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Mechanic: Zero UN 04A: QF-2200D-A Ghost / QF-2200D-B Ghost
"Mechanic: Zero UN 04A: QF-2001 Ghost / QF-2200D Ghost." Macross Chronicle. 01 Oct. 2009: 05-06.
"Mechanic: Zero UN 04A: QF-2200D-A Ghost / QF-2200D-B Ghost." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 25 Mar. 2013: 05-06.

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* Translator's note: originally was "QF-2001 Ghost"
** Translator's note: originally was "QF-2200D Ghost"

QF-2200D-A Ghost* / QF-2200D-B Ghost**
The unmanned fighter and reconnaissance aircraft used by the Unified Forces.

Caption: The QF-2200D-A* Ghost that was loaded aboard the Unified Forces' carrier Asuka, was thrown into the "Bird Man" Struggle with the Anti-Unification Alliance.

Caption: The QF-2200D-B** is also an unmanned aircraft that was loaded aboard the Asuka. Reconnaissance operations were its main purpose of use.

QF-2200D-A Ghost*

QF-2200D-B Ghost**

Aircraft Explanation
The fighting between the Earth Unified Forces and the Anti-Unification Alliance that broke out due to the fall of the ASS-1 kept being prolonged. The Unified Forces started the development of the unmanned aircraft as countermeasures against the loss of a great number of excellent pilots due to the lengthening of the fighting. Thus, they completed the "Ghost" unmanned combat and reconnaissance aircraft, which can handle both autonomous flight by a stand-alone AI and remote control from such things as mother ships and manned aircraft. In the "Bird Man" Struggle with the Anti-Unification Alliance, two kinds of Ghost were loaded aboard the carrier Asuka, the QF-2200D-A* and the QF-2200D-B**; and they were utilized as valuable assets.

Caption: The QF-2200D-B** was operated as a supplemental booster for the VF-0 Phoenix, the Unified Forces first Variable Fighter (hereafter VF).

Caption: As there wasn't the slightest need to think about a pilot's corporeal limits, it became possible for the Ghosts to maintain overwhelming manoeuvrability.



* Translator's note: originally was "QF-2001 Ghost"
** Translator's note: originally was "QF-2200D Ghost"

Operation Record
Both Ghosts, the QF-2200D-A* and the QF-2200D** were invested in the Mayan Island "Bird Man" Struggle. The QF-2200D-A* was used for the Asuka's defence, and the more highly stealthy QF-2200D-B** mainly carried out reconnaissance operations.*** Also, the QF-2200D-B** was used as a supplemental booster in the VF-0 Phoenix's "Special Attack Assault Specification" output enhanced specification.

*** Translator's note: originally was: "The large QF-2200D-A* fighter aircraft was used for (...)."

Caption: Despite being unmanned, the Ghosts presented vehement dogfights for the manned Anti-Unification Alliance MiG-29.

Caption: The VF-0 equipped with a QF-2200D-B** is something that the crew of the Asuka hurriedly went through with as an SV-51 counter-measure.

QF-2200D-A* Ghost
With the autonomous AI controlled model of unmanned craft that the Unified Forces developed, the QF-2200D-A* is the type that was put to use at the most earliest stage. Due to such things as forward-swept wings in the rear of the lifting-body fuselage and a vertical canard installed on top of the nose, the QF-2200D-A* maintained high manoeuvrability.

Up/Down: A vertical canard and a sensor (A) are installed in the part that is the cockpit in manned aircraft. In addition, the rear of the lifting-body has an auxiliary intake (B).

Up: The bottom of the QF-2200D-A* has a gradually rounding form.*** Due to this structure, there is a reduction in air-resistance.

*** Translator's note: originally was: "It is understood that the bottom (...)".

QF-2200D-B** Ghost
An unmanned stealth reconnaissance-attack aircraft that started being mass-produced in 2002. It is equipped with a powerful turbofan jet engine, and it demonstrates an overwhelming manoeuvrability that exceeds a maximum of 25 G. As armaments, it has micro-missile launchers in the nose.*** A long-range reconnaissance model that specialized in reconnaissance was also produced.***

*** Translator's note: originally was: "In addition to the B type that was installed on the VF-0, there are such types as the A type with a supplemental nose sensor and a long-range reconnaissance model."

Caption: The QF-2200D-B that docked with the VF-0 were not equipped with sensors in the nose.***

*** Translator's note: originally was "The type that docked with the VF-0 is called the B type (pictured), and it doesn't have a nose sensor."

Left: Markings
Some of the markings applied to the QF-2200D-B**. On the left are the ones applied to the body and main wings, and the one on the right is for the air intake.

Up/Right: Tricky trajectories are possible by making good use of the vectoring nozzle in the rear of the QF-2200D-B** (top of the picture) and the vectoring nozzles on the VF-0 itself.

Up: VF-0A Special-Attack Assault Specification
(the red part is the QF-2200D-B)

Orthographic Figures
These are orthographic images of the VF-0 Special-Attack Assault Specification that has a QF-2200D-B type installed on it. It seems that the removal of the sensor, which is how it differs from the A type, is connected to lightening the aircraft.

Right: Top
The VF-0's vertical stabilizer is fixed inserted into the QF-2200D-B**'s wing root.

Down: Front
The micro-missile launchers that the QF-2200D-B** is equipped with are also available.

Down: Side
In the VF-0A Special-Attack Assault Specification, it is impossible to operate the QF-2200D-B on it's own, as the avionics for the aircraft control system have been removed.***

*** Translator's note: originally was: "It is impossible to operate the QF-2200D on it's own, (...)."

Left: Bottom
The body as seen from the underside. The B type that's attached to the VF-0 has had it's reconnaissance equipment removed.

Related Matter: QF-3000E Ghost
The unmanned aircraft that was used in the combat with the Zentraadi Forces that broke out in 2009 A.D.. As the first Ghost to have a small thermonuclear reactor installed, it was also able to operate in space.

Up: Its operation remained in a VF support role, as the installed AI lacked stability.


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