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Timeline 07A: The World After the Unification War
"Timeline Sheet 07." Macross Chronicle. 18 Sept. 2008: 19-20.
"Timeline Sheet 07A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 12 Mar. 2013: 15-16.

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#07 The World After the Unification War (Zero/SDFM)
The crashed alien spaceship forcibly guided mankind to war, and even though mankind utilized the alien technology, the fires of war joined together in every place. However, even with a long global-scale dispute, at last the time of the war's end appeared to have arrived.

2008; Earth
The "Bird Man" Incident and the decline of the Anti Unification Alliance
The Protoculture relic, which was detected from the bottom of the coastal waters of Mayan Island in 2008 and was codenamed "Eifos", became one of the causes of the dispute, just like the ASS-1, which had come flying from space. Local fighting was generated between the Unification Forces and the Anti Unification Alliance, both of which claimed this relic. Both camps suffered great damage by the Eifos = Bird Man, which was awakened by the effects of their fighting, and mankind witnessed the alien threat. Even though the war situation was a stalemate at the time of the end of the Unification War, the participating nations in the Anti Unification Alliance, which knew the truth of the "Bird Man" incident, successively declared their withdrawal from the alliance. All of a sudden, the trend of the war was inclined toward the Unified Forces. Originally, both camps scrambled for the Eifos for not only the acquisition of new technology, similar to the ASS-1, but also because it was hoped that the mobilization would break the deadlock of the war. However, both camps failed to secure the Eifos. One result was the acceleration of the collapse of the organization that led to the Anti Unification Alliance. The "Bird Man" Incident was sealed away for a long time by the Unified Government, and the ban was finally lifted several decades later. However, the summary of the incident has been changed due to various factors and it is now difficult to know the details. Certainly one reason is that it was a serious incident that determined the direction of history while there was a very short term local war. On the other hand, this incident also became the test case that determined the regular use of the Variable Fighters. In the Battle of Mayan Island, the VF-0, which excelled in cruising range and electronic warfare abilities, showed a slight superiority, even though the SV-51's degree of completion was higher at the time. Thereafter, such things as OTM and development funds clearly started to flow toward the VF series. These factors piled up, and the steady decline of the Anti Unification Alliance followed.

Caption: The emergence of the "Bird Man", whose existence passed out of human knowledge, caused a great disturbance in both the Unified Forces and the Anti Unification Alliance.

Caption: Although the ASS-1's fall confirmed the existence of aliens, as it was a decommissioned warship, the aliens themselves couldn't be identified.

2008; Earth
The start of the mass production of the VF-1 series.
The development of the Unified Forces' Variable Fighter, which started in the tentative plan submitted in February 2002 for an anti-alien all-environment Variable Fighter. One critical juncture was met with the completion of the VF-0 No.1 craft in December, 2004. However, the development of OTM using thermonuclear turbine engines was rough going. At the same time, while the Anti Unification Alliance was in the process of forming the normal engines equipped Variable Fighter Experimental Combat Unit, the Unified Forces established a VF-0 Combat Test Unit that appeared to oppose the Anti Unification Alliance's unit. Meanwhile, the development of the new model engines continued. At last, in 2007, the thermonuclear engine using VF-X was completed. In the following year, 2008, the VF-X came to be adopted as the official style of the VF-1 series.

Down: VF-X
The thermonuclear engine equipped prototype. The transformation mechanism was omitted for flight tests. Major Roy Fokker, who had VF-0 flying experience, served as the test pilot.

Caption: At first, the VF-1 was said to have been limited to operating only in fighter form, probably because there was a problem with the reliability of the variable mechanism or to conceal the fact that the enemy were giants.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "At first, the VF-1 was said to have been limited to operating only in fighter form, probably due to a problem in the reliability of the variable mechanism."

Caption: The VF-0 was operated with existing jet engines because the development of the thermonuclear engines fell behind schedule.

2008.09: Withdrawals from the Anti Unification Alliance come one after another.
2008.11: The roll out of the Variable Fighter VF-1 series mass production No.1 craft.



2008; Earth
Conclusion of the Unification War
The Unification War started with the fall of the ASS-1. This war, which was bound by traditional ties of obligation, such as national borders and nations, started from the formation of the Anti Unification Alliance group that opposed the Unified Government plan. Actually, in addition to extending all over the world, this dispute that unfolded over 7 years reached space. However, after the "Bird Man" incident, the Anti Unification Alliance rapidly weakened, and the day of the conclusion of the war finally approached.* The Earth Unified Government, which had started in the form of an expansion of the United Nations in February 2001, was formally established at the end of the war.

* Translator's note: originally was: "and the day of the conclusion finally approached."

Caption: The Unified Government was born in the form of an expansion of the United Nations. Realistically, it took on the appearance that the initiative had been seized by the so-called Western camp.

Caption: The Eastern camp, which where placed in unfavourable positions within the Unified Government, caused disputes that were supported by the armed groups of each region.

2008; in the orbit of the Moon
Space Carriers ARMD 01 and 02 are commissioned*
The Space Carrier ARMD series was one part of the anti-alien defence plan. From April 2003, the construction of the ARMD progressed at the large Industrial Space Station that was constructed at L-5 in the orbit of the moon. The Space Destroyers were constructed at the same time. In March 2005, the Space Destroyer No.1 ship, the Oberth, was commissioned and its deployment started. And then in December 2008, after having passed through a 5 year development period, the No.1 and No.2 ARMD were successively commissioned. Moreover, the VF-1 series, which was the cornerstone of the anti-alien armaments, also took a step forward and it's mass production started. After that, the Unified Forces waited only for the space launch of the space battleship SDF-1, which was to form the core of the space forces.

* Translator's note: originally was: "Space Carriers ARMD I and II."

Caption: The Space Carrier ARMD were able to be equipped with 78 SF-3A Lancer II and 270 QF-3000E Ghost.

Caption: The original plan of the Unified Forces was to have a fleet composed of the 2 ARMD and a great number of Destroyers, all centred on the Space Battleship SDF-1.

2009; Earth
The SDF-1 is christened "Macross"
The restoration and rebuilding of the SDF-1 was finally completed; it had continued since February 2001 through the chaos of the Unification War. The SDF-1 was christened "Macross", and it was fit for space launch the following month. The work on the finishing touches to the Macross progressed at a quick pace. Originally, the completion of the SDF-1 was scheduled for May 2006. Even though work proceeded well under the command of the Otec Company, with the completion of the Earth-built large reaction engines in October 2001 and the success of the clarification of the main gun firing system theory in the following November, due to the effects of the Unification War, which dragged on endlessly, work, theory and budgets fell behind. In addition, as a result of the 3 times that offence and defence was needed concerning South Ataria Island, where the SDF-1 had fallen, 3 years of delays that were forced onto the project. In addition, at the time of the completion of the Macross, the Unified Forces were already developing and deploying armaments that put OTM to use; such as a space military force consisting of the Macross, Space Carriers and Space Destroyers, mobile weapons represented by Destroids and VFs, and the Grand Cannon, an anti-interstellar war weapon. Furthermore, with the SDF-2, the No.2 Macross class warship under construction in Apollo Base on the surface of the Moon, the Unified Forces were scheduled to begin anti-alien space strategies.

Caption: It's 10 years after the ASS-1 fell in 1999. The restored Macross ironically also became the thing that started the wars between mankind and the aliens.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "Does the finally completed Macross become the thunder that awakens mankind?."

Caption: Many civilians also participated in the restoration and reconstruction of the Macross. Their settlement on South Ataria Island started in 2001, and at the time of completion, they had formed a degree of briskness in their one city.

Caption: The Large Assault Landing Craft Daedalus and the Attack Carrier Prometheus (left), both of which put OTM to use, were deployed to South Ataria Island in preparation against Anti Unification guerrilla attacks.

Caption: Both the Daedalus (right) with its Destroids, and the Prometheus with its Variable Fighter Valkyries, where loaded with the latest mobile armaments.

2008.12: The conclusion of the Unification War. The Earth Unified Government is formally established.

2008.12: Space Carriers ARMD 01 and 02 are commissioned.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "Space Carriers ARMD I and II."

2009.01: The Spaceship SDF-1 is christened "Macross".

Extra Report: The OTEC Company
A result of the United Nations Research Group's investigation of the ASS-1 was that the governments of the principal countries new that the ASS-1 is an Over Technology treasure house. In March 2000, they jointly established the OTEC Company, a technology analysis and research institution that specialized in carrying out the analysis and research of the ASS-1's technology. The OTM that the OTEC Company analyzed was preferentially fed back to the national enterprises of the 6 nations that had participated in its foundation: Japan, America, Russia, Germany, England and France. This company, in addition to shouldering the core of the SDF-1's restoration, carried out the development of various technologies, such as thermonuclear reactors and reaction weapons. The company accomplished more than enough of it's roles. This same firm, which survived the Unification War, the First Interstellar War and a period of continuing upheaval, amalgamated with a great number of companies in 2017 and developed into General Galaxy. Even in 2059, when half a century had passed since it's establishment, the company reigns in the galaxy as a gigantic munitions enterprise.

Caption: [F] At the end of the 2050's, the New Unified Forces main fighter is the VF-171, which is also a General Galaxy company design.


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