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Timeline 47A: The Arrival of the Vajra (F)
"Timeline Sheet 47." Macross Chronicle. 21 Jan. 2010: 19-20.
"Timeline Sheet 47A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 11 Mar. 2014: 15-16.

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#47 The Arrival of the Vajra (F)
Although 2045 AD generated an unexpected happening in what is called the Protodevilun War, the Mankind Seeding Project progressed favourably in general. However, in 2059, a new enemy became an obstruction to the advancement of the human race in the galaxy.

2048; vicinity of Gaul 4
The 117th Research Fleet Encounters The Vajra And Are Destroyed
Dr. Mao Nome, who is known as the leading person in Protoculture research, organized the 117th Large Research Fleet in order to realize the investigation of the unidentified super life-form (the Vajra). Together with Ranshe Mei, Grace O'conner and others, Dr. Nome undertook research of the Vajra and the mechanism of the V-type Infection, which was a Vajra intermediary. However, in 2048, in the Gaul 4 sector space in the neighbourhood of the center of the galaxy, the fleet was destroyed by a Vajra attack. The fleet, in addition to the research materials, was lost. On the other hand, the New Unified Government blanketed this matter, and because they announced that "the reason for the disaster was that the fleet had been swallowed up by a Fold Fault", there were few people who knew the truth of the incident.

Caption: Ozuma Lee also participated in the research group as an escort squadron leader. Afterwards, he accepted Ranka, who had survived the destruction of the fleet, as his younger sister.

Caption: Even though for a long time the wreckage of the investigation fleet was unaccounted for, Saotome Aruto discovered the fleet flagship "Global", which had settled on the surface of Gaul 4.

2050; Earth
The 727th Independent Squadron "VF-X Ravens" Is Established
The human race, who had continued to extensively migrate to the galaxy, tried to attain a stable period in 2050 AD. However, political and military tensions rose around frontier regions where the influence of the New Unified Government didn't easily reach, and a situation was generated where such things as rebellions and terrorist activities, as well as syndicate crime, repeatedly occurred. The New Unified Government, who faced these crises, summoned ace pilots who have excellent flying senses and a strong force of will, and established the Special Duty Force "the 727th Independent Squadron Ravens", whose main combat strength were the AVF (Next Generation All-Regime Variable Fighters). They were a force made to deal with the various incidents that the regular armed forces find difficult to urgently deal with.

Caption: [Other] Captain Aegis Fokker was summoned to the Ravens. From the start, he was a man of great talent who was given priority assignment in the independent squadron.

Caption: [Other] The Ravens, who were requested to be able to adapt to deal with any situation, were deployed with their preference of a variety of aircraft, from ordinary fighter aircraft to leading state-of-the-art aircraft.

2059; Macross Frontier Fleet:
Sheryl Nome Visits The Frontier Fleet
The diva Sheryl Nome, who has the nickname "the Galaxy Fairy", and her manager Grace O'conner, arrived at the Macross Frontier Fleet while it is cruising in the interstellar region of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm with an eye on the center of the galaxy. Sheryl, who is always occupying the top position of the Galaxy Network, is in the midst of a Galaxy Tour, and has designated the Macross Frontier Fleet as the place of the tour's last public performance. Sheryl's visit is the subject of the talk of the town between the people participating in the fleet. Among other things, Ranka Lee, who dreams of being a singer and admires Sheryl, cannot suppress her excitement that Sheryl has come to the fleet.

Caption: Sheryl is deeply moved by the sea that fills the interior of an Emigrant Ship. It seems to have been an unusual thing for her, as her home-fleet is a closed-system industrial plant.

Caption: On the other hand, she showed a strong attitude toward Catherine Glass, who was entrusted as Sheryl's escort, up to the point of calling her a "devil".

Caption: All of Mihoshi Academy's Space Flight Department was going to collaborate with Sheryl's live performance. All who were present were all smiling with joy at the unexpected news.

Caption: Ozuma gave Ranka a ticket to Sheryl's live performance. She rejoiced so much that she was scolded by the owner of her part-time job.

The 117th Investigation Fleet and its flagship, the SDFN-04 General Bruno J. Global, encounter the Vajra and are destroyed.*
Ozuma Lee takes care of Ranka, who survived the destruction of the fleet.

* Translator's note: originally was: "The 117th Investigation Fleet, encounter the Vajra and are destroyed."

The New Unified government establishes the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens.

Sheryl Nome celebrates the Galaxy Tour. They call upon the tour's last place, the Macross Frontier Fleet.

Extra Report: [Other] Special Forces Other Than The VF-X Ravens
Even though the VF-X Ravens are a famous Special Duty Squadron formed after the First Interstellar War, quite a few other similar units exist. The "Dancing Skull" was a small unit composed of husband and wife Maximilian Jiinasu and Miria Farina Jiinasu, and was active from about 2014 to 2030. They were under the command of the Unified Forces Intelligence Division and contributed to the suppression of disputes that sprung forth on every emigrant planet. In addition, the incident referred to as the kidnapping of the idol group "Milky Dolls" occurred in 2047. The idol group had been expected to participate in a sound project that assumed the next version of combat with the Zentraadi. A special forces unit suppressed that event, with the Assault Space-Submersible Mother-Ship Valhalla III forming the core of their operations.

Caption: The Valhalla III is the best warship for secret missions. Even though it is no more than 100 m long, it has great stealthiness.

Caption: All sorts of fighter aircraft were also deployed to the Valhalla III's Special Forces, and they stressed their adaptability to every kind of mission.



2059; Macross Frontier Fleet
Aruto Meets Ranka
Even though Ranka was heading toward the concert venue Tenkoumon*, she lost her way in the forest and met Aruto by chance. Although Aruto was going to show a formation flight in Sheryl's concert, he wasn't very interested in it and killed time alone. However, he pulled himself together when Ranka appeared and spoke really happily. He then guided the girl who had lost her way toward Sheryl's concert venue. The chance meeting of the pair who had nothing in common ought to have ended as it did.**

* Translator's note: literally "Sky Gate" ** Translator's note: originally: "(...) ought to have ended as it did..."

Caption: In the end, Ranka lost her way and soaked her clothes. Aruto, who was unable to just watch Ranka, used his EX-Gear to dry her clothes.

Caption: Ranka said, in gratitude, that Aruto would be able to eat well at "Nyan-nyan". Leaving her, Aruto also faced his preparations for the concert.

2059; Macross Frontier Fleet
The Fleet Holds Sheryl's Concert
While being watched intently by fans, including Ranka, Sheryl's concert was finally held. In addition to the songs and performances that abundantly made use of special effects, the Mihoshi Academy acrobatic flight enlivened the concert venue. Hereupon, Aruto gets carried away, exits the formation and starts flying solo. He upsets Sheryl's balance and she falls from the stage. Nevertheless, Sheryl shows her talent by using the accident that didn't disorient her to excite the audience.

Caption: Sheryl is surprised by Aruto's unplanned approach, and her foot slid off the stage.

Caption: Sheryl was saved by Aruto and continues singing, without change, and engulfs the concert venue in wild enthusiasm.

2059; Macross Frontier Fleet
The Frontier Fleet Encounters The Vajra
About the time that Sheryl's concert was held, the amount of tension in the Frontier Fleet's government and New Unified Forces was increasing. Communications were interrupted immediately following the capture of images of unidentifiable aircraft (the Vajra) by the aircraft that were in charge of enemy searches around the fleet. The radio control of such things as missiles and Ghost fighter aircraft are skillfully interfered with as the unidentifiable aircraft get closer. Together with official announcing mission code "Victor 3", the Frontier Government's President Howard Glass requested that the civilian military provider S.M.S. be put into operation.

Caption: Ozuma tensed up when he heard the word "Victor", and immediately headed out to intercept.

Caption: Within the warship, the evacuation alarm sounds and Sheryl's concert is forced to stop.

2059 Macross Frontier Fleet
Aruto Boards The VF-25 Messiah And Successfully Rescues Ranka
Aruto, who had headed toward the town areas in pursuit of Mikhail Blanc and Luca Angeloni -who had left the concert venue behind them-, encountered an S.M.S. VF-25 Messiah that was fighting the Vajra that had penetrated into the ship.* The VF-25's pilot died. Aruto boarded the VF-25 instead of the pilot, and rescued Ranka, who had ran away too slowly. Although Ranka was somehow protected by Ozuma's rescue (he had come running), this time, Ranka appears to have been sucked outside of the ship through a hole that had been opened in the dome. Aruto lept out of the VF-25 in EX-Gear and successful caught Ranka, who was floating in space.

* Translator's note: originally was: (...) Luca Angeloni -who had suddenly left the concert venue behind them-, encountered (...)"

Caption: Taking the place of the pilot (Gilliam), who had lost his life in combat with the Vajra, Aruto boarded the aircraft.

Caption: Ranka ran away too slowly. Aruto protected Ranka in the VF-25's manipulator and attempted to withdraw from the battlefield as is...

Caption: Ranka was thrown out of the manipulator by the impact of a pursuing Vajra.

Caption: Aruto immediately jumped out of the aircraft and rescued Ranka, using the EX-Gear's propulsion engine. He also somehow escaped from the Vajra.

Aruto meets Ranka.

The fleet holds Sheryl's concert.
Even though Aruto has an accident when he flies alone in the concert, he recovers due to Sheryl's quick-wits.

The Vajra attack the Frontier Fleet. The reconnaissance units are destroyed.
The sortie order is officially given to S.M.S..

Aruto encounters the Vajra.
He boards the VF-25 and successfully rescues Ranka.

Extra Report: "Nyan-Nyan", Which Expanded On A Galactic Scale
The Chinese restaurant "Nyan-Nyan", which was Ranka's former part-time job, is the successor to the restaurant with the same name that was formerly on South Ataria island. "Nyan-Nyan" became famous overnight as it was Lynn Minmei's former part-time job when it was on South Ataria Island. Its expansion into a chain restaurant combined with humanity's advancement into the galaxy. There appears to be branches set up in several Emigrant Fleets.

Caption: Nyan-Nyan made a commercial that seems to have been very popular due to people copying its catchy tune.

Caption: The speciality in Nyan-Nyan's menu is the "steamed tuna bun". In addition, there are also unique menu items, such as the "Zentora-don"**.

* Translator's note: a pun that doesn't translate very well. The original sounds very similar to Zentraadi. Alternative renderings would be: Zentra-donburi, Zentra-bowl.


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