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Mechanic: M Citizen 03B: Civilian Vehicles
"Mechanic: M Citizen 03B: Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 29 Apr. 2010: 09-10.
"Mechanic: M Citizen 03B: Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 24 Apr. 2014: 07-08.

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Private-Sector Taxi Business Within The Macross
The taxis were owned by private-sector businesses that operated within the Macross. The taxi is a 6-wheel type, and it could take a total of 3~4 passengers on board in the passenger and rear seats. As well as the transportation of civilians, the taxis had the important position as a means of moving the Unified Forces soldiers, whose unexpected summoning was an everyday occurrence, to their respective stations.

Caption: While in the middle of eating at the Chinese Restaurant "Nyan Nyan", Ichijo Hikaru, Kakizaki Hayao, Maximilian Jiinasu and others, immediately found a taxi and returned to the military facilities, because a scramble order was circulated.

Down: interior

Up: The internal layout of the taxi. The taxi is the type where the passenger's seat and the driver's seat are connected.

Down: The exterior of the taxi. It is a 6-wheel style automobile. Its interior is wide, and it is also highly comfortable.

Right: A number plate with "MT-122" written on it is attached to the rear of the taxi.

Down: The taxi is a 4-door sedan, and the top of the doors are frame-less windows.

Caption: The taxi was overloaded when Hikaru and a great number of Unified Forces soldiers got into it.

Civilian Heavy-Duty Truck
A heavy-duty truck that was observed being operated by a fishing [industry] related enterprise. It was operated in the neighbourhoods of South Ataria Island, and the truck pulled the VF-1D with wire ropes, which it is equipped with, as the VF-1D that Hikaru rode had crashed into "Nyan Nyan".

Caption: Because it had become impossible for the the VF-1D to move, and it blocked the passage of the trucks, it was moved by 2 trucks, and the road was cleared.

Caption: Even though the trucks pulled on the VF-1D, which had plunged into the "Nyan-Nyan" Chinese Restaurant, the aircraft fell in the opposite direction because their power was too strong.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "Although the VF-1D, which had crashed into "Nyan Nyan", was pulled [by the trucks], because their pulling power was too strong, the aircraft fell in the opposite direction."

Right: It's thought that the load-carrying space has a water tank installed into it to transport fresh fish. There's a mounting port for the wire rope in the bottom of the rear of the truck.

Down: Wire rope

Left: Aside from the control seat and passenger seat, which are in the front, the 6-wheeled large-sized auto consists of load-carrying space. It's thought that the truck specializes in the transport of fish, because of the swordfish tuna that is drawn on the sides.

MBS TV Outside Broadcasting Van
A mobile unit that's owned by the TV station "MBS (Macross Broadcasting System)". MBS was opened and operates within the SDF-1 Macross. The van, which is used for such things as live broadcasts and event coverage, is constructed so that filming equipment can be loaded aboard the rear.

Caption: In order to enquire about the condition of Lynn Minmei, who had collapsed during filming, MBS resolutely interviewed Lynn Kaifun. Her condition was broadcast via the OB van.

Left: The "MBS" logo-mark is arranged on the right side of the 6-wheeled vehicle.



Laundry Service Panel Van
A panel van of the laundry service that the three micronized Zentraadi -Warera, Rory and Konda- worked at after the conclusion of the First Interstellar War. The load-carrying part was used as space to load the laundry.

Caption: After the conclusion of the great war, Warera, Rory and Konda worked at the laundry service for their livelihood.

Caption: The three collected the laundry by using the van, and brought it to the cleaning factory.

Left: Basket

Left: The store's name, "Clea_1 Cleaning", was set on the right side of the 6-wheel type medium-sized van.

Right: The rear door is a double outward opening door, and the laundry was loaded and carried out by 2~3 people.

Large Tractor-Trailer
A large tractor-trailer that was seen being operated by the Unified Forces. Excluding the driver's seat, it is all carrying space, and it could transport such things as crane trucks and Destroids.

Caption: The tractor-trailer transported a destroyed Destroid fixed to its flat load-carrying bed. The tractor-trailer was an indispensable transporter of the large weapons.

Up: The 32 wheels, with 16 wheels on one side, supported the weight and movement of the tractor-trailer. Slow-speed driving is standard, and it cannot put out a very high speed.

Down: Besides being equipped with warning lights on the front and rear of the body, the tractor-trailer has a number of men deployed on the left and right of the driver's seat for the verification of safety.

Truck / Forklift / Robot that picks up garbage
A large amount of forklifts, trucks and so forth were put into the SDF-1 for the restoration of the neighbourhoods that were damaged by such things as combat and the transformation of the ship.

Caption: The robot that picks up garbage is a totally automatic type, and is loaded with an AI that recognizes garbage that's been dropped in the street, and is set up to collect the garbage with the installed manipulator.

Down: Truck

Right: Forklift

Right: Robot that picks up garbage

Related Matter: The Self-Propelled Machines From Within The Macross And Earth

Self-Propelled Cola Vending Machine
A totally automatic style cola vending machine. It has the functions of self-propelling itself upon recognizing a person and recommending a drink.

Self-Propelled Photo-Developing Machine
The automated picture taking and development machine develops the film of the picture that was taken on the spot. There are two kinds of payment method: cash or credit card.

Self-Propelled Public TV Phone
A self-propelled TV telephone that is equipped with a telephone receiver. Just like the other self-propelled mechanisms, it has a function where it moves in reaction to a voice when called out to.


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