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Mechanic: Zero AUA 01B: SV-51
"Zero AUA 01B: SV-51." Macross Chronicle. 09 Jul. 2009: 05-06.
"Zero AUA 01B: SV-51." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 09 Apr. 2013: 01-04.

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Illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin

SV-51: The Ace Pilot's Crimson Aircraft that Cuts Through the Advance Guard of the Anti Unification Alliance

Aircraft Explanation
The α (alpha) model of the SV-51 that the Anti Unification Alliance deployed is used for general soldiers and the γ model, which has differing colouring, is used by ace pilots. Two of the γ (gamma) model are confirmed with the call-sign Schwalbe (swallow), and each one is coloured either red or black. Herein, we explain the γ model that Nora piloted and the α model for general soldiers.

Data *data is for when it's in fighter form
Attached to: Anti Unification Alliance
Length: 22.7 m
Weight: 17,800 kg
Engine: Aviadvigatel D-30F6X Turbofan Jet (102.5 kN, 204.7 kN at afterburner) x2, VTOL use Fan-Jet x2 (operated as an auxiliary lift fan when in Battroid form)
Maximum Speed: Mach 2.81 (at 11,000 m)
Cruising Range: 1,910 km (when mounted with the Composite Micro-Missile Launcher/Drop Tank standard equipment)
Climbing Limit: 22,500 m
Armament: Mini-gun (12.7 mm Gsh-231) x2, 55 mm (Gsh-371) Gun Pod x1, Composite Micro-missile Launcher/Drop Tank Pod x2, Micro-missiles (Tsuropov SA-19M I/IR guided), SPO-15C 360º passive radar warning receiver, chaff and flare dispenser (APP-60) x1, active stealth system (RP-51), SWAG Energy Conversion Armour System (SW-51), Others.

Development Genealogical Chart: SV-51 > SV-52 (unknown)

Size Comparison: VF-1J, SV-51

Main Pilots: Nora Polyansky


Reverse Left [Pg 03]

SV-51γ (Nora's Craft)

Aircraft Explanation

* Translator's note: addition of Greek letter reading in the revised edition.


Fighter Mode

* Translator's note: main pilot moved to front in the revised edition.


Battroid Mode


Reverse Right [Pg 04]

Operational Record

Missiles are installed on under-wing pylons. They are able to sink a surface ship in one shot.

A 12.7 mm machine gun is installed in the main wing root. As it can be rapidly-fired, the machine gun has a wide range of uses, such as diversion and interception.

When the Main Wings are Unfolded

When the Main Wings are Folded Up

SV-51α Mass Production Craft
The VF produced by the Anti-Unification Alliance for general soldiers is the SV-51α. Even though neither the basic performance nor structure are different from the γ type, there is a record of the existence, although in the minority, of a type that could launch underwater from a submarine. This type was given water-proofing and pressure resistant functions, and changes were added to the structure of the main wings in connection to the SV-51α being set up in a launch dock. As a result, it was able to launch underwater from a maximum depth of about 30 m. Moreover, the successor SV-52 was developed based on this craft.

Fighter Mode / GERWALK Mode
The mass production SV-51 fighter (top) and GERWALK (right) forms. Besides the single seater that was produced the most abundantly, a two-seater model also appears to have existed.

Caption: Maintenance and adjustments are performed inside the Auerstedt, along with the SV-51γ that such pilots as Nora and Ivanov piloted.

Caption: An SV-51α sortieing from one of the Submersible Carrier Auerstedt's launch docks.

Related Matter: Mig-29
The MiG-29 is an existing fighter that the Anti-Unification Alliance operated at the same time as the SV-51. It was effective as an opposition force to the Unified Forces F-14.

Caption: Even though one could say that this fighter, which was developed by the former Soviet Union, surpassed the F-14 in dogfighting capabilities, it's weakness was a short cruising range.


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