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Mechanic: M UN 14A: ARMD
"M UN 14A: ARMD." Macross Chronicle. 23 Jul. 2009: 07-08.
"M UN 14A: ARMD." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 08 Aug. 2013: 05-06.

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The Combat Space Carrier that's been improved for Macross.

Caption: ARMD 01 shooting reaction weapons from its missile launchers (foreground). The ARMD 02 is seen in the background. Both ships were defeated without docking with the Macross.

Hull Commentary
The ARMD is a Space Carrier that has a mechanism for docking with the SDF-1, and was expected to have been operated as a sub-system of the Macross. Even though this warship was developed at first as an orbiting station for space fighters, midway through development it was included as part of the Macross's Strategic Systems, and had over-all improvements performed to it. As a result, besides being given a mechanism to attach to the Macross, such things as its armour plating, beam guns and missile launchers were increased, and such things as the ARMD's fighting strength and propulsive power were improved. At the time of the SDF-1 Macross Space Launch Ceremony in 2009, the third ARMD warship had been commissioned (the commissioning of up to the eighth ARMD was close at hand). The ARMD were also operated in battle with the Zentraadi Forces that appeared immediately following the Macross Space Launch Ceremony.

Caption: The interior of seriously damaged ARMD 01 that had sustained an attack by the Zentraadi Forces. The shape of a VF-1 can be observed as a ship-borne craft.*

Caption: ARMD means Armaments Rigged-up Moving Deck (the deck is a moving deck that is furnished with armaments.)*

* Translator's note: captions switched in the revised edition.

Attached to: Earth Unified Forces
Total Length: 430 m
Operational Inertial Mass: 174,000 t
Power System: 2x Over-Technology Advanced Heat Pile System
Gravity Control System: Over-Technology Advanced Gravity Control System
Jet Propulsion System: 2x Over-Technology OTMN-3T Advanced Main Nozzle Cluster, many Vernier Thrusters
Firearms: 5x Over Technology Guided Focusing Beam Gun System, 2x Large Anti-Ship Missile Launcher, 6x Medium Self-Guided Anti-Ship Missile Launcher, many Small Antiaircraft Guns
Aircraft Loaded onto the Warship: Locki SF-3A Lancer II, Northrom QF-3000E Ghost, others
Development: Unified Space Forces Space Armoury

Size Comparison:



Operation Record
Among the ARMD, the ARMD 01 and ARMD 02 that were built in the first period were also operated as Variable Fighter (hereafter VF) test flight stations. As the carriers verified that they had excellent all-purposefulness in that role, they came to join patrol fleets with several Space Destroyers. In 2009, when the two ships that were deployed to the sector of space that sustained the Zentraadi attack, they returned fire by sortieing their carrier borne craft, such as the Lancer II. However, as the difference in fighting capabilities was great, the Zentraadi Forces defeated the two ships.

Caption: ARMD 01 and 02 returned fire by making good use of such things as the missile launchers and the guided focusing beam guns in response to the Zentraadi Forces. However, they were defeated in the second attack.

Down/Right: The Front of ARMD 01
In addition to the bridge being installed at the front of the ship, it's understood that thrusters are also installed on both ends of the ship.

Hull Structure
The ARMD was based on a front-line station that was built at Lagrange 5, and proved to have a style that supported combat with its expansion of such things as its bridge and armament group. The ARMD's internal structure is hardly changed and it is thought that the fighter hangar and maintenance deck were used without change from the front-line station.

Right: The rear of ARMD-01
Even though the thruster part is installed in the rear part, it's been guessed that the thruster is combined with the parts used in docking with the Macross.

ARMD 02's Marking
The marking "02" is applied to the left side of the hull and the top part of the warship. The markings were laid-out in the same places as on ARMD 01.

Up: The bottom of ARMD-01
Such things as armour and armaments, such as missile launchers, have also been added to the bottom of the ARMD.

Illustration of the planned operation with Macross
Though it was planned for, the anticipated figure for the docking with the Macross wasn't realized.

The armaments that where installed when the ARMD was improved are guided focusing beam guns and large and medium-sized missile launchers. As a result, this warship guaranteed an offensive ability that could also cope with a fleet battle.

Caption: Diverse attacks were possible with the five Beam Gun systems, the two Large Anti-Ship Missile Launchers and the six Medium Self-Guided Anti-Ship Missile Launchers that were installed in the ARMD.

Large Anti-Ship Missile Firing Sequence
The cover opens, and the missile rises above the surface of the ship using vernier thrusters built into the missile itself. The verniers built into the missile jet at their maximum output, and the missile charges toward the target at high-speed.

Firing Port
The firing port for the large missile is in the surface of the warship. It's constructed so that the cover opens when it is used.

Down: Large Anti-Ship Missile
The large missile that can launch from the surface of the warship. It has an astounding destructive force that defeated an enemy ship in one attack. The missile automatically pursues its target with the verniers it's equipped with.

Up: The missile has a kind of reaction weapon, whose destructive force surprised the Zentraadi, such as Buritai and Ekisedoru.

Carrier Borne Craft
Ghost unmanned fighters, Lancer II manned fighters, and now, the VF-1 are loaded into the ARMD. The ARMD also functioned as the carrier and controller of these warships*.

* Translator's note: probably an error from the original, meant to be "fighter aircraft" not "warships".

Caption: Lancer II sortie from the ARMD. Even though they suffer through the bombardment of the Zentraadi Fleet and battle for the defence of the ARMD and the destruction of the [Zentraadi] fleet, they are easily defeated.

Right: Northrom QF-3000 Ghost
An unmanned small fighter aircraft. 270 were loaded aboard ARMD-01.

Right: Rocky SF-3A Lancer II
A manned space fighter that's armed with two beam guns. 78 were loaded aboard the ARMD-01.


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