state
3 the lever is pulled and the operation of the YF-21 is put into manual
4 the cover closes automatically when the hand separates from the lever


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