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Mechanic: Zero UN 05A HWR-00-MkIP Monster (Advance Prototype Model)
"Mechanic: Zero UN 05A HWR-00-MkIP Monster." Macross Chronicle. 24 Jun. 2010: 05-06.
"Mechanic: Zero UN 05A HWR-00-MkIP Monster (Advance Prototype Model)." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 03 Dec. 2013: 01-04

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Translator's note: the original page was only 2 pages. The following indicates new content in the revised edition (not on the original) with [o].

Illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin

HWR-00-MkIP Prototype Monster
The advance prototype model Destroid that queues up in the genealogy of the Monster.

Attached to: Earth Unified Forces
Height: 22.2 m (to the gun tips)
Gross Weight: 252.5 t
Main Engine: Galland WT1001 Thermonuclear Reactor (11,500 SHP output)
Sub-Engine: 2x Shinnakasu Heavy Industry CT6A Thermonuclear Reactor (380 SHP output)
Maximum Walking Speed: 20 kmph (on prepared grading)
Crew Member Number: 3 people
Armament: 4x Viggers 40 cm Liquid-Cooled Type Liquid-Propellant Cannons, 2x Internal Rail Gun

Size Comparison:
VF-1J, HWR-00-MkIP

Development Genealogy Chart:
HWR-00-MkIP > HWR-00-MkII

Fuselage Explanation


Reverse [Pg 03]

Operation Record
(...) Expanded

Caption: (...) from front

Caption: (...) from front

Fuselage Structure / Armaments

* Translator's note: new (not on the original) from the [o].

Caption: (...)

Up: (...)

Caption: (...) from front

A: Viggers 50 cm Liquid-Cooled type Liquid-Propellant Cannons
Right: before firing

Right: while firing

Left/Up: (...)

Caption: (...) fires approx. 160 km and able to place shots within a 10 m area.

Up: shell feeding port

Related Matter: The Monster's Development Genealogy
Even though the HWR-00 series was genuinely operated as the MkII by way of the MkI and MkIP, it was temporarily removed from the main current of arms development because of such things as problems with its operability. However, it was able to be completely rehabilitated by the VB-6 Konig Monster.

2008 AD*
The MkI No.1 craft had its roll out in 2008, and it was initially a specification that wasn't equipped with arm missile launchers. However, the developers received the ideas of the military authorities, who demanded increased firepower, and in September it was changed to the MkII specification.

2008 AD (during the Unification War)*
From the roll out schedule, the MkIP is seen as the first craft in the HWR-00 series. Even if one takes into account that only one craft was produced, it could be thought of as the prototype for collecting operating data.

2009 AD (during the First Interstellar War)*
[M] The type that was put into combat after the specification change from the MkI. A further improvement was attempted in firepower and range by exchanging the arms for missile launchers. And although they were operated as transportable gun batteries of the SDF-1 Macross and so on, the Monster didn't attain the main stream [of armament development].

2059 AD*
VB-6 Konig Monster
[F] Production took place as a Variable Bomber (VB) that took over the concept of the HWR-00 series at the beginning of the 2030's. Able to transform into the three forms of Shuttle, Heavy GERWALK, and Destroid, the VB-6 took an active part on the front line even in 2059.

* Translator's note: dates removed in the revised edition.


Reverse [Pg 04]

Armament / Equipment Con't

Right: [o] (...)

B: Arm Folding Large Manipulators (...)

Up: when stowed

Caption: (...)

Up: when unfolded ([o] each joint in the manipulators)

Up: (...)


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