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Timeline 30A: Fateful Reunion (Plus,7)
"Timeline Sheet 30." Macross Chronicle. 28 May. 2009: 17-18.
"Timeline Sheet 30A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 08 Oct. 2013: 15-16.

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#30 Fateful Reunion (Plus,7)
It's about 30 years after the wars with the Bodoru Main Fleet. Mankind, who expanded into the galaxy, started colonizing planets upon which we could reside, and new lives were started. However, on Eden, one such new world, the seeds of new trouble were beginning to sprout.

2038; Earth
The "Macross 7 Fleet", The 37th Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet Sails

2040; Planet Eden
"Project Super Nova" Starts

2040; Frontier Space Region
The Decision To Transfer Isamu To Planet Eden

The 37th Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet sails. The No.7 New Macross Class "Macross 7" is commissioned as the fleet's flagship.

The New Unified Space Force's AVF adoption competition "Project Super Nova" starts on planet Eden. The Shinsei Industry and General Galaxy companies participate in it.

Its decided that Isamu Dyson will be transferred to Planet Eden. He heads toward Eden as a test pilot.

Related Matter: The Man Named Isamu Dyson
To the extent that his records are seen, Isamu is a resolute pilot, who yearns for the sky, and concerning love, he reacted in order to wholeheartedly think about his childhood friend Myung Fang Lone. However, in actuality, Isamu is the very picture of a free and uncontrolled character, and he absolutely didn't worry about such things as the orders he disobeyed. In addition, he was the owner of an open character, who did such things as spend nights together with female coworkers.

Caption: From the fact that Isamu shared his bed with Lucy McMillan, who was a coworker from his workplace, one can infer his light personality.



2040; Planet Eden New Edwards Base
Isamu Clashes With Guld

2040; Planet Eden
Myung Visits Eden As Sharon's Producer

2040; Planet Eden Star Hill
Isamu Comes Across Guld And Myung
(...) Changed

Isamu takes up a new post at New Edwards Base. He clashes with the YF-21's test pilot Guld.

Myung visits Eden as Sharon's producer.

Isamu reunites with Guld and Myung.

Related Matter: Artificial Intelligence And Emotions
In contrast to the people that were crazy about Sharon's singing voice, the criticism "aren't songs from an emotionless artificial intelligence phony?" from some of the well-informed people and reporters occurred. On the other hand, in a press conference, the production manager that's attached to Sharon responded, "if she hears that, Sharon will be utterly devastated", and hinted that Sharon has feelings. In reality, the production method, which skillfully feels the audience's excitement and reflects it on the stage, was more than enough to show that Sharon has feelings, and that supported her popularity.

Caption: The appearance of Sharon singing from among the audience, whichever way one looked, seemed that she only had feelings.

Caption: However, her emotion circuit was imperfect, and Myung's feelings were unavoidably substituted for Sharon's.


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