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Macross Chronicles - MF etc 01A Vajra
"Mechanic Sheet F etc 01A." Macross Chronicle. 18 Feb. 2010: 09-10.

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The super-dimensional life form that attacked the human race.

Queen Vajra
The Queen Vajra is the life-form that stands at the top of the Vajra, which are network creatures, and exists at the Vajra's main planet. It's said that the instructions to all of the Vajra are sent out from here.

Vajra (Large)
The first Vajra that raided the Macross Frontier Fleet is one that features 6 legs and a large beam emitting organ on it's back.

Vajra (Small)
The smallest among the Vajra, compared to a Variable Fighter, it is a size smaller. They act in the form of attendants of 1 Vajra (Large). It has missiles and beam guns in the head.

Semi-Queen Vajra
Ranking next to the Queen Vajra in order, this individual is thought to be the stage before a Vajra finally changes into a queen. It takes command of the Vajra from within the Bishop class Vajra.

Airframe Explanation
In 2059 AD, the life form that attacked and trapped the Macross Frontier Fleet in an unprecedented crisis is the Vajra. The Vajra are a network life-form that are connect with one-another by fold waves which originate from intestinal bacteria. It is assumed that the "Queen", the highest ranked individual, controls the Vajra in the network. For that reason, the Vajra feature individual bodies, each without a separate brain. Also, they have such things as beam guns, missiles and energy conversion armour, and are endowed with a fighting strength that destroys state-of-the-art Variable Fighters.

Caption: In addition to those that the Vajra attacked or those that the Vajra had become aggressive toward in response to territorial intrusions, the Vajra had a trait of assembling in response to fold waves.

Caption: In the final decisive battle of the Vajra's main planet, the abilities of the Vajra were greatly influenced by the singing voice of Ranka Lee, who was a survivor of the 117th Large-Scale Research Fleet.



Operation Record
In 2040 AD, the Vajra first encountered humankind, and in 2048, they wielded power over the emigrant fleets with such things as the destruction of the 117th Large-Scale Research Fleet. In 2059, they attacked the Macross Frontier Fleet because of the secret manoeuvring of Grace O'Connor, who had tried to use the power of the Vajra. Even though the highest-ranked individual Vajra was seized by Grace after that, the Vajra, who had come out of their delirium by the fold waves that accompanied Ranka Lee's singing voice, supported mankind, and wiped out Grace's aspirations.

Queen Vajra
It is assumed that the queen, which is situated at the highest rank even among the Vajra, exists to control all of the Vajra. Also, it is one of the mother bodies that gives birth to Vajra, who are oviparous creatures. The queen produces different types of Vajra, such as the Vajra (Large) and Vajra (Small).

Caption: The Queen Vajra, who exists in the Vajra's main world, was integrated with Grace O'Connor.

Caption: The central part of the Queen Vajra, who has such things as a head, hands and feathers. It is assumed that the Protoculture created the "Bird Man" after seeing this figure.

Semi-Queen Vajra
Even though the body colour differs in the life-form that is considered to be the state before it evolves into the Queen Vajra, the forms of such things as it's long extending tail is shared with the queen. Also, just like the Queen Vajra, the Semi-Queen Vajra is a superior individual that can also give birth to Vajra.

Caption: It controls the Vajra from within the Fortress type Vajra "Bishop" class. Also, it tried to tell something to Ranka, when she was captured by the Vajra.

Caption: The Semi-Queen Vajra's central part. It has a dual-beam gun turret in the head and sharp claws at the tips of its arms, and boasts of a great offensive ability.

Caption: The central part of the Semi-Queen Vajra seen from the rear (top) and a part of the tip of the gigantic tail that has a flexible construction (left).

Vajra (Large)
The type of Vajra that can act in both space and within an atmosphere. In addition to being able to cruise via fold, it generates a powerful jamming radio-wave from inside its body, which nullifies such things as guided weapons.

Caption: The bipedal walking form (top) and the flight form (left) which is seen in the atmosphere. Besides beam guns, it fires biotic missile-like attacks.

Vajra (Small)
The small-sized type that acts with the Vajra (Large). The tip of its long tail has a sharp blade-shaped object, and demonstrated it's power in hand-to-hand battles.

Caption: A Vajra (Small) seen from the rear. It's clear that the tip of the tail has a large blade.

Vajra Carriers
The Knight class is a Vajra Carrier in the form of a battleship that is armed with a beam gun in the front part. The Bishop class is a fortress type that carries the Knight class. Inside, a Semi-Queen carries out breeding activities.

Caption: The Bishop class functions as a mobile fortress. It has an excellent fold capability, the same as the Knight class.

Caption: The Knight class has small-sized antiaircraft guns in various places. When Grace operated the Vajra like puppets, they changed into a pink series.

Caption: The Knight class was under a control system due to the instructions from the Semi-Queen that's within the Bishop class.

A pet that Ranka Lee picked it up on the hill in Griffith Park, and kept in her own room. In reality, it was the larval form of the Vajra.

Caption: After Ai-kun was picked up by Ranka, it changed from larval state (left), through the midway state (center) to the Second Form (right).


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