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Mechanic: M Citizen 03A: Civilian Vehicles
"Mechanic: M Citizen 03A: Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 03 Sept. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: M Citizen 03A: Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 18 Mar. 2014: 07-08.

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Civilian Vehicles
The vehicles that were made by private companies, and operated at the beginning of the 2000's.

Caption:The large sports car that Lynn Kaifun owned. It's a super luxurious car that was produced before the ASS-1 fell.

Down: Shinakasu Heavy Industry Red Imperial 99

Down: GN Cadillada 2007

Caption: A limousine type of vehicle that the Earth Unified Forces used to transport VIPs. In addition to having a solid body, it retained high internal comfort.

Body Explanation
Even though it was the beginning of the 2000's, when the space launch of the SDF-1 and the introduction of Over Technology had commenced, automobiles were the main short-range transportation. Such companies as Shinakasu Heavy Industry and GN were the industry leaders, and well-known companies, such as Northrum, Royce and Shinsei Industry, which were also concerned with Variable Fighter production, possessed automobile sections and developed new models of vehicles. Even after the First Interstellar War, when trains with linear motors spread, a variety of vehicles took an active part as the legs of the human race.

Caption: These civilian vehicles played active roles as transportation even within the SDF-1, which had taken in all of the neighbourhoods of South Ataria Island.



Operation Record
Before the ASS-1 fell, there was an age when it seemed like each automobile manufacturer competed to develop new models of cars. Such cars as the mini-car and the passenger vehicle were widespread even among ordinary townspeople. Even during the period of disorder after the Macross's space launch, automobiles seem to have functioned as a necessity for life.

Caption: A lot of automobiles ran on the Earth. Although simple types that had shaved off unwanted features were mainstream, sports car types were also seen.

Shinakasu Heavy Industry Red Imperial 99
A high-class sports car that was manufactured by Shinakasu Heavy Industry's Automobile Department. The type (that's thought to be the 1998~1999 model) that was produced before the fall of the ASS-1, which dragged mankind into great disorder, has 4 wheels in the front and 2 wheels in the rear. The Red Imperial 99 also excels in internal comfort.

Left/Up: With a low vehicle height, the Red Imperial 99 features a front grill with an acute angle. A periscope is in the center of the top of the body.

Caption: It has a manual transmission, with the driving instruments on the left hand side. The Red Imperial 99 has a wide interior, and 3 people can ride in the rear seat.

GN Cadillada 2007
The GN developed large, 8-wheel drive* car for executive transportation was supplied to the Earth Unified Forces. To show that it's attached to the Unified Forces, the front and rear number plates and the right pole have the brigadier general's mark, and the Unified Forces' mark is affixed to the left pole.

* Translator's note: originally was "6-wheel drive", which was indicated as an error in the original edition.

Caption: A GN Cadillada 2007 drove Brigadier General Bruno J. Global and others to and from the Macross Space Launch Ceremony grounds.

Compact cars spread in the same way as the passenger vehicles. Even though it's expected that their output is held back compared to the passenger vehicles, they were suitable for such things as use in town due to their construction, which was simple, yet effective in tight turns. Sedans, wagons, single-seaters and cargo types are confirmed.

Left/down: Sedan type

Caption: A mini-car that's being sucked into space during the Macross's transformation.

Down: Cargo type

Left/up: Wagon type

Down/right: Single-seater type

Passenger Vehicles
The sports type of passenger vehicles have space for 2 to 5 adults. At the time, 6-wheel drive style passenger vehicles were mainstream, with streamlined bodies that had such things as detailed designs and doors that opened at acute angles.

Caption: Passenger vehicles were swallowed up in the transformation while running inside the Macross.

Up/right: Gull-wing type 1

Down/right: Gull-wing type 2

Up/right: 4-door type

Right: 2-door type


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