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Mechanic: Plus UN 04A: Ghost X-9
"Mechanic: Plus UN 04A: Ghost X-9." Macross Chronicle. 15 Apr. 2010: 07-08.
"Mechanic: Plus UN 04A: Ghost X-9." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 08 Jul. 2014: 01-04.

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Illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin

Ghost X-9
The Evolved Model Of Fighter Aircraft That Had A Completely Independent Artificial Intelligence Built Into It

Caption: (...)

Aircraft Explanation

Attached To: Earth Unified Forces
Length: under investigation
Height: under investigation
Empty Weight: under investigation
Engine: under investigation
Maximum Speed: under investigation
Standard Armaments: 5x Laser Guns, Highly-Manoeuvrable Missiles, Super Parts (2x Boosters, 4x Micro-Missile Launchers)

Size Comparison
VF-1J, X-9

Development Genealogy Chart
QF-3000E > X-9 > AIF-7S

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Reverse - Left [Pg 03]

Operation Record
(...) changed

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Caption: (...)

[o] Aircraft Explanation

[o] Related Matter: The X-9's Successor Aircraft
The official adoption of the Ghost X-9 was let go due to the Sharon Apple Insident*. Nevertheless, its successor, the AIF-7 -which had its autonomous actions restrained- came to shoulder the core of the mobile forces in the 2050's. On the other hand, it also caused effects such as the degradation of the pilots' degree of training.

* Translator's note: I know it's a spelling error. But due to the hosts TOS...

[o] Right: The AIF-7S, the AIF-7 series's state-of-the-art aircraft in 2059. Its production and operating costs are low, and it was also popular in each Emigrant Fleet.

Airframe Structure

[o] Down: (...)

When Equipped With Super Parts
(...) (changed)

Left: Diamond-shaped hatches for the internal missile launchers are located in the unit sides of the Super Parts.

Down: (...)

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Reverse - Right [Pg 04]

Airframe Structure Con't

Caption: (...)

Down: (...)

Up: (...)

Caption: (...) changed

Down: (...)

(...) changed

Caption: (...)

Up/Down: 29 High-Manoeuvrability Missiles are loaded into the vertically stored launcher. The firing direction can be adjusted 15 to the front or rear.

High-Manoeuvrability Missile Firing Port

Left: (...)

Four Orthographic Views

Down: side

Right: front

Left: lower side

Rear: rearward


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