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Timeline 02: The Battle Of Mayan Island
"Timeline Sheet 02." Macross Chronicle. 21 Aug. 2008: 19-20.
"Timeline Sheet 02A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 29 Jan. 2013: 15-16.

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#02 The Battle Of Mayan Island (Zero)
The crashed alien ship becomes the excuse for the sudden outbreak of the Unification War. Even though Kudou Shin, a Unified Forces pilot, is shot down battling a mysterious Variable Fighter, he was fortunately washed up on Mayan Island, where the legend of the Bird Man has spread.

2008; Earth
A Variable Fighter of unknown nationality attacks the Unified Forces

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

The main fighter of the Unified Forces. The model craft, the A model*, has TF30-P-412 engines installed, is equipped with the AIM-54 Air-to-Air missile, which boast a more than 100 km firing range. This craft is an A+ aircraft, which has had improvements and revisions applied to it.

* Translator's note: originally was "The A model, which has (...)", and was indicated as an error in the original edition.
** Translator's note: originally was "(...) is equipped with the AIN-54 Phoenix Air-to-Air missiles, which boast a more than 100 km firing range.", which was indicated as an error in the original edition.

2008; Mayan Island
Shin is washes up on Mayan Island

2008; Mayan Island coastal waters
The carrier Asuka begins searching for AFOS (...)

The Second South Ataria Island defensive battle.

The Grand Cannon II is blown up by the Anti-Unification Alliance.

Construction of the Grand Cannon IV begins on the surface of the Moon.

The Third South Ataria Island defensive battle.

Construction of the Grand Cannon V begins in South America.

Kudou Shin encounters an Anti-Unification Alliance Variable Fighter and is shot down.
Kudou Shin is washed up on Mayan Island.
The Earth Unification Forces recover a part of the AFOS.



2008; Carrier Asuka
The new model of Variable Fighters prepare to sortie in the carrier Asuka. (...)

2008; Mayan Island
Shin and Sara make Yariwei together. (...)

2008; Mayan Island
Shin encounters a dogfight between a VF-0 and an SV-51 on Mayan Island. (...)

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

The Variable Fighter VF-0 Phoenix was developed by the Unified Forces with Over Technology obtained from the ASS-1.

The VF-0 prepares to sortie into its first battle.
Kudou Shin and Sara have a cultural exchange.
The Earth Unified Forces and the Anti-Unification Alliance fight in the skies of Mayan Island.

Extra Report: "The Bird Man" Movie (F)
"Bird Man", the biography of the Unified Forces fighter pilot Kudo Shin, was made into a film in the Macross Frontier Fleet. It was released in theatres in 2059 with the title "Tori no Hito: the Bird Human". There are various anecdotes for this movie. Trouble seemed to have continued during production to the point that the field staff were going so far as to ask, "is it the curse of a Kadun?" What is worthy of special mention is that the film is probably the thing that made Ranka Lee famous.

Caption: Miranda Merin, who was Miss Macross Frontier at the time of the movie's release, performed Sara's role.

Caption: The kiss scene for Ranka Lee, in the role of Mao, invoked a large reaction the minute the movie was released.


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