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Mechanic: M Zentrādi 02A: Gurāji
"M Zentrādi 02A: Gurāji." Macross Chronicle. 18 Feb. 2010: 05-06.
"M Zentrādi 02A: Gurāji." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 16 Apr. 2013: 01-04.

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The Zentrādi Battle Pod Produced From the Lessons of the Battlefield

Fuselage Explanation

The Gurāji is a Zentrādi Forces' one-man battle pod, and is a hand-to-hand combat armament that was developed based on the battle lessons of the Galactic Empire Fragmentation War. The Gurāji has excellent utility, as well as a high survival rate, because the basic design was refined reflecting combat data collected on the front lines. In addition, there are plenty of armaments and option parts available, and the Gurāji's combat strength is high compared to the Rigādo—which was used as the main Mobile Weapon of the Zentrādi Forces. The Gurāji was mainly operated as a high-level commander's craft, and it fully demonstrated its performance even in the First Interstellar War in 2009, as the craft Kamujin Kuravushera piloted.

Caption: Kamujin attacked the SDF-1 Macross on countless occasions in the commander craft—that he loves—of a battle pod unit. Also, he had a one-on-one fight with Hikaru Ichijo's VF-1J.

Main Pilot:*
Kamujin Kuravushera*

* Translator's note: not on original sheet.

Caption: The Gurāji has various armaments, and had far more more firepower than the Rigādo. There was also the excellent piloting skill of the pilot Kamujin, and he earned great military gains in the First Interstellar War with it.

Total Height: 16.55 m
Gross Weight: 41.2 t
Engine: Roikonmi Thermonuclear Reactor; 3.9 GGV output
Production: development of the Roikonmi 330,048,902nd Zentrādi Fully-automated Armoury
Standard Armament: Large-bore Impact Cannon x2, Small-bore Impact Cannon x2, Long-range Charged Particle Beam Gun x1, Small-bore Anti-personnel Laser Machine-gun x2, Close-range Pursuit Missiles x6 launch tubes

Size Comparison:
VF-1J, person, Gurāji

Development Genealogy Chart:
? -> Gurāji

Illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin


Reverse—Left [Pg 07]

Operation Record
The Gurāji—which appeared at the end of a great development race that occurred in the initial stage of the Galactic Empire Fragmentation War—shouldered a corner of the main armaments of the Zentrādi Forces while derivative craft were being produced. However, the Roikonmi 330,048,902nd Zentrādi Fully-Automated Armoury, which had performed the development and production of the Gurāji, sustained an Inspection Forces' attack 280,000 cycles ago, and the automatic Gurāji production system collapsed. Due to the impact of that, the Gurāji became a rare Mobile Weapon.

Caption: The Gurāji has operational capabilities both inside and outside of an atmosphere. When under gravity, it concurrently uses hovering and jumping movements that make use of its biped walking and thruster capabilities.

Down: Sole of the Foot One part of the other side of the Gurāji's foot. The connecting-patch part is composed of four units.

Down: Pilot Comparison Diagram

Fuselage Structure
The Gurāji is a battle pod with the same reverse-jointed legs as the Rigādo. The one owned by Kamujin was found in an armament warehouse that was was opened 3,700 cycles ago, and is said to be in a good condition.

Up: The Gurāji has thrusters in the rear of the torso, and on the arms and legs. Its thrust surpasses that of the Rigādo, and even its manoeuvrability is comparable to that of a Variable Fighter (hereafter VF).

Up: Cockpit Hatch
The torso top armour has a structure that also serves as the cockpit hatch. It revolves upward when the pilot gets in or out of the Gurāji.

Three-sided Diagram
The torso has a long shape from front to back, and the reverse-jointed legs hold it up. The Gurāji is characterized by being larger than the Rigādo, but having a smaller projection area in the front. A wire hook is built into the tip of the legs, and they are used for such things as transporting supplies.

Right: Front

Right: Rear

Left: Left Side

Down: Cockpit (console)
All sorts of screens and periscopes are located in the front of the console.

Down: Cockpit (seat/side)
The structure inside the cockpit. The control levers are connected to several control wires, and the wires move back and forth in conjunction with the movements of the levers.


Reverse—Right [Pg 08]

The Gurāji is a Mobile Weapon with a rational weapon layout. In particular, the point of placing two types of armament on the arms—which have a wide range of movement—was an advantage that enabled flexible combat. The output of the Gurāji's thermonuclear reactor is also equivalent to three times that of the Rigādo, and one could say that the Gurāji's firepower is extremely high.

_A_ Long-range Charged Particle Beam Gun
The Gurāji is equipped with one charged particle beam gun on the upper part of its body. Although the long gun barrel doesn't handle very well, it has a 360° rotation structure, and a wide shooting field.

_B_ Close-combat Pursuit Missiles
There are a total of 6 missile launch tubes, arranged three apiece at the base of the left and right arms. Close-combat Pursuit Missiles are loaded inside them.

_C_ Small-bore Anti-personnel Laser Machine-gun
Two Anti-personnel Laser Machine-guns are installed on the bottom of the leading edge of torso. Their shape and structure resemble the same weapons on the Rigādo, and they don't exceed the limits of being an auxiliary armament.

_D_ Large-bore Impact Cannon
A Large-bore Impact Cannon is built into the upper part of the arm weapon unit. They correspond to the main armament on the Gurāji, and Kamujin's Gurāji also heavily used this armament.

_E_ Small-bore Impact Gun
The lower muzzle in the weapon units is a Small-bore Impact Gun. It's the equivalent of a secondary gun. The movable structure of the arm ensures a wide shooting field.

Caption: Although the joint structure of the arms was never strong, it could be expected that pummelling by the weapon units was also assumed to happen.

Caption: Kamujin's Gurāji simultaneously firing the impact cannons on both arms. The Gurāji was heavily armed as a battle pod.

Large Air-battle Booster
A Large Air-battle Booster was available as an exclusive optional part for the Gurāji. When equipped with the Booster, the Gurāji exhibited atmospheric manoeuvrability that approached that of the Air-battle Pod, and was said that it was able to toy with a VF.

Caption: Equipped with the Air-battle Booster, a Gurāji commences a raid.

Left/Right: The booster is furnished with four thrusters, and stabilizers and missile launchers.

Up: The booster is installed in a way with the Gurāji's legs stored inside the booster. Even in this state, the Charge Particle Beam Gun's and arms' ranges of motion are maintained.

Down: Launcher Catapult
A Large Air-battle Booster equipped Gurāji uses the Launcher Catapult when taking off from a warship. The illustration below shows a Gurāji when connected to the catapult, as well as the mobile structure of each part.*

* Translator's note: originally was "The [illustration on the] right shows a Gurāji (...)".


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