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Mechanic: SDFM UN 02D: VF-1J Valkyrie
"M UN 02D: VF-1J Valkyrie." Macross Chronicle. 02 Oct. 2008: 05-06.
"M UN 02D: VF-1J Valkyrie." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 05 Mar. 2013: 05-06.

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The Transformation Mechanism - Fighter Form > GERWALK Form
In the transformation process from Fighter form to GERWALK form, together with decelerating from high speed flight, the legs and arms are unfolded. Fluid pulse actuators are mainly used in the transformation mechanism, and transformation takes place at an extremely high speed. Also, after transforming to GERWALK, an automatic centre-of-gravity control system is used for stabilization and walking assistance, and it's possible to stably operate the VF-1J in both the air and on the ground.
Incidentally, the aircraft transformation process is shared across the VF-1 series, including the VF-1J.

VF-1J Fighter Form

Names of the Variable Parts
light pink: air brake
dark pink: main wing
green: horizontal stabilizers
light brown: back block
light blue: leg
light purple: arm
creme: gun pod
dark yellow: chest
grey-green: torso
dark blue: head

Deceleration in Order to Transform

Folding the Vertical Stabilizers Up and Unfolding the Legs

Related Matter: VF-1J Form Selection Lever
The form selection lever, which is operated when transforming, is shared between all models of the VF-1 series, not just the VF-1J. There are two kinds of form selection lever; the levers on the side of the arm controller are used when in Fighter and GERWALK forms. The levers on the side of the seat are used when in Battroid, because the arrangement of the cockpit interior is different. In addition, the meaning of both kinds of levers are: "F" is the Fighter lever, "G" is the GERWALK lever, and "B" is the Battroid lever.

Down: form selection lever (when in Fighter and GERWALK)

Right: form selection lever (when in Battroid)



Transformation of the Back Block

1) (...)

2) (...)

3) After finishing sliding, the arms separate to the left and right. In addition, the lower side of the airframe is bared because the arms slid backwards. The concave part in the arms for stowing away the gun pod is closed up with a cover that rises out of the part.*

*Translator's note: the last two lines in the original were: "In addition, even though the lower side of the airframe is temporarily revealed because of the slides, a cover rises out from the inside and protects it when the transformation to GERWALK finishes. "**
** Translator's note: originally was "In addition, although the lower side of the airframe is momentarily bared because the arms slide backwards, it is protected by a cover that rises out from the inside at the point in time that the transformation to GERWALK finishes." and was indicated as an error in the original edition.

4) (...)

The Legs Unfold

Arm Structure and Role
The right arm hard-point of the VF-1 series has the ability to suspend about 5,000 pounds (2.26 t), and not only the gun pod, but a VF-1 series nose can also be installed on the hard point. In addition, the gun pod isn't held between both arms in Fighter form, but the grip has been inserted into the right arm hard point. Furthermore, a cavity that corresponds to it has been created in the left arm, which enables the gun pod to be placed in the center of the underside of the aircraft. Incidentally, because the muzzle of the gun pod is fixed in Fighter form facing in the direction of the elbow of the arm, it can be picked up with the hands when using it in GERWALK and Battroid forms.

Caption: Roy Fokker's VF-1S affixed the VF-1D's nose to the right arm, and withdrew from the battlefield.

Caption: Immediately after transforming to GERWALK, the muzzle of the gun pod faces in the direction of the elbow at this point in time.

With the unfolding of the legs, the transformation to GERWALK is completed. In addition, transforming from Fighter form to GERWALK form in automatic transformation mode enables a transformation in about 1.5 seconds.


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