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Mechanic: M UN 12A: SLV-111 Daedalus
"M UN 12A: SLV-111 Daedalus." Macross Chronicle. 22 Jan. 2009: 05-06.
"M UN 12A: SLV-111 Daedalus." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 11 Jun. 2013: 01-04.

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Translator's note: the original page was only 2 pages. The fronts of both have the same content. The content on the reverse of the original has been greatly altered and expanded in the revised edition. The following indicates what content on the reverse side is new (not on the original) with [o].

Illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin

SLV-111 Daedalus
The Unified Forces' newest amphibious assault ship that became the "right arm" of the Macross.

Hull Explanation
The Daedalus is an Earth Unified Forces Amphibious Assault Ship that was deployed to the ocean area surrounding South Ataria Island where the ASS-1 made its emergency landing. With this mother-ship, which was operated centring on loading and sortieing the Destroid Series, it became possible to speedily deploy a Destroid force after bringing the ship alongside a pier at an enemy base. However, the warship was swallowed up, together with the carrier Prometheus, when the Macross carried out it's runaway fold, and was moved to the Pluto sector of space. For that reason, the Daedalus's stern underwent emergency improvements and was connected to the starboard side of the Macross. It was then operated without change as a part of the Macross.

Caption: Together with the Attack Carrier Prometheus, which was docked to the port side, the Daedalus became a large part of the Macross's defensive fighting strength, and it opposed the fierce attacks of the Zentraadi Forces.

Attached to: Unified Forces Pacific Fleet
Total Length: 488 m*
Total Height: under investigation
Overall Width: under investigation
Empty Weight: under investigation
Engines: under investigation
Maximum Speed: under investigation
Standard Armaments: under investigation

* Translator's note: was originally "588 m" on the original, which was later indicated as an error with the correct dimension given.

Development Genealogy Chart:
unknown > Daedalus

Size Comparison:
SDF-1, SLV-111, CVS-101


Reverse Left [Pg 03]

Operation Record
Although the Daedalus was dragged into the Macross's Fold, the great majority of the crew were safe even when it folded out in airless outer space, as the Daedalus fortunately had a completely watertight structure. For that reason, even after it was docked with the starboard side of the Macross, the Daedalus supported operations in outer space with some simple improvements. The Daedalus is operated as the "home" of the Destroid force that provides the Macross's shipboard defence, and its solid structure continued to endure the frequent attacks of the Zentraadi Forces. Also, the assault-strike "Daedalus Attack", which thrusts the bow into an enemy ship, destroyed several Zentraedi vessels throughout the First Interstellar War, and it was used as the Macross's last trump card after the enemy had penetrated its last defensive line. After that, the Daedalus was swallowed up in the Macross City Defensive Battle of 2012, and was seriously damaged along with the Macross's starboard block by the Medium Gunship that Kamjin rode in.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "The Daedalus, which was docked to the SDF-1's starboard side, continually endured the attacks of the Zentraadi Forces with its solid structure that also withstood the environment of space. Also, due to the assault-strike "Daedalus Attack", which thrust the bow of the Daedalus into an enemy warship, the Daedalus sunk several Zentraadi battleships, and had the driving force to fight to the bitter end of the First Interstellar War. However, in 2012, the Daedalus sustained an assault by Kamjin's warship in the defensive battle of Macross City, and was seriously damaged.

Caption: The Daedalus (picture left), which was deployed like the "Sakimori"* as a bodyguard of the Macross, defolded in the orbit of Pluto, together with the Prometheus.

* Translator's note: Soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu in ancient times. Can also be read as Boujin: Chinese soldiers stationed to protect remote regions of the country during the T'ang dynasty.

Caption: Even though the Daedalus played an active role as a valuable fighting strength of the Macross after the warship was moved to Pluto's orbit by fold, it was not able to endure the attacks of enemy battleships.

Daedalus Attack
The Daedalus Attack is a close-range attack tactic that uses the robust structure of the Daedalus, which was constructed as an amphibious assault ship, and the Macross's pinpoint barrier defence mechanism. The originator is First Lieutenant Hayase Misa, who is the Macross's air traffic controller, and since then, she was in charge of directing the Daedalus Attack Operation. It is a tactic where the bow of the Daedalus, where the pinpoint barriers are concentrated, is thrust into the enemy ship, the Daedalus's bow hatch opens inside the enemy warship, and the enemy ship is destroyed from within by the simultaneous firing of the Destroid force that is on standby within the Daedalus. Although it is a seemingly absurd tactic, such things as the timing where the starboard block rushes in - which connects the Macross and the Daedalus -, and the chance to deploy the Destroid force, are considered to have been based on computer simulations.*

Translator's note: originally was: "The Daedalus Attack is an attack system that used the structure of the Daedalus, which was constructed as an assault landing warship, and the pin-point barrier - a special function of the Macross. It was a tactic where the barrier was concentrated on the bow of the Daedalus and the ship was thrust into an enemy warship. The bow hatch opens within the enemy ship, and the enemy ship is destroyed from within by the fusillade of the Destroid Force."

Caption: [o] The Daedalus Attack didn't only consist of charging at enemy ships, it was also occasionally used to counter the charges by enemy ships.

Hull Structure
[o] Most of the hull of the Daedalus, which is an amphibious assault ship, is set aside as Destroid storage space. The ship's structure, which ought to be called a "box", is related to the robustness of the entire warship, and even with repeated attacks on enemy ships by the Daedalus Attack, it's said that the damage to the entire warship was comparatively insignificant. In addition, the fins which can be seen in several places on the lower side of the hull are the "rudders" of the warship, and after the Daedalus docked with the Macross, they were basically stored within the warship.

Usage Example
In order to survive the fierce attack of the Zentraadi Fleet, the Daedalus Attack was executed for the first time on the suggestion of First Lieutenant Hayase Misa. The Daedalus charged at the 2,000 m class Suvaaru Saran and, for starters, destroyed the enemy ship's armour. Immediately following that, the Daedalus carried out a fusillade with its Destroid Force, and they succeeded in destroying the warship.

The Weakness Of The Daedalus Attack
[o] The Daedalus Attack is basically a close-range attack that unexpectedly strikes the enemy, and it isn't possible to frequently use it against someone who knows the strategy. Actually, the Recording Staff Officer Ekisedoru of the Buritai Ship, deliberately induced a Daedalus Attack on the flagship Noputi Baganisu, as a result of an analysis of the Macross's combat pattern, and succeeded in the strategy of having armoured forces, which were on standby in the warship's bow, reverse the attack and rush into the Macross. Also, if there is a mistake in the timing of the attack, the Daedalus occasionally pierced through the enemy ship.

Caption: Even though it was a "special move" that could sink most enemy ships, it was also a double-edge sword, as when the attack ends after it was endured, it easily permitted the penetration of the enemy into the Macross.


Reverse Right [Pg 04]

Hull Structure Con't

Left: Forward

Down: As the Daedalus is assumed to be for the landing of Destroids on enemy positions, it has a structure where a hatch is installed in the front of the warship's bow.

Left: Rear
The stern was improved to make it able to dock with the Macross. The other parts of the ship were preserved with the structure they had at the time of the ship's completion.

A navigation bridge (port) and an operations bridge (starboard) are installed separately on the top part of the rear of the ship. This was thought to be a means to improve the warship's operating efficiency.

Down: [o] Front Side

Down: [o] Rear Side

Caption: After the Daedalus was connected to the Macross, the storming strike "Daedalus Attack" was invented with Hayase Misa's idea to use the strong structure of the Daedalus's hull and the pin-point barrier together

Hatch opening sequence

After unfolding the top armour of the warship's bow, the Destroid release ramp, which is stored folded into 3 stages, appears. Due to this construction, the Daedalus was able to release the Destroid Force more deeply into enemy lines.

Right: In order to land a greater number of Destroids at a time, the hatch has enough space for a maximum of 7 Destroids to stand in a row.

The Daedalus's hangar is a two-layer type, and it could efficiently carry out the maintenance, replenishment, and sorting of Destroids. The hangar was furnished with such things as cranes in the ceiling, in order to perform maintenance. Replacement parts were also abundantly provided in the hangar, and the Destroid Phalanx was developed inside the Macross using those parts.*

Translator's note: originally was: "The hangar is a two-layer type. Destroids were able to sortie efficiently. Cranes and so on were also installed into the roof probably in order to also carry out maintenance."

Caption: The Daedalus has hangar space in the bow section. It has a layout that presupposed the operation of Destroids.

Related Matter: "Both Arms" of the Macross
The installation of the Daedalus and Prometheus on both sides of the Macross was completely unexpected, as the ARMD Space Carriers were scheduled to be installed there. However, they became indispensable important parts in the fight with the Zentraadi Forces, with the invention of the Daedalus Attack, which used the strong hull structure of the Daedalus and the pinpoint barrier.*

Translator's note: originally was: "Even though the Space Carrier ARMD were planned to be installed on the Macross as both of its arms, because they were obstructed by an attack from the Zentraadi Forces, the space on the Macross remained unfilled. Although the installation of the Daedalus and Prometheus was completely unforeseen, these warships became important parts of the Macross that were indispensable in the battles with the Zentraadi Forces; especially with the invention of the Daedalus Attack that used the Daedalus's strong ship construction and the Macross's pin-point barrier."

Caption: Its excellent structure as a Destroid operating warship also greatly sustained the Daedalus.

Right: The Macross's Storming Attack form, with the Daedalus on the starboard side, and the Prometheus on the port side.

Left: [o] Originally, ARMD class Space Carriers were planned to be equipped on both sides of the Macross.


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