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Macross Frontier Archives: 3D & Setting Document Collection
Satou Osamu, Tabata Teruaki, Kawaguchi Sukekiyo, ed. Macross Frontier Archives: 3D & Setting Document Collection. Tokyo: Ascii Media Works, 2009. Print.

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About Bandai's 1/72 VF-25 Plastic Models

Pg 003

About Bandai's 1/72 VF-25 Plastic Models (finished kits, construction, etc.).

Pg 052

A talk with General Director/Valkyrie Designer Kawamori Shoji

Pg 054

Lego VF-25

Pg 055

Bandai 1/72 VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Extra Information

Pg 058

VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Aruto Custom
Dressed by Megumi Nakajima for an original Valkyrie contest


Basic Camouflage And Marking

Pg 060

Basic Camouflage And Marking

VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Aruto Custom/Ozuma Custom
Manufacturer: Shinsei Industry
Maiden Flight: June 24, 2057
Machinery: 2x FF-3001A Stage II Thermonuclear Turbine Engine With Thrust Reverser & 3-Dimensional Mobile Nozzle, P&W HMM-9 High-Manoeuvrability
Armament: Gun Pod, Knife, (0-4x) Laser Machine-gun, etc.
Span: 15.50 m
Length: 18.72 m
Height: 4.03 m (Fighter), 14.53 m (Battroid)
Weight (empty): 8,450 kg
Maximum speed: 5.0+ (at 10,000 m altitude)

(...) [painting information]

Pg 061

VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom/Ozuma Custom
[VF data same as Pg 060]

(...) [painting information]

Pg 062

VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie Michael Custom/RVF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Luca Custom
[VF data same as Pg 060]

(...) [painting information]

Pg 063

QF-4000 (AIF-75) Ghost
Manufacturer: General Galaxy
Maiden Flight: 2044
Machinery: 2x FF-2038A Thermonuclear Turbine Engine
Armament: 2x 25 mm Beam Gun, 2x Micro-Missile Launcher, 2x Multipurpose Missile Launcher, 4x Hardpoint
Length: 9.85 m
Weight (empty): 5,700 kg
Maximum speed: 5.0+ (at 10,000 m altitude)

(...) [painting information & kit sales information and box art]

Pg 064

VF-25 CG Setting Collection (...)


Bandai Drawing Data

Pg 067

Bandai Drawing Data

Translator's note: there are no notes nor descriptions of the various parts, only the name of the part. I'm only mentioning what I consider noteworthy in the following.

Pg 077 (Armour Pack)

Chest Armour: there are two nozzles at the front. These are most likely large counter-direction manoeuvring thrusters. Chest Armour Micro-Missile Launcher: 18 missiles per launcher

Pg 078 (Armour Pack)

Main Booster: 15 missiles per launcher

Pg 062

Pg 80 (Armour Pack) Leg Armour Micro-Missile Launcher: 25 missiles (top), 28 missiles (bottom)

Pg 081 (Armour Pack)

Leg Armour (Fighter Form from the front): looks like a single grenade on the back, behind the knee. Could be something else, but given that grenades are present on all other armour packs...

Pg 084 (Armour Pack)

Hip Armour:looks like a pair of single-shot missile launchers. Perhaps they are Grenade Crushers? There is a weapon port, but the inside of the armour doesn't have an entrance port. Also looks like there's a Beam Gun built-into the armour part, too.

Pg 087 (Armour Pack)

Shoulder Micro-Missile Launcher: 23 missiles

Pg 092: (Super Pack)

Leg Booster (outer face): Micro-Missile Launcher built into the top (outside knee - the detail is similar to the missile ports on the main boosters). Also, there is a panel line that suggests that a Weapon Pallet is built into the part.


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