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Timeline 11A: Kamjin's Raids
"Timeline Sheet 11." Macross Chronicle. 16 Oct. 2008: 21-22.
"Timeline Sheet 11A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 24 Apr. 2013: 15-16.

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#11 Kamjin's Raids (M)
The Macross, which continued on its journey to Earth while evading the pursuing Zentraadi, finally started to shift to the offensive. On the other hand, Buritai summoned Kamjin as reinforcements. Kamjin holds the alias "ally killer"...

2009; the airspace of Saturn
The Macross Escapes From its Predicament with the Daedalus Attack.

2009; the airspace of Mars
Buritai summons Kamjin

2009; Macross interior
Hikaru Receives a Birthday Party Invitation from Minmei
The Macross is forced off of the planned course to Earth by frequent Zentraadi raids extending over 3 days. Despite there being a lot of damage* to the Valkyrie squadrons that sortied to intercept the Zentraadi, the military broadcast favourable military gains to the civilians. (...)

* Translator's note: in the original, the line was: "Although there was a lot of damage".

The Macross ambushes the Zentraadi in the airspace of Saturn.
The Macross develops the pinpoint barrier.
First Lieutenant Hayase Misa suggests the Daedalus Attack.

Kamujin Kuraveshera links up with Buritai's fleet.

Ichijo Hikaru receives a birthday invitation from Lynn Minmei.



2009; Mars
The Macross Falls Into an Enemy Trap on Mars
(...) Second paragraph, 5th line:
Although the Macross hurriedly tried to withdrawal, the SDF-1 had already been captured by gravity land mines that were laid 3 km under the base.*

* Translator's note: in the original, the line was: "Although the Macross hurriedly tried to withdrawal, it had been captured by gravity land mines that were laid 3 km under the base".

2009; Within the Macross
Hikaru is Promoted to Second Lieutenant and Becomes a Squadron Leader

2009; Within the Macross
Kamjin Attacks the SDF-1 Without Buritai's Permission

The Macross falls into an enemy trap at the Mars Base.

Extra Report: The Tragedy of Mars Base
The Unified Forces built the Sara Observation Base on Mars. The base came to be closed due to the intensification of the Unification War, and ships were organized to return the members of the base to Earth. However, the return fleet was destroyed by the attack of the Space Destroyer that the Anti Unification Alliance had captured. At the time Colonel* Bruno J. Global, who was the captain of the second destroyer, destroyed the captured Destroyer with reaction weapons.

Caption: Among the members of the base was Second Lieutenant Riber, who was Misa Hayase's first love.

* Translator's note: Colonel is the army rank. Alternatively it could be Captain (navy) or Group Captain (air force).

Lynn Minmei has a birthday party.

Kamjin uses the pretext of training to attack the Macross.


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