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Mechanic: M UN 19A: Unified Forces Military Vehicles
"Mechanic: M UN 19A: Unified Forces Military Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 27 Nov. 2008: 07-08.
"Mechanic: M UN 19A: Unified Forces Military Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 28 Apr. 2014: 07-08.

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Unified Forces Military Vehicles
The Various Special Vehicles That Assist In The Activities Of The Armed Forces.

Hull Explanation
By obtaining Over-technology, the front-line combat capability of the Unified Forces was replaced by armaments based on new technology and ideas. However, the new technology did not reform all of the operational systems of the Unified Forces. In particular, the cheap, highly reliable, existing military vehicles, which supported the combat capabilities at the rear in the logistics section and didn't directly fight against the aliens, continued to be operated. They are extremely varied, and they indicate the hugeness of the organization called the Unified Forces.

Down: GN XM-3002 Junky
A 6-wheeled buggy for use both within and outside of an atmosphere. The hull, which is divided into a front and rear, moves at the connection part, and it is suited for running on irregular ground.

Up: Crawler DL-88 Centipede Container Specification Vehicle
Several containers can be loaded on the open load-bed style heavy truck, which is for use both inside and outside of an atmosphere, and can also run under low gravity.

Caption: Containers loaded onto the load-bed. Also, ladders, and steps for getting on and off the vehicle have been installed on it, because the truck is very large.

Caption: When the SDF-1 Macross went to replenish resources at Mars Sera Base, a lot of Junkys, Centipedes and so on were operated.

Caption: Various special purpose vehicles were used inside the Macross. One can say that the space inside of the spacious ship facilitated their operation.

Caption: The spectacle of small-scale fighting vehicle units being deployed to urban areas could be seen daily at the time of the First Interstellar War.



Operation Record
A lot of the military vehicles that the Unified Forces operated at the time of First Interstellar War were aimed at logistics, security preservation and so on. That was because the main ground armaments shifted to Destroids, Battroids and so on, and it is also related to the fading significance of the combat capabilities of the existing armoured fighting vehicles, such as a tank.
A variety of various shipboard vehicles were operated in the SDF-1 Macross to assist the Variable Fighters (VFs) and Destroids whose deployment to the SDF-1 was especially quickly advanced. It's thought that production for those vehicles increased as needed in the within ship ammunition factory. One might be able to say that the importance of the support vehicles, which sustained the ship's operations, increased, because all of the operations transformed into a larger scale in the Macross, which reached an over-all length of 1.2 km. Even though the VF-1 series is the first to come to mind when speaking of the Macross's carrier-borne weapons, these military vehicles were also active as fully-fledged shipborne armaments.

Caption: There were many sections that didn't maintain a means for movement in the spacious interior of the Macross, so small vehicles were incessantly used for the movement of military personnel.

Caption: There were also many cases where military vehicles were sold off to civilians, and Roy Fokker cherished driving in the military high-speed jeep that he owned during his time off.

Military Vehicles 1
These maintenance vehicles operated by the aviation unit inside the Macross are mostly special-purpose specialized vehicles. In the fight with the Zentraadi Forces, they contributed to maintaining the combat capabilities of the Macross by working behind the scenes to support the VF-1 force, whose sorties came one after another.

Left/Up: Centinental M-299 Sugar-foot

Left/Down: Power Supply Vehicle

Right: Water Supply Vehicle

Left/Up: Crane Vehicle

Up/Right: Towing Vehicle

Down/Right: Firefighting Tank

Military Vehicles 2
The role of the infantry is important even in the Unified Forces, which developed technology, and various military vehicles exist that supported them. In addition, military meal vehicles and so on were appropriated to support civilians who suffered from the war damage.

Down: Military Meal Vehicle

Down: GN XM-3002 Junky

Up/Right: Armoured Vehicle

Left/Up: Military Jeep

Military Vehicles 3
Special vehicles were given to the Military Police (MP), medical facilities and the other agencies that took on public order, medical services and so on. One can say that these are the kind of military vehicles that stuck mostly to daily life.

Down: MP Police Motorcycle

Down: Unified Forces Ambulance


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