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Mechanic: Zero UN 07A: CVN-99 Asuka II
"Zero UN 07A: CVN-99 Asuka II." Macross Chronicle. 20 Aug. 2009: 05-06.
"Zero UN 07A: CVN-99 Asuka II." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 30 Jan. 2013: 09-10.

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CVN-99 Asuka II:
The nuclear powered stealth carrier that bore the heavy responsibility of being the mother-ship that put the VF-0 into combat operations.

Hull Explanation
CVN-99 Asuka (flying bird) II is a Unified Forces nuclear powered stealth carrier that was operated at the time of the Unification War. Even though it originally was a warship that was planned to be constructed in Japan as the Maritime Self-Defence Force's first conventionally-powered regular carrier, its assignment was changed to the Unified Forces due to Japan's admission into the Unified Government camp. After changing, it was completed as a nuclear powered carrier. It's propulsion was from four steam turbines and four highly-efficient multi-winged type highly-skewed propellers that used power from one A6W nuclear reactor, which was an improvement on the Westinghouse Co. made A4W nuclear reactors that were built-into such vessels as the Nimitz class. In addition, this ship was selected as the carrier for testing the VF-0 Phoenix Development Project, and it was refurbished for the operations of innovative weapon groups such as the Variable Fighters (VF) and Destroids.

Main Crew: Asuka's captain

Attached to: Earth Unified Forces
Total Length: 276 m
Standard Displacement: 38,000 t
Empty Weight: under investigation
Crew Number: under investigation
Engine: 1x Westinghouse Co. A6W nuclear reactor, 4x steam turbines
Maximum Speed: 40 kt
Standard Armaments: under investigation

Development Genealogy Chart: unknown > CVN-99

Size Comparison: SDF-1, CVN-99

Caption: The carrier bore the key role of predicting the future of the Unified Forces with the combat operation of the VF-0. The carrier appeared in the struggle with the Anti Unification Alliance Submersible Carrier for the alien relic "Eiphos".

Caption: The Asuka suffered from a surprise attack by the Anti Unification Alliance SV-51 unit, which attempted to seize the recovered Eiphos. In the fighting on Mayan Island, the carrier was constantly at the center of the conflict.



Operation Record
The Asuka was constructed in the closing years of the Unification War at the U.S. Newport News shipyard. It received the VF-0 combat test unit that was committed to the alien relic "Eiphos" seizure operation, and sailed to the coastal waters of Mayan Island, commanding the air-mobility fleet as the mother ship of the VF-0 unit. Moreover, in addition to functioning as the mobile base of the relic investigation team, the Asuka fought against the Anti Unification Alliance that had deployed planning to seize the same alien relic. In addition, when the Eiphos resumed activities, "Operation Iconoclasm" was put into operation and the Asuka attempted to destroy the relic with reaction weapons.

Caption: The Asuka was sent to Mayan Island's coastal waters as the mother ship of the Protoculture relic investigation unit, and recovered one part of the Eiphos that was pulled up from the bottom of the sea.

Caption: Even though the Asuka fell into a situation where it floated in the air due to the awakened Eiphos's gravity control, it still put Operation Iconoclasm into effect.

Hull Structure
Up: Side
The sides of the hull are constructed with a stealthy shape. In addition, set in the rear of the island is the hangar's hatch. It's usually open, however during combat it's closed.

Up: Upper Surface
The flight deck is equipped with 4 launch catapults and an angled deck. It has a level surface that takes stealthiness into consideration, and is a deck that combines angled shapes.

Caption: Equipment for stabilizing the experimental Destroid Monster is also confirmed in the area of the catapults.

The island, which is endowed with such things as the bridge and the radar system, is arranged in the center of the starboard side of the ship. As nuclear powered warships don't have a funnel, Destroid rotation bases, which fulfil the role of CIWS (Close In Weapon System), are attached to the rear of the island. Moreover, the Asuka, which was designed as a stealth warship, has adopted a stealth structure for the entire warship. The island is also endowed with a shape that greatly differs from that of existing aircraft carriers. The ship is composed of not simple squares, but complex polyhedrons; which is the characteristic part of this warship that peeks through the architecture.

Left: Bridge Interior

Down: Bridge

Left: The upper part of the island is equipped with composite masts arranged with antennas and so on. The outer wall of the island has a slanted stealthy construction. In addition, the bridge windows are reinforced with a frame laid out in a truss.

Left: Destroid Booths
There are booths in the rear of the Island for the deployment of the anti-aircraft type Destroid Cheyenne. In general, anti-aircraft interception is carried out from within the booths. However, the booths can open up and the Destroid Cheyenne can separate from them as necessary.

Besides operating ship-borne craft, such as the F-14A+, Avenger II and Sea Sergeant, this warship possesses the equipment needed to operate such things as the VF-0, Ghost, and Destroids. The VF-0's maintenance section was added to the hangar, and technical experts who had been transferred from the development manufacturer carried out the maintenance. The space also ensured the safekeeping of the the recovered Eiphos, and the research team carried out their analysis of it in the hangar. In addition, one experimental Destroid Monster was loaded aboard the Asuka for fire testing. Such places as the elevator in front of the bridge and the deck in that area had their strength improved in order to withstand the weight of the Destroid Monster.

Caption: The maintenance crew, which centred on Technology Chief Nakajima, took participated in the VF-0 project in the hangar. They made progress tuning the VF-0 at the same time as the VF-0 was deployed in combat at Mayan Island.

Caption: Reaction weapons are installed in the shells that the experimental Destroid Monster is loaded with. They are used against the Eiphos.

Left: VF-0S
Left: The Asuka was put into combat and operated as the mother-ship of the first VF of the Unified Forces. As the commanding officer, Major Roy Fokker formed Skull Squadron, and the battles between the Anti Unification Alliance's SV-51 and the VF unfolded in the struggle for the relic of Mayan Island.


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