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Timeline 29A: Launching Into The Sea Of Stars (FB,Plus,7)
"Timeline Sheet 29." Macross Chronicle. 15 May. 2009: 21-22.
"Timeline Sheet 29A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 01 Oct. 2013: 13-14.

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#29 Launching Into The Sea Of Stars (FB,Plus,7)
After the conclusion of Kamujin's rebellion, which was later called the "Macross City Defensive Battle", everyone's eyes came to turn toward space. The blood relations of the remaining human race are widely propagated to the whole area of the galaxy - it is the beginning of the era of the space emigrant.

2012; Earth
Lynn Minmei Holds The Good-bye Concerts

2012; Earth
The Departure Of The First Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet

2012; Earth
A Planet Where Settlement Is Possible Is Discovered In The Groombridge Star System

Minmei holds the Good-bye Concerts.

The First Super Long Range Emigration Fleet departs from the Earth.

Short Range Emigrant Fleets, whose main purpose is the investigation of the sectors of space in the neighbourhood of the Solar System, successively depart.

A planet where the human race can reside is discovered in the Groombridge Star System.

Related Matter: The Highs And Lows Of The Mankind Seeding Project
As a result of the Mankind Sowing Project, which started from 2012, the human race expanded its territory to the galactic scale. The goal of preserving the species tentatively achieved success. However, on the other hand, the emigrants who set out into the unknown world invited unexpected tragedies. In July 2016, the Megaroad 01 stopped communicating in the neighbourhood of the center of the Galaxy, and its whereabouts became unknown. Also, states of emergency occurred, such as the Macross 7 Fleet falling into a state of war with the Protodevilun in 2045, and the Frontier Fleet falling into a state of war with the Vajra in 2059.

Caption: The war with the super life-form Protodevilun, who absorb the energy that is essential for living, developed into a situation that was quite capable of destroying the galaxy itself.

Caption: [F] Just like the Macross Galaxy Fleet, events also occurred where emigrant fleets themselves rose in revolt against the Unified Government.



2025; Varohta Star System
The Megaroad 13 Fleet Discovers A Fixed Star System Where Mankind Can Reside

2030; Macross City
The Second Macross City Defensive Battle Occurs

2031; Earth
Release Of The Movie "Do You Remember Love?", Which Depicts The First Interstellar War

Caption: (...)*

* Translator's note: "the theatrical edition of Minmei ~" changed to "Minmei in the movie ~".

The Megaroad 13 Fleet discovers a star system where mankind can reside.? It is named the Varohta Star System.

The Second Macross City Defensive Battle occurs.

The residence of giant sized Zentraadi on the Earth is prohibited.

The movie "Do You Remember Love?", which depicts the First Interstellar War, is released.

The Minmei Boom rekindles.

Related Matter: The Germination Of The Song Energy Theory
Although many people were influenced by Minmei's songs, an especially different one among them might be Gadget M. Chiba (Dr. Chiba). He was deeply moved by the conclusion of the wars with Minmei's songs, and he researched the physical influence that the songs originally cause. In 2045, he successfully organized it as the Song Energy Theory, and offered it as an effective tactic in the battles with the Protodevilun and Varohta Forces.

Caption: Dr. Chiba was personally a big fan of Minmei, and his room overflowed with Minmei goods, such as posters.

Caption: The Sound Energy System, which was based on the Song Energy Theory, became the decisive blow in the Protodevilun War.


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