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Mechanic: M UN 15A: Space Destroyer
"Mechanic: M UN 15A: Space Destroyer." Macross Chronicle. 04 Sep. 2008: 05-06.
"Mechanic: M UN 15A: Space Destroyer." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 25 Mar. 2014: 07-08.

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Oberth Class Space Destroyer
The first thermonuclear reactor mounting warship, which carried the core of the Unified Forces fighting capabilities.

Affiliation: Earth Unified Forces
Length: under investigation
Height: under investigation
Width: under investigation
Empty Weight: under investigation
Engine: Thermonuclear Reaction Rocket Engine
Maximum Speed: under investigation
Standard Armament: Anti-ship Reaction Weapon Missiles, Large-bore Fixed Beam Guns

Development Genealogy Chart
? > Space Destroyer

Size Comparison
SDF-1; Space Destroyer

Confirmed Ship Names
Oberth, Goddard, Tsiolkovsky, Akishima, Miranda

Caption: Even though the Oberth Class's adapted Over Technology engines, Reaction Weapon armaments, manoeuvrability and offensive strength are satisfactory, because of their lightweight armour, they are vulnerable.

Hull Description
Due to the ASS-1 taking up residence [on Earth], human beings got to know about the dispute between the alien comrades taking place outside of the solar system; and they established the Unified Government and strengthened the defence system. A Space Destroyer, mounting a Thermonuclear Reaction Rocket Engine, was developed as part of that strengthening. Construction started in April, 2003, at the L-5 (Lagrange-5) Industrial Station; and two years later, in March, 2005, the first warship, the Oberth, was commissioned. Thereafter, the Oberth Class was mass produced, and a considerable number were deployed by the time of the outbreak of the First Interstellar War. The Oberth Class was an excellent warship because of its fecundity, due to the simplified structure, and of course, its manoeuvrability.



Operation Record:
After the first Space Destroyer was commissioned, the No.2 ship "Goddard" was commissioned in June, 2005, and the No.3 ship "Tsiolkovsky" was commissioned in September. Thereafter, in preparation for hostilities with the aliens who were expected to arrive in the near future, a considerable number of the ship was built. However, the first battle won by the Space Destroyer was not in 2009 in the First Interstellar War, which it was waiting for. In September, 2005, the No.3 ship "Tsiolkovsky" was hijacked by the Anti-Unified Forces organization, and attacked the Return Fleet from Mars. The ship's first gunfire was turned on Earth's Unified Forces itself. The Unified Forces dispatched the No.2 ship "Goddard" into this situation.* The No.3 ship was sunk with Reaction Weapons, and the incident was suppressed. Incidentally, the captain of the No.2 ship, and who later became the the captain of the Macross, was Colonel (at the time) Bruno J. Global.
Although there was quite a number of Space Destroyers, most centred in Earth satellite orbit at the time The First Interstellar War broke out, they suffered heavy losses from the first contact with the Buritai fleet. However, it can be said that they succeeded in battle more than the Unified Forces Headquarters had assumed, by their confirmed sinking of more than 10 enemy ships with Reaction Weapons.
At the time of the Bodol Main Fleet's all-out attack on the Earth, even though the remaining 125 Space Destroyer returned fire, they were all destroyed within 5 minutes by the enemy's overwhelming firepower. The result was that only the few ships remained; the ones that had been assigned to the defence of Apollo Base on the Moon's surface.

* Translator's note: originally was: "Thus, the Unified Forces (...)".

Caption: The 125 surviving Space Destroyers were intercepted, and annihilated in less than 5 minutes, by the overwhelming military power of the Bodol Main Fleet, during the fleet's all-out attack on the Earth.

The Space Destroyer has 2 Medium Calibre Fixed Beam Guns, 2 Large Calibre Fixed Beam Guns, and 18 anti-ship missiles. The anti-ship missiles use the RB-5 Reaction Warhead, whose explosive power was able to be set within the range of 20 to 100 kt; and at maximum power, a single missile could incapacitate a Standard Battleship of the Zentraadi Forces.

Left: Small Anti-ship Missile

Right: 6-tube Missile Launcher (3 in total)

Hull Structure
The Space Destroyer's overall length is about 200 m. As a space warship, its armour is weak, although it excels in manoeuvrability. A Reaction Propulsion Cluster System (Thermonuclear Reaction Rocket Engines) are employed in the engines. The system is said to be an analysis and copy of the Macross's engine technology.

Down: ship front

A. Bridge - a windowless, sealed up bridge is part of the state-of-the-art tower
B. Small-bore fixed Beam Cannon
C. Large-bore fixed Beam Cannon
D. Rear 6-tube Missile Launcher
E. Cruise Engines
F. Combat Booster Rockets

* Usually, the bottom Cruising Engines (E) are used for cruising, and the stern Combat Boosters (F) are used in battle and when high-manoeuvrability is needed.

Related Matter: The Earth Unified Forces Space Force
The Earth Unified Forces expected contact and warfare with aliens, and established the Space Forces. The Space Forces started a project to restore and remodel the ASS-1 into a capital ship, and this capital ship would form the base of the defence system that was being constructed. The original plan had the goal of constructing the Macross and ARMD I ~ VII (I and II docking to the Macross), in addition to an impressive number of Space Destroyers at the Moon and Lagrange points, undertaking patrol duty, by 2011. However, the fight with the aliens broke out in 2009. The Space Forces rushed into a great war before the large fleet was completed, and the strategic concept of the Space Forces was fragile, and collapsed. However, as the Bodol Main Fleet boasted of a fleet of about 4.8 million ships* with overwhelming war potential, doubt remains whether the Space Force's system of defence would have worked effectively even if the combat capabilities of the Space Forces plan was in order at the time of the all-out attack on Earth.

* Translator's note: errata. Originally was: "a fleet exceeding 5 million ships"

Space Forces Organization Plan:
- Battleship SDF-1 Macross (1 ship)
- Battleship SDF-2 Megaroad (1 ship)
- Space Carrier ARMD I~VIII (8 ships)
- Space Destroyer (many)

Flying Armaments Loaded Aboard The Ships:
QF-3000 Ghost
SF-3A Lancer II


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