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Timeline 16A: "Shao Pai Long [Little White Dragon]" Premieres
"Timeline Sheet 16." Macross Chronicle. 11 Dec. 2008: 19-20.
"Timeline Sheet 16A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 28 May. 2013: 13-14.

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#16 "Shao Pai Long [Little White Dragon]" Premieres (M)
Even though the Macross was isolated from the Earth, "Little White Dragon", starring Minmei, was released without problem. Although the theatres were packed to capacity with throngs of fans from the opening day, the movie also had a great influence on the Zentraadi side.

2009; the Solar System
Buritai Is Again Dispatched To The Solar System

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)

Right: the Minmei Doll.

Caption: (...)

2009; within the Macross
Minmei Attends A Party On The Eve Of "Shao Pai Long"'s Premiere

2009; the region of space around the Macross
"Shao Pai Long" Is Screened In The Macross (...)

Buritai is again dispatched to the Solar System.

Extra Report: The Minmei Doll That Crosses Over The Ages
The Minmei doll that was produced within the Macross was taken inside Buritai's ship by the My-clone spies. There were a lot of Zentraadi soldiers who were acquainted with such things as Minmei and singing by it, and it certainly was an item that symbolized culture. Therefore, such mascot dolls become standard idol goods thereafter. Even in 2059, a Ranka Lee doll was produced and was popular.

Caption: (F) The 2059 idol Ranka Lee doll. Ranka was said to be a reincarnation of Minmei.

The "Shao Pai Long" night-before release party is held.

"Shao Pai Long" premieres.



2010; within the Macross
Hikaru And Misa Are Swallowed Up In The Transformation

2009*; the Solar system
The Zentraadi Are Shocked By "Shao Pai Long"

*Translator's note: typo in both editions.

2010; within the Macross
Minmei's Concert Is Held Within The Ship
(...) 1st and 2nd lines: "Lovely Concert 2010"*

* Translator's note: originally was "Love Concert 2010", which was indicated as an error in the original edition.

2019; the Solar system
Buritai Carries Out An Operation To Invade The Macross

Hikaru and Misa are imprisoned by the transformation.
The Zentraadi watch "Shao Pai Long".

Minmei's concert is held within the Macross.
Buritai carries out the operation to invade the Macross.


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