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Timeline 09A: The Macross Forces a Fold
"Timeline Sheet 09." Macross Chronicle. 02 Oct. 2008: 21-22.
"Timeline Sheet 09A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 02 Apr. 2013: 13-14.

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#09 The Macross Forces a Fold (M)
The very day of the Macross Space Launch Ceremony, the curtain rose on the First Interstellar War with the Zentraadi - the aliens that mankind had had apprehensions about. Ichijo Hikaru and Lynn Minmei, who had been swallowed up by the wartime destruction, carried out their fateful meeting on the battlefield...

2009; South Ataria Island
Hikaru and Fokker save Minmei.

2009; The high altitude part of Earth's atmosphere
Buritai's ship prevents the SDF-1 from docking with the ARMD.

* Translator's note: the original "ARMD I and II" changed to "ARMD 01 and 02" in the revised edition.

2009; The skies over South Ataria Island
The SDF-1 dares to fold.

2009.02: Lynn Minmei is rescued from the urban area.
2009.02: The Macross fails to dock with ARMD 01 and 02.*
2009.02: The Macross fails in its fold navigation, and defolds in the outer perimeter of the Solar System.

* Translator's note: was "Space Carriers ARMD I and II" in the original edition.

Extra Report: Fold Navigation
The alien technology that seems to have brought about innovation in mankind is the "fold". After the First Interstellar War, it was OTM that brought about mankind's Age of Discovery in the galaxy. Fold navigation is a space transition navigation that makes it possible for someone to instantaneously appear in a different location. Slipping out of a fold is called a "defold".

Caption: Folds near the surface of the Earth are considerably dangerous actions. In fact, when the SDF-1 did it's first fold, South Ataria Island made the fold along with the SDF-1. In addition, the defold was in a completely different location than the planned coordinates.

Caption: [F] Even though fold navigation is an indispensable technology for interstellar travel, there seems to be a considerable number of people who feel the so-called "fold intoxication": the dizzy feeling of passing through the space distortion field.



2009; Inside the Macross
Hikaru and Minmei try to leave from the SDF-1.

2009; Orbit of Pluto
The SDF-1 shelters the refugees, and has the Daedalus and Prometheus mounted on it.

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

Down: The SDF-1 with both the Daedalus and Prometheus mounted on it.
The Daedalus (starboard) and Prometheus (port) are urgently repaired and connected to the SDF-1 for space combat. They came to be operated as support vessels that took the place of the ARMD.

Blue: Daedalus (starboard)
Pink: Prometheus (port)

2009; The closed section of the Macross
Hikaru and Minmei live in the closed section.

2009.02: Ichijo Hikaru and Lynn Minmei are outside the ship in the fan racer.
2009.02: The Macross shelters the South Ataria Island refugees.
2009.02: The Macross docks with the Daedalus and the Prometheus.
2009.02: Ichijo Hikaru and Lynn Minmei are locked up in the closed section of the ship.


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